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  1. My god... It was obvious... I think I finally found it . . .the answer was in front of us, during all this time, but we were so blind ! And now, I know who owns this finger : IT MAKE SO MUCH SENCE, NOW !
  2. Personally, I remember Red Text when the dry dock was launched. . . using the words of Vor himself : "Tenno use the keys, but they are mere trespassers." ...Simple meme / private joke, or was it already an early hint of future events ? Also, this... thing ( whatever the actual and logical f**k it is, could become, or once was ) Could be used as a gateway, a receptacle canalising the power of the tenno to lead them elsewhere, in time and/or space. Just like it happened with the crown of Lotus, or even with the sight of the two Queens back in War Within. And one last thing, about those Man in the wall lines... it's not just ITS disturing voice. It's yours. Your tenno voice is the main one to quote the man in the wall, with its echo in the bacground... but you are the one to speak it loud and clear... I can only imagine Garry and Simon working on this pod and hearing the tenno sayin' it out loud. Garry : Uuuhhh... should we- Simon : Don't question it. Garry : Works for me !
  3. After some work around my dojo sector dedicated for the Dry Deck(S*), I finally finished the room and went in decoration mod to explore it : in and out of border... from what I can see and calculate within my own dojo, I can say that, to build the room properly... you need around 3 clear stages ! No coridors, no rooms, no elevators in the space dedicated to the Deck. And the superficy required is ammoungus. I believe it is around 12 to 16 decorative halls, total ( by calculating approximatively from the map : lenght and width... sadly, I wasn't able to properly calculate the height ). Also, at the very least 4 long hallway are required to reach half of the room and connect to a door, if you wanted to connect it directly with other rooms, within an already advanced stage, depending of how it was built. I wish I could share some pictures, but I can't find any that could properly help...I must go out of border to fully demonstrate, and it's to dark to compare with the other rooms... I always loose the landmark I used. 😕 (*) : Now this is the part that sadden me the most. We can only build one dry deck. I was expecting to build more than one. . . if you are asking this to yourself : yes, those were my expectations. And yes, I'm crazy. But why would I want to build two, or even more dry decks within a dojo ? Well, for practicality reasons. We don't know yet how will work the upgrade of the railjack, if it is in real time, if you have to WAIT for another fellow tenno to leave or evac his railjack before calling and upgrading yours, making other tennos wait behind you... so yes, I though of this option to facilitate the use of railjacks. Someone at DE... Could you please, oh please share the though of a mad man ? Asking if we could build more dry decks... maybe with bigger clans, up to three or four ? Or at the very least two, total ? I had such a perfect symetry : I can't restart it all over. X'D
  4. Clan name - Le Lys Blanc Clan tier - Shadow Clan Clan platform - PC Your Clan role - Architect PRESENTATION TOUR ( Presented by EdithSet0, clan member and second architect ) : GALLERY : "Command Center" and "White Lily’s Prow" : "Main Hall" : "Hall of Trophies" : "Hall of Scholars" and its "labs" : "Hall of the Seven" : "Path of Balance" : "Hydrolic System" : "Reactors" and "Micro Worlds" : "Botanical Garden" : "Chambers of Duel" : "Meditation Garden" : "Lotus Shrine" and "Tennobaum Gifting Room" : "Orokin Tech Central" : "Battle Deck West and East" : "Cloning Factory" and "Starseeker Launch Bay" : "Bar O Kiteer" and "Exalted Feever" : PS : Terribly sorry, I'm not use to this edition page, i don't know how to directly edit the content of each link directly on the page... sorry for the bother.
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