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  1. Sorry about overlooking your post. Personally I think Sacrificial Thrall is way to strong cause well numbers. Its a 60x dmg multiplier for 5 secs. That's more than enough to delete anything in the game. Radiant Mesmer is a bit more balanced but %max HP damage on a move that makes you invincible is insane. Roll > Recast shield > get shot > repeat. Alluring Danse would be interesting. I think turning Danse Macabre into a crowd control move might be a little much mainly cause of the damage at low levels would make it irrelevant to have that affect while at higher levels thrall control is all the crowd control you need really need. Still I think this idea does have potential. Thank you and I will. I don't understand why people love talent so much on him. His casting speed isn't bad, just roll get invincibility and cast what you need. Removing BR means you lose the 250% power strength that gives him the 100% HP damage. As for his ult at full energy it still lasts about 90 secs. But seriously Danse Macabre is his worst ability at high levels and his best at low level content. Once you hit level 90+ Danse Macabre falls off hard. My strategy for Disruption missions. I use Opticor Vandal (riven that gives it 100% crit) I shoot it a couple of times. At low levels this kills them in one round. if they are still alive I swap to Pox and lay down a few pods before rolling in for 3 secs of invincibility , and using my CO Kuva Shildeg (rad variant) to melee them to death (used to be Redeemer Prime). If that doesn't kill them i reload and swap back to Opticor Vandal and repeat. I've never had an issue in these missions even going an hour. Revenant doesn't have any weapon buffs so you just need to play smart. Anyone with a good setup can do these mission. He may not be optimal but he's fun. In arbi's I simply shoot the drones first. If I drop below 5 stacks of Mesmer Skin, I roll laughing with 3 secs of invincibility and recast Mesmer Skin. Or sometimes I just Roll for invincibility in order to soak damage and conserve Mesmer stacks.Then there is always operator form as a last result. Swap go invisible wait till Rolling Guard is off cooldown swap back to frame and roll then cast Mesmer Skin. With Rolling Guard, Revenant is the tankiest frame in the game. I think my longest arbi was 3 hours of interception. Nidus +300% buff (linked to me at the start, I casted Mesmer skin and had like 60 stacks. It was awesome.)
  2. I don't think there really is any insanely good synergies for Revenant with weapons. Phantasma and Tatsu are fun but the signature weapon buffs don't do much. I suggest just playing weapons you find fun. I enjoy using Pyrana Prime with the new Arcane Pistoleer. When Pyrana Prime kills three enemies it summons an ethereal copy to your hand. For Revenant, it looks like this is spawned from his ethereal arm. Arcane Pistoleer gives you a 30% chance to not consume ammo for 4 secs. Which basically gives the Pyranna Prime unlimited ammo (summoning the copy gives you 12 rounds of free ammo). Also, during those 4 secs you can swap to your primary and it won't consume ammo for the duration as well. Explosive weapons like the Lenz and Secura Penta which usually kills whoever uses it, cannot kill Revenant. So you can shoot them without worrying and as long as you have 1 Mesmer Skin you cannot fall below 2 health. (which is funny to see/do)
  3. I feel like the ability to Mass Entrall would be to strong. Placing this in a populated doorway and then Reaving through them would be to strong in my opinion. As much as I would love this on Revenant, we already have this in Reave and gaining a second source of Deathfog this is a great ability mod. Absolutely perfect (as long as 2 handed casting) . This is great utility, with proper drawbacks, and a lot of incentive for equipping this mod. Last Danse is also great. I'm not sure if having both is too strong but having one or the other would definitely be great. Thank you for the lovely recommendation. I appreciate your signal boost on the topic and I am sorry that you do not enjoy Revenant as much as I do. Likewise, I appreciate that you play on Xbox and I will never have to play with you in game.
  4. Noted. I made some new augment suggestions based off your ideas. Is that an Index pun? **EDIT** I'll probably compile a huge list of bugs for Revenant and post them over the week.
