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  1. Conceptually, I like the augment, even if it feels band-aid ish. But does no one else have any issue with the whole gauss mach rush effect on it? It feels really disorienting especially when you try to use it vertically/diagonally.

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  2. 4 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Grendel Changes:

    • When consumed by Grendel, Sentients now have a max duration they can be consumed before popping out that is affected by diminishing returns.
      • This change was made to prevent Grendel from prog stopping missions where all Sentients must be exterminated for the mission to succeed. 


    I beg you to reconsider this change, or at least change the duration, or something. The last thing Grendel needs is nerfs, especially just because some people grief others. Please, please don't keep this, not as is.

  3. Bless your soul for posting this. It feels almost criminal how little attention Grendel has received since release. I had posted in a few areas some ideas, mainly taken from the community, but also some of my own; though I like how you structured and reasoned yours much better overall. The only things I'd change or add is that Pulverize should be able to torque/turn/accelerate/decelerate better(not sure if that's doable considering it's physics-based), and that his passive should be independent of all his abilities, as it is for most Warframes. Though, my opinion on that is a little swayed after seeing your passive power strength suggestion... Because damn that looks spicy, and it would free up so much space in various builds, especially low-forma ones.

  4. I might as well post this here

    Since Grendel dropped, I can't play any other frame anymore. He's too fun and I enjoy his overall playstyle a lot. That said, are you guys still iterating on changes with him, or do you think he's good as he is currently? I think all his skills could do with some tweaks and tuning; there's a lot of good feedback on this megathread, and some things I'd personally like to see(apologies in advance for the wall of text):
    --Move current passive to Feast, give him a new passive(picking up resources/ammo/orbs/etc restores health?)

    --Feast: Shift a considerable amount of power away from Feast and give it to Regurgitate, slightly increase both the width of Feast's succ cone and the speed at which enemies are consumed, to alleviate some issues he has when teamed with nuke frames like Saryn or Mesa. Then mitigate the exponential drain, adjusting static drain as well if necessary. Perhaps allow over-time energy restoration(e.g. Energizing Dash) and energy restores to work even with enemies in gut? There's a specific circumstance in which this works(holding Index points/Financial Stress status, drains energy over time but doesn't stop energy regen), and I believe Grendel could benefit enormously from that


    --Nourish overall: The cast, regardless of whatever buff you trigger, could use a change or two. I think any one of the following would be good:

    1. Make the stomp cause a radial knockdown
    2. Have it heal a percentage of Grendel's HP, rather than the unpredictable static-ish amount it currently does depending on enemy level
    3. If neither of the above, then cutting the animation time in half would do, to remove unnecessary clunkiness in supporting teammates. If Feast's energy consumption isn't changed for whatever reason, I'd advocate to reduce Nourish's energy cost as well.

    Also, please give Nourish an ability wheel like Wisp/Vauban/Ivara.
    Nourish Energy: mostly fine as is, I wouldn't mind a slightly higher base multiplier but that's asking for too much I'd say.
    Nourish Strike: also fine, perhaps make it so that it doesn't interfere with allied elemental damage.
    Nourish Armor: Oof, this one is less okay... Either have it grant actual armor, have the toxin stun wave pulse every second instead of pulsing only when you're hit, or change it to Nourish Health, which heals allies for some good amount of HP.


    --Regurgitate: Not counting the shift of damage from Feast to this skill, in my opinion the only thing this skill would need is a toxin proc on hit. Perhaps holding the button would 'chk-chk' Grendel's gut for half a second before rapid-firing the enemies in his gut until you let go of the key? That could be a fun addition.

    --Pulverize: Make it easier to handle/turn, and if possible make it so that the ball doesn't come to an abrupt halt because of tiny bumps in terrain. That kind of thing really breaks the flow of what is one of the most fun abilities in the game in my opinion, and also one that can be unthinkably useful and powerful, despite its critics.

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