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  1. if it's not icrease damage in any way (corrosive,viral,heat) its useless, Because only damage matters. Ah and radiation for tridolons.
  2. hahaha are you sirious op?! Dude is freakin IMMORTAL with this aug. on top of that hyper usefull 3 and Frear on 2 that strip armor. Only useless skill is 1 and you can swap it in helminth. Necros is still A+ tier as usual he dont need any reworks.
  3. The fastening on back has not been working for the second month only with zo nikanas (since the release of Deimos). I found a couple of threads on the bug forum but it doesn't seem to bother even the developers. (normal nikanas works fine, only zo is broken) Hahahah no I don't use them as weapons 🤣. Only for fashion frame, thats how useless they are. pls fix. Demonstration below.
  4. Smeeta. No point in anything else. [De] if you read this. Pls add some robotic skins for cats.
  5. Ah. And today I learned that Exalted and Pseudo-Exalted things exist at all. Information that is not even on the wiki (or is difficult to find) and which I must somehow mythically guess because the game does not say anything about it at all. +2 sec for each melee kill - stated in the description I propose to replace the description of the mod with +2 sec for each melee kill and you have to read several thousand pages of wikipedia to understand what counts as a melee kill and what doesn't with exalted or pseudo-Exalted stuff. It's too difficult for us t
  6. Yes, but aug description is "+2sec for melee kill." And it also work with valkyr summon weapons. Atlas landslide it's a melee hit it even builds up combos. I see no reason for it not to work. here i make a video expample.
  7. I want to put it on my atlas to become super CHAD but for some reason Ethernal War aug dont work with melee skills at all. (khora whip to) So duh. I don't even know this is a bug or a feature. Is this how it should be? not logical at all. So I'll post it here and not on the bug forum. Some official answer would be nice.
  8. Yes. its 1/10 of mauson they give you for free. just lol.
  9. I dont like restarting and rush missions over and over. Just give us some lich survial where we can farm murmur nonstop.
  10. Gasau

    Cortege is bad.

    this weapon is not worth even 5% of the effort spent on it in current state. You give players Awesome Mausolon almost for free and THEN we have to farm this? lol you have to swap it and give Cortege for free first. Its so wrong when stock weapon is so much better than crafted one.
  11. Raytracing is overhyped poop train like PhysX in 2005 to sell more cards to fools like you who fell for marketing. Your welcome. Remember all those games that supported physX? I don’t remember either. Crysis remastered can support raytracing right now. And you dont even need a special card for it. that's all there is to know about the exclusivity of this thing.
  12. Hell no. How am I supposed to know if there is a leech in the group? I see zero kills in arbitration = im leaving I see limbos = im leaving I see zero kills in survial = im leaving what does the scoreboard interfere with? Or maybe you are a leech ur self? Im watching you 👀
  13. No vacuum. (like railjack at start) You never learn [DE] are you? Its just a common sence at this point. Not even a mod. Jezzz... p.s yes im slow.
  14. Burning bridges on a trade is like shooting yourself in the foot.
  15. Lol this meta slaves cry. Game is already press 1 button to win. Even on steel path. And you want to make it even more easy. No wonder why pvp is so popular in this community. Do you want to be able to play without hands at all right?
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