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  1. No, we don't need another brainless press 4 to win frame.
  2. Night wave is just unfun. It's punishment to those who have little time to play the game or are just burnt out. I though DE learned from the mistake of Lato/Braton Vandal and having exclusives based off of a time period.
  3. Dammed if they do, dammed if they don't. alas the general populace of this forum can't fathom that.
  4. Alien Is: A singleplayer game. Different beast when compared to a co-op horde hack&Slash. ME has simple AI. Is there a chest high wall Y) go camp behind it N) just stand in the open and shoot. At this point i do have to wonder what agenda your pushing, since your so aggressive and toxic to all who disagree with you.
  5. No, no it wouldn't. We'd be waiting a 100 years for a game developer to make an AI that good and then proceed to dumb it down because baddies can't handle it. Again we had difficulty, but the power fantasy loving "reeeee'd" and all got gimped on the cries of yet again veterans.
  6. I find these guys funny, mainly because they are't the problem. Those who enjoy "bite sized" content isn't the issue because they're never at that level of play, it's always the veterans and try hards who are. For the simple fact when DE throws them a challenge they "REEE" hard because thier power creep...oh sorry fantasy has been ruined. AKA: Those wanting the game to be harder don't really want it to be harder. Also DE ought to punish LifeOf"Expletive" due to his documented toxicity towards his fellow tenno.
  7. Either way they're Dammed if they do, dammed if they don't. It makes me so angry when the vast majority here can't seem to fathom that, instead they blindly follow their youtuber like a good little herd animal.
  8. Or it ccould be that they can't be afforded the time because the community chucks a ungodly temper tantrum and Reee "muh content drought"
  9. Can't trust the internet these days. Too many times it's been legit.
  10. If only there were options for players in the game......oh wait there is. Get off yer asses and play the dam game.
  11. Her 4 is getting changed. We don't know to what yet. I'll be seriously disappointed if it's exalted claws, she'd then be a discount Valkyr then.
  12. Mag is considered bad by the Youtube Community Contributors Arbiters, therefore Fortuna is bad. /s
  13. And that's this games wonderful community at work. It's almost like it's the polar opposite to what people proclaim it to be.
  14. Funnily enough if i remember correctly DE removed affinity from the founder weapons in order to bury some drama.
  15. Fortuna is coming out soon. So said bane mods for corpus are looking rather inviting no?
  16. But it wouldn't. It'd only effect the potential rivens, not the ones that are causing so much butthurt.
  17. Let's not forget that 9/10 times the people who are clamouring for "end game" are highly likely to be the same who'd complain, whine, moan and REEEE at the first hurdle of a challenge.
  18. Dam Darling in the Franxx and making Waifu mecha a reality. Though i prefer strelitzia.
  19. Quite frankly i'm going to assume they did it like this because it's the easiest and most fool proof way to let all those who have it know he's up.
  20. Oh so you want to forgo the uniqueness of the frames for a hegemonic bland kit. Then no!
  21. "stealth abilities are useless" Top kek
  22. With his mods Umbra is good. However he's less diverse build wise. That is both a positive and a negative.
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