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  1. Yes. its 1/10 of mauson they give you for free. just lol.
  2. I dont like restarting and rush missions over and over. Just give us some lich survial where we can farm murmur nonstop.
  3. Gasau

    Cortege is bad.

    this weapon is not worth even 5% of the effort spent on it in current state. You give players Awesome Mausolon almost for free and THEN we have to farm this? lol you have to swap it and give Cortege for free first. Its so wrong when stock weapon is so much better than crafted one.
  4. Raytracing is overhyped poop train like PhysX in 2005 to sell more cards to fools like you who fell for marketing. Your welcome. Remember all those games that supported physX? I don’t remember either. Crysis remastered can support raytracing right now. And you dont even need a special card for it. that's all there is to know about the exclusivity of this thing.
  5. Hell no. How am I supposed to know if there is a leech in the group? I see zero kills in arbitration = im leaving I see limbos = im leaving I see zero kills in survial = im leaving what does the scoreboard interfere with? Or maybe you are a leech ur self? Im watching you 👀
  6. No vacuum. (like railjack at start) You never learn [DE] are you? Its just a common sence at this point. Not even a mod. Jezzz... p.s yes im slow.
  7. Burning bridges on a trade is like shooting yourself in the foot.
  8. Lol this meta slaves cry. Game is already press 1 button to win. Even on steel path. And you want to make it even more easy. No wonder why pvp is so popular in this community. Do you want to be able to play without hands at all right?
  9. Khora, Ivara, Nidus, Harrow <---- warframes you NEVER farm. You buy them. As long as you farm Nydus, you can earn 2~3 times more Platinum from its full cost. Its just not worth. Also super boring.
  10. Yes and if you homeless just buy a house. What a next level advice. I never think about it. How about not forcing the majority of players to do something because of the minority? Maybe limbo need looking for a groups? If you like to annoy people so much? Solve the problem instead of making others dance around the problem. Crazy right?
  11. We have a similar function in game. For example, I don't want to hear the horrible musical tastes of Octavia players and i can turn it off in the options. Can we have same option for Limbo players pretty please? for example - "(a tick) I don't want to play with libmo in options." - And the game dont let join Limbo in my group or I won't join the Limbo group. Right now I was playing with two Limbo trolls on a sortie they somehow set up their breaks so I couldn't kill anyone. They constantly mocked and laughed that I could not report them for using ski
  12. you look like tobacco companies that are opposed to smoking bans right now. well you lost me here anyway. calling scam a conspiracy theory and assure that it does not exist in warframe it's the same as believing in a flat earth. I have no intention of dealing with a troll or an idiot.
  13. Ah yes. I dont do that = nobody do that. Talking about reality check. Twice. And you put MR scam in "conspiracy theory" Really? You just play with words to fit your narrative. The economy will not collapse from the internal market because it already exists, only outside.
  14. I put Ember Fire strike (75% armor reduce) on my atlas. Steel path is a joke now. How strong it is? On 2x combo i can one shot 150 lvl nox. In body. With my fist.
  15. I like how you ignore "Speculators who make plat on newbies". Yes, imagine, I do not want to use third-party sites, but I have to do this because the game does not provide normal conditions for trading. the ability to quickly earn platinum? What percentage of players do you think dont know about warframe market if it is mentioned everywhere? I think most of the players use the site. Because people will go to any lengths for freebies. And prices, in my opinion, have stabilized a long time ago. And yes that makes sense. Even if the market is introdu
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