  5. For the operator mode. you still need to cast the ability once you get back to the frame and its very easy to die with out Mesmer skin and the builds I mentioned. Usually I just use operator form as a last resort when rolling guard is on cooldown. I'll update with tips with that operator form shenanigans. What's the bug with the Kuva Lich exactly? I haven't seen that one. I do know about the rage/hunter adrenaline but that's more of an extension of the one shot bug, therefore I didn't include it. I'll mention it in an update. Will do. I think this is based on whatever side of the screen your warframe is on. If you are on the default view its counter clockwise, but if you swap shoulders its clockwise. I'll be sure to test this tomorrow and then post all the updates.
  6. Revenant Guide: A Complete Breakdown from a Revenant Main by Twelvetables 1.0 Introduction 1.1 My Story of Revenent 1.2 Why Should you play Revenant? 2.0 Guides 2.1 General Build 2.2 Index Build 2.3 Budget Build (for newer players) 3.0 Tips and Tricks 3.1 Ability Breakdown & Synergy 3.2 Gameplay Tips 4.0 Bugs/Glitches 5.0 Hopes 5.1 General Hopes 5.2 Augment Ideas 6.0 Closing Statement 7.0 List of Changes (Edits) 1.0 Introduction: 1.1 My Story of Revenent When I started playing Warframe, I loved the idea of Frost and Inaros but as I progressed in the game I found them to be lacking in lots of areas then I acquired Hydroid Prime (after the slight rework) and spent a ton of time putting work into him, because I loved the unconventional play style. Calling down Corrosive Barrage on one entrance, summoning tentacles to block another and lounging in a pool in a third spot. Being able to control a whole map was great but I was still so squishy. So I had to get creative and use pool to dodge Bombard Rockets and use it to survive most high level content. Which aggravated me because I couldn't play these high level missions. I tried Rhino and Chroma but wasn't a fan of their abilities. I tried perma stealth with Octavia but it was boring after a few missions. So then I went back to Inaros before falling away from the game for away. Something was just missing. Then there was the Plains of Edilon and finally the Mask of the Revenant Update 23.5. I got Revenant within the first week and absolutely loved his synergistic style between his abilities. My only issue was recasting Mesmer Skin. With my early builds of Revenant being focused on Power Strength and Natural Talent and Speed Drift. Trying to minimize the cast animation of Mesmer Skin. Finally, it wasn't till October that Rolling Guard and Adaptation would be released. I was back to playing Hydroid prime and working hard to finish system finally (about 200 days played at this time). Eventually, in December, I ended up buying Adaptation as everyone was talking about how good it was, but I saw rolling guard and decided to grab it as well to see how well it worked with Hydroid for casting the tentacles. It wasn't great. But I went back to Revenant in early January and I was trying to put adaptation on him before I noticed Rolling Guard again. HOLY ****!!!!! This was the golden ticket the one mod that unlocked Revenant and his dominant potential. After a short spell of messing around with his mods I found the best general build in the game for Revenant. And after trading tips with some other players I later found the best Index build for him as well. Now I'm here to share everything I've learned over the past year playing Revenant almost exclusively in every mission. 1.2 Why Should you play Revenant? If you enjoy ignoring all damage and status effects, clearing rooms while grabbing a drink, not dying from self damage or lack of oxygen and infinitely scaling damage. Then Revenant is for you. If you like simple builds that don't require a ton of investment then Revenant is your Warframe. The only requirement to be good at Revenant is owning Rolling Guard (Trades for 5~10p). After that its all about managing Mesmer Stacks and watching your energy levels. (I suggest rolling and recasting Mesmer Skin when under 5 stacks) 2.0 Guides: 2.1 General Build: General Build 4 forma build (5 with aura forma) This build hits a bunch of the major power points of Revenant while minimizing his weaknesses. 254% power strength gives you 100% health damage to enthralled targets when you Reave through them. This also gives you 15 stacks of Mesmer Skin which is more than enough stacks to keep you going. Rolling guard with Mesmer Skin keep you alive so you do not need vitality or armor. Revenant has big ranges already so the lack of range doesn't hurt you at all. Energy Siphon can be swapped for whatever aura mod you need for the mission. Cunning drift can also be swapped for speed drift or rush if you want more sprint speed. 