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  1. Even though I'm eager to play the new content - I would much rather wait a few more days for a less buggy update.
  2. Even if I wind up enjoying Outriders - I'll still be coming back to Warframe if/when there's new content that interests me. I'm definitely an old gamer too & I find it very difficult to find games that interest me. I truly enjoy the basic gameplay of Warframe & it's combination of PvE, sci-fi & martial arts is very engaging for me. This is why it pains me to see this continued lack of content especially for veteran players. It's entirely possible that I might not like Outriders - but this free demo is a perfect way for me to try it out & see if I like the basic ga
  3. I can confirm that Outriders does have at least a small bit of melee play - but not with melee weapons like Warframe does. In Outriders, each of the 4 classes has their own class-specific melee which is usually involves an elemental power (ice, toxin/poison, fire/heat, etc). If you want to see endgame play in Outriders, you'll have to be patient & wait for a few days after the Apr. 1 release of the full game. I'm sure that there will be plenty of Twitch & YT content creators demonstrating endgame & recommending builds. Please remember that PCF & SE were not at all
  4. Yes, you're correct in saying that there is always something to do - however, we must ask ourselves "is it worthwhile for me to spend my time doing this" or "am I really enjoying this". Time is not in infinite supply. Everything we put our time & effort into comes at the cost of not doing something else more enjoyable/worthwhile within that same period of time. I guess if I had an infinite supply of time, I could try soloing Profit Taker in 5 minutes, etc but I personally don't feel that it's enjoyable or worthwhile. This is just my personal opinion & I understand that other player
  5. It would be something along the lines of Operation: Scarlet Spear minus the bugs. I enjoyed it because it combined both Railjack & ground missions together.
  6. I'm a veteran WF players (approx. 6 years) & I'm very upset about the lack of new high-quality content (not a re-skin of existing content nor cosmetic in nature). I'm very much looking forward to the free public demo for Outriders that is set to release on Feb. 25. Outriders is a third-person sci-fi online co-op shooter that combines gunplay with special abilities that are on a short cooldown. The campaign can be played solo, if desired. If any of my fellow Tenno need a break from Warframe, I suggest that you simply download & try out this demo. It will be available from Steam, Xb
  7. I've been playing Warframe for at least the past 6 years. Players like me are starving for new high-quality content that is not cosmetic & not a re-skin of existing content! It feels as if you are ignoring veteran Warframe players & are catering ONLY to the "Fashion-Frame" & brand new players. I have spent several hundred dollars (of RL money) over the past 6 years. However, due to the fact that you're largely ignoring players like me - I no longer wish to financially support you unless you release content as described above. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only veter
  8. I'm having a similar problem with NVIDIA GeForce Now Streaming from the Cloud where my verification code is not being recognized - but my Warframe account password is being properly recognized. I have no problem logging in to Warframe when I'm using the NVIDIA Shield TV and I'm streaming from my PC. Anyone else have this particular problem?
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