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  1. @[DE]Rebecca Would it be possible to bring back Nightwave act 1 to consoles? Many players are requesting an extension and this would also provide new players with the ability to get aural mods and other items and also, would give veteran console players something to do in the meantime while we wait for the mainline update to drop. If not, there are many players wondering if they are going to be able to earn rewards they might have missed during act 1 like for example the mods, armor set, etc.
  2. The fact that they ended NW act 1 at the same time on all platforms is plain stupid, PC players have the advantage that the next piece of content is coming out soon for them, but console players on the other hand are screwed. With no release date for either NW act 2 or The Jovian Concord on consoles we pretty much have to sit with our thumbs up our as$es for a good while. There is literally nothing to do right now for veteran players on console and new players have it even worse now since they have no way of earning aura mods, nitain extract, etc. It seems to me they clearly don't know wtf they are doing. And since nobody at DE has bothered to address any of this all i have to say is RIP console players.
  3. @[DE]Marcus How many times will you have to get "@" before somebody provides some input on the request/questions players have been bringing up since this thread was put up. Whats the point of having forums if you guys don't put in the time to address player questions on these threads...
  4. @[DE]Rebecca Can you guys provide any input on whether it would be possible to extended Nightwave a week or so, or keep it going in between acts instead of having a massive gap between them. This would benefit new and old players alike, specially those on consoles since they are always behind on content and this gap is more than likely going cause a drought of content on consoles. If given this opportunity it would allow new players to keep progressing and earning wolf creds in order to acquire mods/bp's/etc and lets old players who have not finished the act to wrap it up during this extension.
  5. @[DE]Marcus @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca Could you or anyone at DE address all these concerns and suggestion brought up in this thread. Most of the post in this thread are from players requesting for Nightwave to remain active until the next act is released or at the very least have it extended for a week or two more. Some input on the matter from you guys would be much appreciated.
  6. @[DE]Marcus This makes absolutely no sense, you want to remove act 1 and have a massive gap of time of nothing in between acts? Why would you do this? You are punishing low level players that could use this downtime to keep earning the wolf credits they need and you are also punishing the players that don't have as much time as the rest of the player base by locking them out of the Nightwave rewards. Hopefully you will listen to the feedback and keep Nightwave going until the next act is out or at least extended a couple of weeks more for the benefit of new and veteran players alike.
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