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  1. I greatly enjoyed playing this Proxy Rebellion event & I'd like to see similar versions of it repeated in the near future. I especially enjoyed the very lengthy Defense mission because it's perfect for leveling up weapons, warframes, etc.
  2. I'd like to see these weapons made available to the non-Chinese versions of Warframe too. Furthermore, I'd like to see a three-section staff melee weapon added to Warframe.
  3. Before this update, I had a codex scanner in my gear wheel. Now, I don’t own it anymore. However, I’m now given the option to purchase one for 500 credits. Upon further testing, I’m seeing that my Helios Prime sentinel is still able to scan enemies even though I don’t have a codex scanner equipped in my gear wheel.
  4. Here are my questions: 1) After Melee 3.0 is completed, will we see these new weapons: 3-section staff and double nuchakus? 2) Companions: new varieties of Kavats and Moa companions, please? 3) Baro Ki'Teer: a) more weapon and companion variants (Prisma/Vandal/Wraith); b) he should periodically sell Dual Stat Cold Damage Mods (Rime Rounds, Frigid Blast, Frostbite, Vicious Frost) just like he sells the heat & electric damage dual stat mods. 4) Eidolon Shards: more ways to earn them other than killing/capturing Eidolons. Please make it possible to purchase them with standing during a special event 5) Kitguns: a) Chambers: innate elemental damage types other than heat & radiation; b) Thrown weapons similar to Castanas, Hikou, Talons, etc. 6) Archguns: a) More new varieties that are fun to use (like the Larkspur); b) Mods for Archguns: Please make it possible to purchase them with standing during a special event. 7) Set mods: more of them please. 😎 Vauban re-work: please give him the ability to deploy a turret & support drones. Also, give him the ability to repair damaged objects. These are classic abilities for an engineer character.
  5. Thanks for the above-mentioned fixes but please fix this ASAP: During an atmospheric mission whenever I have my Archgun deployed, I can't use re-use my Archgun again nor melee weapon after performing these actions: A) Pick up a datamass (during Mobile Defense) or power cell (during Excavation); B) Press the "Switch" button/key to use either my primary or secondary weapons. It should be very easy for DE to reproduce this issue & I hope that they fix it very soon.
  6. OK, point well taken. However, I'm sure that I'm not the only veteran Warframe player that has neither the time nor interest in purchasing rare items from Baro & later selling them. I'm guessing that there are plenty of veteran Warframe players (like myself) who are solely interested in purchasing new weapon or companion variants and mods for our own personal use. Otherwise, the Baro Relay Ticket has no value for us.
  7. For veteran Warframe players, the Baro Relay Ticket is "meh" as long as no new weapon variants or mods will be available for purchase.
  8. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1071460-pc-xb1-controllers-not-working/?tab=comments#comment-10598765 Several other people (including me) have reported recent controller issues in the above thread.
  9. Any plans to hire more staff people for Warframe Support in order to reduce the 2+ week wait time for a personal response? Any plans to add these 2 melee weapons in the near future: 3-section staff & double nunchakus?
  10. Thank you very much for your hard work, Steve! After Melee 3.0 has shipped, is there any chance that you could add these new melee weapon types: 1) 3-section staff, and 2) double-nunchaku?
  11. I have played Warframe on my PC account for 4,000 hours. I've been holding off buying a Switch until much later this year. The reason being an Oct. 2018 Wall Street Journal report stating that Nintendo will release an updated version of the Switch in 2019: https://www.wsj.com/articles/nintendo-plans-new-version-of-switch-next-year-1538629322 I've already created a Nintendo account on the Nintendo website. However, I cannot get a Nintendo Network ID until I have purchased a Switch. Therefore, I can't complete the PC to Switch account migration now. I'm guessing that I'm not the only PC Tenno that would like to become a "NinTenno" later this year but is holding off until an updated version of the Switch is released. Can DE please acknowledge this situation & make plans that will help players like me perform a PC to Switch account migration after an updated Switch is released?
  12. Thank you for the fix for not being able to spawn any vehicle while someone is standing in the Fortuna elevator! 😃
  13. Thanks for your hard work on this hotfix, DE, but we're still waiting for a fix for: Unable to select battle/extract options during endless missions.
  14. 1) Will there be a fix for not being able to choose the Battle/Extract options during endless missions? 2) Could we please have a better option to heal our robotic companions (formerly known as Sentinels) than using a health restore consumable? 3) I enjoy scanning things with my Synthesis/Codex scanners. Would you please add more in-game content that requires scanning? Thank you for all of your hard work in making Warframe a truly enjoyable game!
  15. I'm very pleased to learn that I'm not the only Tenno experiencing this particular issue. Thank you very much for responding to this issue.
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