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  1. when the helm is colored black/gray/white and is taken to a mission, it turns greenish. when inside the ship, it's normal. happens both in cetus and plains, and also in normal missions.
  2. So we can get the Power Strength bonus in Solo missions and set up a ridiculous Ravenous by yourself. Maybe make Parasitic Link increase Kubrow's damage or attack speed when linked. Also gives more reason to use Kubrows.
  3. alright. seems i have a bigger problem than i thought. i only play a handful of frames because im very picky with their themes. i guess ill try the low duration build. thanks!
  4. i'm not sure how to play him anymore when update hit. how do you build him since he needs a lot of energy to work, but you really can't milk his first skill for energy return and stacks because enemies are just too far apart in this very open field. also his first skill almost always extends to its full length so it's even slower than before. then his ultimate is just hard to use in this kind of terrain since its just tiny. do i stack efficiency on him in terms of modding? or should i just honestly pick another warframe when playing on plains?
  5. Update Failures

    My update is failing when 20.2.0 hit. Says content servers are unavailable. PLDT ISP from the Philippines.
  6. Mouse button 4 and 5 do not work

    mine works fine. what did you bind them for?