2.2 Index Build: Strength Index Build Radar Index Build Uses same forma set up as above(4 forma +aura forma =5 total) This build focuses on power strength and efficiency. Roll such that you end on an energy orb then cast Mesmer Skin. For the strength variant have 387% strength with Energy Conversion giving you 23 stacks of Mesmer Skin. This allows you to carry shards while remaining invincible for an entire match (might need to recast once if you are unlucky). The Radar variant sacrifices 2 stacks of Mesmer Skin for +55 Radar. This allows you to easily spot targets around the map increasing your hunting efficiency. This is the build I typically use. And as always can swap in Rush or Speed Drift to run faster. 2.3 Budget Build (for newer players): Budget Build No catalyst, with 0 forma Honestly All you really need is Rolling Guard to recast Mesmer Skin. intensify and Power Drift for a bit of power strength, Flow and Streamline for using abilities and managing energy. Simple easy and very effective. 3.0 Tips and Tricks: 3.1 Ability Breakdown & Synergy Abilities: Passive Revenant is immune to a bunch of Sentients enemies attacks as well has other random interactions with them. He is also immune to the night waters in the Plains of Eidolon, and if that wasn't enough, when Revenant's Shield is lost he knocks down nearby enemies. 1 Enthrall This ability allows you to turn up to 7 enemies into your ally for a while (base 30 sec). This can be cast for free after an enemy is stunned by Mesmer Skin. Keep killing the oldest Enthralled enemy so enemies are constantly being cycled under your control. Killed enemies leave behind a pillar of energy that does damage to nearby enemies and staggers them as well. Warning: Radaition dmg will cause thralls to return to attacking you. 2 Mesmer Skin This is your saving grace. 100% Damage mitigation, crowd control, and blocks all status effects except knockback (knockdowns are turned into knockback). This is hands down the best ability the game when mixed with Rolling Guard. Rolling Guard gives you 3 secs of invincibility after a roll dodge (once every 7 seconds) as well as removes all status effects. While you have stacks of Mesmer Skin your health cannot fall below 2, making you for all purposes immortal. 3 Reave This is a linear movement skill that steals health and shields from the enemy. Against Enthralled enemies this does 5x more damage. Passing through an enemy restores 1 charge of Mesmer Skin, while passing through teammates and compainions grant them 1 stack of Mesmer Skin. When in Danse Macabre this skills energy cost is reduced by 50% and cast is instant. Range mods affect width of Reave while Duration Mods affect distance traveled. Warning: When cast in midair you cannot change direction. 4 Danse Macabre (aka spin2win, aka Dance Party) Massive room clearing ability, can hit enemies as high as the tip of your hand. Has innate punch through with 100m base range, changes its damage type to the what the enemy is weak to and can be boosted for double damage. Movement speed while in Danse Macabre is affected by movement speed mods and is further increased if you sprint before casting this ability. Killing Thralls causes them to drop overshields worth 50 shield. Hitting thrall energy pillars cause them to explode. Damage reflected by Mesmer Skin is added to base damage of the ability. 3.2 Gameplay Tips Rolling Guard gives you plenty of time to recast Mesmer Skin without any speed casting mods and allows you to roll into Nullifier bubbles, kill them then recast. Sprint before casting 4. You move much faster while spinning. Reave is instant cast during Danse Macabre. You can buffer canceling Danse Macabre while in Reave. Such that when Reave ends it will immediately do Danse Macabre's ending animations. To move the fastest on Revenant: Sprint before casting Danse Macabre then repeatedly use Reave (takes some time to learn how to control it) Enthrall can be used in spy missions to control the guards without alerting them. This is also true for Rescue missions. With 250% Power strength Enthralled victims hit by Reave take 100% hp dmg. This does not work against Nox due to weird hit boxes. Do not enthrall Nullifiers, they will cleanse themselves. Many bosses can be enthralled at reduced duration and they just stand there doing nothing. (i.e. stalker, juggernaut) Mesmer skin will lengthen the fight against Lt. Lech Kril by prolonging how long he is invincible Pyrana Primes Phantom gun looks really cool on Revenant (pro fashion frame tip) Bombards hitting you with the rocket take 2 stacks of Mesmer Skin, 1 for rocket hit, 1 for explosion. Some