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  1. Rage will depend on the player, I guess. Not having Rage increases the difficulty a bit for Nidus since you will now have to make sure you have enough mana for 2+1 combo then making sure Virulence hits enough target for a good amount of energy refund. Miscalculating your Energy for the combo or not hitting enough targets with Virulence really punishes you because you now end up with no Energy to cast either skills, which in turn won't let you generate adaptation stacks, then it's game over. Either that or you pop Energy Restores a lot more. Though the trade off is that you can put instead another throughput mod in place of Rage. Personally I almost always use Rage because I don't play optimally. But there are times where I feel tryhard-y enough on high level missions where I don't use it because there are lots of enemies and it's almost impossible to not pull less than 4 together at every Larva cast.
  2. nidus doesn't have shields, but does have armor. steel fiber is good for him because he has good hp (makes each point of hp worth even more) and good armor (makes % of steel fiber better). it also it stacks very nicely with parasitic link.
  3. alright thanks!
  4. why did titania fight the dax that were sent to kill the tree lady? i thought the tenno are loyal to orokin before they got wiped out by them? and the tree lady created the warframe but the tenno controls it. why did that tenno help her?
  5. is it still Grace? Been checking here and there and just want to make sure. What about the second set? Grace still? or a different one?
  6. i did the mission as day form but i look like composite form (thin arms, composite colors). not hosting on that game. never changed forms.
  7. please do. i have zenurik and can probably afford some arcanes
  8. I was browsing some guides here and there for Equinox and all of them are just focusing on 1 skill at a time. Is there a more balanced build that uses his whole kit? I'm a big fan of Nidus' skill synergies and I'm hoping I can make it work for Equinox. I understand it will probably not be top tier if we spread his build to accommodate all his skills, but I don't do end end game stuff anyway.
  9. So I was browsing some builds and guides for Chroma and am just wondering why previous Chroma builds have Quick Thinking + Primed Flow but current builds do not. What changed?
  10. gonna paste my previous suggestion/rant for kubrows
  11. I mean the blue highlight on your recently used skill. Every now and then it just messes me up when I glance on it to check if i have enough energy since i just try to see if it's greyed out or not. Can we have an option to remove it please?
  12. Alright I completely and utterly missed the part where we have a big portion of players using controller to play Warframe. That's some learning on my part. But it seems we don't have a way to disable it? Guess I have to jump over to Feedback section to suggest instead. Cheers.
  13. i don't have to, until i find myself in the middle of a S#&$storm of effects, bodies, gore, explosion, and all other clutter in the screen.