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  1. Hey, Phorid, you got some bleach handy? Pass it
  2. There are up to 9 separate rooms iirc Dunno if theres a cap per spawn.
  3. Wonderful. I remember that in his lore there was something about red ribbons... Were they attached to the blade?
  4. ye ye looks real dope! Also, that looks a lot like an infested redeemer
  5. Absolutely stunning. One visual element I'd always painted a picture of in my head were the 'bone hooks'. But overall really nice job 😮
  6. Endgame 1 Accept there is no true endgame and everything is a meaningless grind Endgame 2 1000 forma Vauban. @[DE]Rebecca Pls make Rahetalius an angry vauban assassin that spawns whenever someone disses Vauban in pugs
  7. Did reddit have this post first or was it here on the forums REEEEpost
  8. I'd rather wait another week for a polished version of the update rather than a crappy one to cater to impatient players, which would also result in DE taking unnecessary stress onto themselves.
  9. Woah. Apart from intricate coding issues and warframes black screen, I like this idea. +1
  10. holy S#&$ it's the legend himself 😮 thank you for your divine blessings! ❤️
  11. First, thank you for this kind gesture <3. Here are my three ideas that I really wish were added into the game. Space-Travel dynamism. I'm talking about something to the next level of railjack, something akin to having controllable lisets/orbiters and having to manually fly to each planet if you want to choose a mission. I think it would be such a cool idea because it would add the final element of 'space ninja'. Imagine being in venus and you notice your friend needs help in Eris, you hop into your railjack and fly to Eris, avoiding infested debris(possibly multiple smaller jordas golems) and enter the atmosphere of eris. It would be badass. Operator melee. It's about time we had something other than kamehamehaa and a thing that shoots out of your hand. Imagine if each focus tree would unlock a different style of exalted weapon, like madurai would wield an exalted sword while unairu wields an exalted shield+sword combination. I think it'd be a great change and finally allow players to feel like they have a certain different sense of power through their focus schools. The one fan concept I really want to see is the Tau-Ceti fan concept. That guy has put in so much damn work into that thread, it appalls me. it would hurt to not see at least a few ideas from his post into the game. I'm talking about this oneIt is, truly one of the best fan concepts in my opinion. That's all I have to say. Good luck to those who enter. 🙂
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