bosses ignore Mesmer Stacks completely (Profit-Taker Orb) Nidus is your best friend a linked Nidus can generate 40+ stacks of Mesmer Skin Switch to Operator form when you are about to run out of stacks to dash to a safe spot then recast Mesmer Skin. You can use operator mode's stealth till rolling guard is off cooldown then swap back to roll and recast. Reave turns faster to one side than the other depending on what shoulder you are looking over (testing a bit more still) You can use Reave to kill Kuva Lich's Instead of dying to them in missions. (this just gets them out of that mission, but doesn't kill them overall) 4.0 Bugs/Glitches The biggest bug (the only really bug) on Revenant is when using his 4th ability Danse Macabre if you go off a ledge where the game thinks you should grab on and climb back up it will lock you out of using all abilities and you will be stuck in Danse Macabre until you run out of energy. On top of that you will be transported back to where the game considered you climbing up. Leaving you in a helpless state with 0 energy and at higher levels possibly 0 stacks of Mesmer Skin. At high level missions there is a chance that damage is so high that all of your stacks of Mesmer Shield are ignored and you just die. It's very rare but it's more common when enemies are around 200+. Its just weird and I'm not sure why this happens. Reave %hp Damage can kill the Kuva Lich. 5.0 Hopes 5.1 General Hopes A deluxe Ghost Fire skin for Revenant without matted armor colors. Armor colors on Revenant look much darker than the pallets colors. This is due to the matted armor. Fix the Danse Macabre Climb bug. Give Reave vertical movement 5.2 Augment Ideas A lot of my ideas 1 Enthrall Augment Idea Critical Thinking: Scalling Crit Chance or Crit Damage based on the number of enemies enthralled. Something like 10% per enthralled enemy. The Idea is to make managing thralls a bit more important by gaining some sort of damage buff from them. Crit chance and Damage just seemed like a fun idea with the name. Originally I was thinking of calling it Hive Mind. Damage Immune: Thralls become immune to damage for a short while after being enthralled (12 secs (minimum duration that thrall can possibly be)) Suggested by DrivaMain. The idea here is to prevent your team from mindlessly killing your thralls and you wasting energy on them. Giving them temporary invulnerability allows you grow and somewhat maintain your thrall squadron. 2 Mesmer Skin Explosive Armor: Recasting Mesmer Skin now consumes all stacks of Mesmer Skin, gets a cooldown before recast (maybe 6~9 secs) and in return buffs your teammates within a certain range with either a damage buff lasting maybe 20 or so secs with 10% per stack (since max power strength is ~22 stacks this makes it similar to rhino's roar) or their own stacks of Mesmer Skin (3 stacks = 1 on team?) This is focused on bringing more of a team player aspect to Revenant which is something that he lacks. 3 Reave Blinding Reave: The current augment is fine. Maybe make this so Reave can move vertically as well? 4 Danse Macabre Danse Party: Teammates struck by Danse Macabre gain adaptive damage for 3 secs: Corrosive against armored enemies, Magnetic against Shielded enemies and Gas against infested flesh. Honestly the hardest one to think of a good augment for. Again I wanted more of a team synergy augment out of this. This just shares the adaptive damage trait to his team while they are within the ability. Empower Pillars: Instead of exploding pillars, Danse Macabre empowers them increasing their range, damage and frequency of emitting projectiles. All when empowered Pillars explode (at 10 sec mark) that damage is also added to Danse Macabre. Possibly drop more overshield as a team support ability. Suggested by DrivaMain, in order to play around the interaction between thralls, pillars and Danse Macabre more, while still providing team support. 6.0 Closing Statement: I hope you enjoyed this guide. I spent a while working on it and have put a this past years worth of experience into this guide. I am absolutely convinced these are the best Revenant setups at this point in the game. This may change based on Augments being released in the future, but these will always remain a solid set up. If you have any suggestions or comments or spot anything I missed please let me know. Also comment with any questions you have. I look forward to seeing more Revenants in the game and I hope this guide helps you realize how good Revenant is. 7.0 List of Changes (Edits) 11/10/19 Fixed some spelling mistakes. Removed extra spaces and fixed alignment issues. 11/11/19 updated tips/tricks and bugs added in couple more augment ideas.
