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  1. Same problem here, audio glitches and clips into each other while particles mesh and eat my my GPU. Initially believed it was an intended feature but turns out its a bug. Game crashes eventually. i-5 9400F and rtx 2070 here
  2. So for something to hold a point in Warframe, it needs to be able to support shootinglooting? Jeez
  3. According to patchnotes "Sentient Arm-Cannon is not yet ready to ship, but it is definitely coming"
  4. Probably can't see her cause shes in her tiny form safely hovering behind rhino senpai for protection >.<
  5. They were fragments... of the big one The big one did burn, DUH but not fully. As for the giant blob, you might be correct about it deforming, I still feel it would have just dented cause, the soils are sentient infested(You can see the blue wavy lines) which might be because the soil is porous and allows the sentient juice to seep through. In that case, the soil must have given away and not the boil BUT EH WHO CARES THAT LAME A@@ EVENT IS OVER
  6. To those that say that the meteor shouldn't make a dent, The infested are squishy, yes. But, the meteorite is a vile masss of Fossilized tissue and organic substances.(We know that it is hard enough to make a dent because it did not burn up in the earths atmosphere. it means it could resist heat and had a hard exoskeleton) And if it didn't make a dent, it shouldn't have survived the initial crash. I mean come on, its not like it just floated down and rested on the plains. Afaik, it was an oblong shape and more than 50% of it was underground. SO? it means when it was popped, there has to
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