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  1. Agreed with everything. Especially Points 4 and 5.
    DE please, too many must have mods.
    Link Armor,Link Health, Fetch,Animal Instinct, Maul and Bite along with precepts and Med kit are Must have and thats already 8.
    On top of that you need 7-9 Forma to fully mod pets. Needs a look badly

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  2. There are few problems that I see.
    1) Frame is just bad, But fun for solo play
    2) Passive is weak, need extra effect or scale better
    3) Exchange hp for energy and trigger passive sounds good, but needs more than that.
    4) 4th ability....PRIME DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Why would I use it over ShatterShield of Gara or Dance Macabre of Revenant?! This ability needs to go away and be totally different
    5) Claws are used only by 1 ability?! Really?! Why give her claws then which looks badass but serve almost no purpose?! Make her ultimate another Exalted weapon. Make claws useful

    Things done right so far:
    1)Visuals are great
    2)Blood effects are nice
    3)Animations look smooth and nice

    To sum it up, if you giving her giant claws, Let us use them. It is not Ash who hides them and releases when bladestorm is activated. They cant be just for show. I will agree with another tenno suggesting shield surround her rather than from one side only. We dont need another direct damaging ultimate, especially the one that restricts movement. It simply looks like worse Dance Macabre at this point and possibly already ramped up shield of Gara.

  3. It varies. In general Corrupted and Infested give the lowest. Bigger Rooms are also hurting gain.
    In current rotation you dont gain much until round 5+ and only if it is grineer. With infested on current rotation you should be happy with around 6-12k total focus.
    I am using umbral saryn with heavy blade zaw for comparison with eidolon lenses on saryn and zaw.
    14 rounds with around 200k total Focus +-25k depending if i messed up with overusing miasma or started loosing spore stacks
    I solo by the way.
    And map rotation is on Mondays

  4. 5 minutes ago, Omega-Shadowblade said:

    It took place way before the prime. They increased the damage of the 2 clones to make up for the loss of 2 (overall dps is essentially unchanged). It was a change made to reduce her heavy system effects due to causing so many projectiles to spawn. Basically they modified her so she's just as strong, but with less effect on lower end comps.

    Probably thats why i missed it. I could not make myself use mirage because of her leg armor. Was driving me crazy just knowing about there existence.
    But makes sense if DE wanted to improve performance.

  5. 1 hour ago, Omega-Shadowblade said:

    You are thinking of old mirage. Newer mirage only has 2 clones fire instead of all 4. You can't get 5 projectiles in one shot (discounting multishot)

    Ohh,.. thanks for pointing that out. Did not know that. Did not touch mirage since maxing her when she came out until picking up prime recently. Did not even notice that. Guess hall of malevolence and eclipse were giving so much dmg i did not even notice the only 2 clones shooting 😂
    Wonder when the change took place.

  6. Simple Guide to MIrage: Put as much duration and Strength as you can, keep and 1&3 on at all times. You are now Killing machine. Think of yourself as squishy chroma who only needs to press 2 buttons to get the dmg buff.

    More complex Guide to Mirage: Use 4 for tactical blinds such as throw the ball into ceiling of the room before entering and pop it. Most of the room should be blinded while you are safely shredding them into pieces. As suggested above you can add 2 for tactical blinds but this is more suitable in endless missions. 

    Extra tip: Try weapons with unique firing mechanics: Lenz (several exploding bubbles), Torid (several gas clouds, corpus will love that), Attica with explosive bolts, Tetra with Ricochet rounds and etc

    Add Hall of Malevolence augment for even more damage. Eclipse if you want to be a buffer but not recommended since 5m aoe is not buffed by range mods.

    To sum it up, Mirage is weapon damage buffing warframe that focuses on dishing out dmg through weapons while trying to be evasive through 1 and 3 if in the shadow instead of light area. Can be played solo and in a party but higher the enemy level, riskier it gets since you are squishy and quick thinking might fail you at some point if you are dont manage 1,3 and your energy pool accordingly.