  7. DISCLAIMER: This is entirely my opinion of the new meta for melee weapons. This is also a bit of a generic build guide for a large variety of weapons for the melee update. Strong Scaling Weapons: To me this new meta is all about scaling mods (Blood Rush, Gladiator Set and Weeping Wounds) and Condition Overload. With scaling mods we can get weapons with over 300% crit chance and 100% status chance from their base stats alone. And Condition overload has flat out replacing any flat damage (Pressure) mod. From here we can also choose weapons that will use Deconstructer to equip 3 Gladiator mods. After examining the crit and status chance we can look at crit dmg, base dmg, atk spd and range, and weapon type to find a weapon that suits you. Example Build: Condition Overload, Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush, Gladiator Rush, Gladiator Might, Berserker, Primed Fever Strike, Other 90% status mod (depending on what element you want) What this works with: Any weapon with both 29+% crit and 18+% status chance These are Fragor Prime, Dakra Prime, Jat Kusar, Broken War, Destreza Prime, Gram Prime, Kuva Shildeg, and Tekko Prime. Why do we want to use this set up? All of these Weapons will achieve over 300% crit and 100% status at 12x combo. Berseker and the Glad set mods are probably the best to replace with rivens. or something else you might prefer. Using Deconstructor with 3 Gladiator mods? Then you can drop Gladiator Might for Organ Shatter and Gladiator Rush for another mod of your choice. This allows weapons with lower base crit and status chance to be used. Example Build: Condition Overload, Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush, Organ Shatter (or True Steel or Sacrificial Steel), Berserker, with last 3 slots being a combination of Drifting Contact and status mods (Each 60/60 will drop base status chance needed by 1%) Why do we use this set up? The 3 gladiator mods on Deconstructor allow a base crit chance of 26% (True steel base 25% and Sacrificial Steel 24%). The increase of status chance mods allows weapons with a base 14% or higher to hit 100%. This is a long list of melee weapons that can be used: To work it needs: Deconstructor: Galatine Prime, War and Fang Prime Deconstructor + 3 status mods (Drifting Contact and 2 60/60): Dual Keres and Destreza Need Deconstructor + Sacrificial Steel: Plague Keewar, Atterax, Prisma Dual Cleavers, Prisma Obex, Masseter, Orthos Prime, Arca Titron, Bo Prime, and Tipedo Prime, Need Deconstructor + Sacrificial Steel + 2 status mods (Drifting Contact and 1 60/60): Furax Wraith, Ankyros Prime, Sigma&Octantis, Dual Ichor, Venka Prime, and Dark Split-Sword (dual swords), The Curious Case of Fragor Prime: Fragor prime is the only weapon that will hit 300% red crits with just Blood Rush. Allowing you to drop the glad mods and hit 300% crit chance and 100% status chance. Example build: Condition Overload, Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush, Primed Reach, Organ Shatter, Berserker, Primed Fever Strike, and 1 Other 90% status mod (depending on what element combo you want) Why would you use this weapon? Fragor Prime allows the most amount of versatility by not restricting you to Deconstructor or forcing you to use the Gladiator mods. Rivens: What do you want on them? Same stuff as before (in no particular order) Crit Dmg, Atk spd, Melee Dmg, Element Dmg. EDITS Removed Crit chance from riven suggestions.
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