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  1. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    I think Nova needs some changes

    *teleports behind u* I do like the switching antimatter idea, but I don't think swapping out the third is a way to shove that in..
  2. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Primal Sentient Concept Art Collection [Updated 05/12/2018, Added Scuralyst]

    okay you deserve a follow from me cause oof ❤️ just so good ❤️❤️
  3. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    For all you Captain Vor weebs

    w-wook at t-them, they come to this p-pwace wheny they knyow they a-awe nyot puwe. t-tenynyo use t-the keys, but t-they a-awe m-mewe twespassews. o-onywy i-i, v-vow, knyow the t-twue powew o-of the void. i w-was cut iny hawf, destwoyed, but thwough it's janyus key, t-the void c-cawwed to me. it bwought m-me hewe anyd hewe i w-was webowny. w-we c-canynyot b-bwame t-these cweatuwes, they awe beinyg wed b-by a-a fawse p-pwophet, a-any impostow w-who knyows nyot the secwets of the void. b-behowd t-the tenynyo, come t-to scavenyge anyd d-desecwate this s-sacwed weawm. my b-bwothews, did i nyot t-teww of this d-day? did i ny-nyot pwophesize t-this momenyt? ny-nyow, i w-wiww s-stop them. nyow i am chanyged, webowny thwough the enyewgy of the janyus key. fowevew bounyd t-to the void. wet it be knyowny, i-if the tenynyo wanyt twue sawvationy, they wiww way downy theiw awms, anyd wait f-fow the b-baptism of my janyus key. it is t-time. i wiww teach these twespassews the wedemptive p-powew o-of my janyus key. t-they wiww weawny it's simpwe twuth. t-the tenynyo awe w-wost, anyd t-they wiww wesist. b-but i, v-vow, wiww c-cweanyse this p-pwace of theiw impuwity. x3 t-the janyus key fowevew x3
  4. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Hunting in Orb Vallis

    Okay so distance to target is not really an issue; its the visibility Perfect cap depends on your position relative to the wind, the correlation of the echolure and the animals call, and whether you tranquilize the animal before it reaches the 'calling spot' and begins feeding Take an Ivara, and just invis as soon as you start tracking I got the hang of it just yesterday; my first few caps were horrible, then every consequent capture was perfect. Good luck mate
  5. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    How do you expect people with disabilities to pass mastery rank tests?

    Games also tend to incorporate multiple buttons and movement combinations, and warframe, unfortunately has an extremely high number of these instances. There really is no other way around it, other than maybe assigning macro-keybinds. Why not ask a friend to do it for you? It's a mastery test after all. Just a fair warning, there are a lot more challenging, multi-button needing things that are demanding. Either seek a permanent person to help you with this or bind macro keys that do it for you. DE supports that.
  6. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Whats the point of K-Drives?

    So for something to hold a point in Warframe, it needs to be able to support shootinglooting? Jeez
  7. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Selling Guandao riven 600p

    This goes in Trading, not General discussion, as Monkey said
  8. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Any update of the floating glacier teased in one of the devstreams

    Perhaps, but it would quickly get monotonous right? Hmm. That is sad indeed
  9. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Any update of the floating glacier teased in one of the devstreams

  10. G'day folks Back in one of the devstreams, a concept/teaser art of a beautiful glacier floating over Fortuna. I was really looking forward to seeing this in game but I have not come across it yet. Are my eyes deceiving me or is it not there? If it is not there, I would really, really love to see it being added to the map. Now that I think of it, it could be the home base of some sort of ancient orokin tech that might have something to do with the massive raknoids. Some sort of raid potential here? Few tenno work on getting up there, disabling things and activating EMP's, while the ground team work methodologically to eliminate the sp00der threats What do you guys think? Sure I could add some polish and work on this to my fullest potential and make it into a #Fanconcept, if and only if there is enough demand for it. Regardless of whether the whole Raknoid attachment is present, please please let us have access to this wonderful beautiful amazing thing. What do you guys think? Pictures for reference Regards ~CCM
  11. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Twitch drops are not dropping and need changing

    Guys. What you do not understand is that you can start even having the smallest sliver of hope at around 50 drops. Anything before that is just insane. I remember during PoE, I never got the Vectis prime. Even after 400 inbox messages. out of 400, 380~ were useless trash. So, just don't even bother unless you're ready to really invest
  12. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    Woahhh Time to hoard a S#&$ton of fireworks again Atleast we can use it in Orb Vallis as a signal flare
  13. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Eidolon Timoralyst [More Art Added!]

    ^ to add on, Those wispy cloud like things eidolons have near their heads, bigger versions of those
  14. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Eidolon Timoralyst [More Art Added!]

    This is so insane, I would love to see this in Orb Vallis, +1 great art
  15. CalcualtedMurderMachine

    Eidolon Timoralyst [More Art Added!]

    Holy #*!%ing S#&$