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  1. this is exactly what makes me so tilted. I cant be both pilot and crewship killer at same time. I intentionally put bad side guns hoping that at least 1 person out of 3 will finally get out of the ship and begin to kill Crewships.
  2. It actually works. Now 7 out of 10 players are sitting on turrets instead of 9 out of 10 as it was before.
  3. And then I look at 0/6 crewships killed. I would gladly remove them or replace them with bananas. faster? definitely not
  4. I usually play as a pilot on my own railjack. lately I’m tired of it a bit and I decided to killing crewships in pub missions. my ship is fully equipped with full mk3 gear, got +96 avia reactor and max damage skills with void hole battle avia. With this set, I am easily able to destroy 90 small ships in solo as pilot I put the worst side turrets so that people would not sit on them. But anyway players are still sitting in freakin side turrets with Apoc 0 and do nothing. No one wants to be a pilot. I understand this is very convenient. Sit on a turret and press one button while drinking tea. It is very convenient to parasitize on other people's investments. in the end I'm piloting again. We need an AI team in solo mode. If the frontal artillery was a little more than useless, I would never play with pubs.
  5. So, if i want some challenge in a game, I just want to pump my virtual-D? I know this is very difficult to imagine, but you are not the center of the universe and some players really enjoy the difficulties in the games. So please stop projecting your game impotence on others.
  6. Ugh can we please stop use disabilities as an excuse for dumbing down gameplay pls. I have a friend who wound his hand on the saw and stayed with one finger on his left hand and he plays damn well in souls like games. Pretty hardcore player. Disabled people are not so pathetic and they do not need this special care. Why do heroic raids exist in Wow when only 1% of players can pass them? Why there are raids in Destiny 2? Why 9 star quests exist in MHW? I’m talking about a special non-standard difficulty especially for players who can play it. This is the point that not everyone can pass it. Well here we go again. Put a stick in your butt lvl advice. if dragon keys give me at least 10% more resourses drops i will use it. Yes, I can complicate the game myself, but it will not give me any advantage for the additional complexity. advantage for the additional difficulty thats the point.
  7. Not rant or whiny post. I am interested in the opinions of other players. Do you think there will ever be really difficult tasks in this game? You know what I mean. Most of the content in this game has become too simple. Almost all missions are spammed by one button. Enemies up to level 100 die with a single shot. Even sorties no longer pose any danger. The game is just huge powercreep. But this is not so bad. It only needs to be used correctly. For example, I really liked the grendel’s missions. It was a good challenge and for the first time in a long time I was putting together a team and thinking about tactics. I really liked the grineers on railjack missions (veil). They are fat, they are dangerous. Lvl 200 super sorties? Heck lets go lvl 300 mega sorties with cool rewards. Players who collected super gear finally feel that it was not in vain. For me, the game has recently been reminiscent of boring work. Yes, I understand that Warframe is all about grind. Why not add more meaning to this grind instead of this new dull RNG?
  8. I think it was after the hema that the developers took the path - "if we admit our mistake, we lose." As with any large company. *cough* EA *cough* Blizzard It is after this rubicon that developers finally stop listening to their community. And subsequently only lose their players. This is an obvious mistake. I even think that someone wrote an extra zero and pretended to be - "well oki. this is normal."
  9. With recent game updates [Liches \ Empyrean] brought a huge amount of RNG to the game. As we all know RNG is the cheapest and laziest way to keep a player in the game. This method works well, but it causes players to burn out very quickly. For example: player A - spends a lot of time on the game, invests money in the game. Trying to farm something rare for a very long time and gets nothing in return. He does not get what he wants despite the time spent. Surrenders and throws a game that does not reward him for his efforts.\ player B - He plays a couple of hours a week. He enters the mission and receives from the second attempt what player A tried to get for months simply because he was lucky. And not rarely does he even suspect the value of what he received. Rewarding for luck is not fair. In the latest updates, this game only rewards those who are lucky. You create a system which does not care about the player’s efforts. Over the past half year you have already lost about half of the active players Start rewarding players for their efforts. Enough to reward only luck. De wake up, players burn out. You are losing players.
  10. I just stop after getting 2 red crates with freakin capturas. Im done with this RNG crap. This game rewards only luck. Your skill doesnt matter. All about luck. This game has already become a f@!#ing casino.
  11. Nope its just drop after 0.5 sec no matter what you do. You need to re-aim again to targer to snap again.
  12. Nah i stick with your apoc advice. Parasites start leaving when they sitting on this turrets hahaha. And the party fill with usefull people. Really nice advice, thx. 😉
  13. well they already talkin about buff the rest of instric 10 skills. Because enginering and gunner are bad. So why not? not all usefull things are meta. these 2 skills are LITERALLY the only useful ones. There is simply nothing to choose from. This is not a meta, but the obvious choice at the moment.
  14. Nope they just gonna buff the rest of avia. Because void hole and Ram is the only one usefull ones.
  15. Wow nice idea about pulsars thx. Also, do you even seen how void hole avia works? You dont need side gunners at all. You dont even need main guns, just a rockets. You dont even know what are you talkin about right? Everyone? You mean useless parasites on the side turrets of course. To be honest, it doesn't bother me at all what the parasites think about me.
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