  7. Q A) We usually use similacrum for that kind of things. It is accessable through simaris room in relays after you buy key from him.
    Q B) Depends on weapons, mods and enemies in front of you
    Q C) Best way to mitigate dmg outside of using defensive abilities is to be mobile and have high hp and armor. Shields are not very effective since armor does not apply to them. However if you using something like nova or mirage in high level content hp and armor will not be as effective as if it was nidus or inaros for example. In such cases you better rely on Quick Thinking and high energy pool of those frames. Also running some kind of healing is helpful. Mods like Medi-ray(sentinel), Healing return (melee), Life strike( melee) and equilibrium(warframe) can be handy.

    When it comes to enemy weaknesses you can see them in codex after getting enough scans on particular enemy or boss.
    But in general, Against armored enemies you want corrosive, although for bombards and napalms you want radiation.
    Against shields you want magnetic. But you can also use toxin or gas to ignore shields
    Against infested everything works except magnetic but best are corrosive and fire,

    When it comes to IPS damage you should prioritise having slash damage. It is most effective vs flesh which is most enemies except corpus moa and ospreys. Puncture is fine most of the time but impact is the looser of the bunch since it is effective only vs shields.

    When it comes to weapon comparisons it comes donw to:
    1)Mastery rank of the weapons
    2)Type of weapon (Plain max dmg, crit or status)

    Higher rank weapons tend to be better, but that does not mean mr 9 weapon is worse than mr 12 or 14 weapon. For example Zarr, which is an amazing for MR9 weapon.

    For level 80 gunner you can use anything to be fair. What i mean is you can either 1 shot it with Cornith, burn it down in about 10-20 bullets with supra vandal, 1 shot with charged dread, opticor or vectis prime. The main point is, which gameplay suits you most. For example as MR25 player, i switch between weapons a lot to keep the feeling different. 1 day i might run with nidus cornithign everything, another day enjoy red crits from opticor with harrow, feel like a badass swordsman go melee only or take Euphona/Pyrana prime with glaive in another hand and just enjoy mid air throws while shooting things. It comes down to what you enjoy.

    Of course there limitatios. You will not kill LVL 80 gunner if you shooting it for way too long. You will die first.

  8. Umbra mods not worth it imo on Vauban.
    He does not benefit from power and armor significantly enough to run those 2 umbral mods. Vitality could be useful but you better run Quick thinking instead.
    All you need on Vauban is Range and Duration. If you going vs non infested then you should add Repelling Bastille Augment.

    In general, Vauban is out of the meta right now and needs some changes. He CC in nice but it is not reliable since Bastille nerf.
    I would say put as much range and duration as you can/want and add flow with quick thinking. If you running Zenurik you should not have energy issues at all, other wise you might want to squeeze in streamline.

    When it comes to arcanes, it depends on what you prefer as well. you could go with dmg or resistance arcanes.

  9. 4 hours ago, -Temp0- said:

    There's nothing "fun" about it. If you're not new to warframe running same **** old bloody rhino over and over, over and over over and over gets very old very fast. The mere idea that you're restricted to one frame if you want to effectively and efficiently play the index is revolting. Because of that, it turns into  mindless farming in about 15 runs or so. If it wasn't for rewards that are really good, the mode would have been over of the worst in the whole game. Even in rathuum you can easily use most frames and even those that rely on their powers if you have extra gear but index is just a pvp-like pile of trash filled with annoying corpus units and annoying debufs.

    You wanna say OP's method is more fun?
    I did not call it fun, i said "more interactive" and "more fun"

  10. Here is another tactic for you which is more interactive:
    Rhino with old school max power+efficiency for iron skin.
    Equip Heavy hitting gun like snipers, strun wraith,cornith or tigris to name a few and go ham
    Do 1 round and repeat. If done right you should finish 1 round in less than about 7 minutes +-2 depending on if you died at least once or not. Collect 20 points so you get 10 bonus points and only then hand in.
    More fun, More interaction and still easy. 

  11. Just now, war_hawk15 said:

    Hope so. because right now all they did was to put some burnol on those people who could not bought Excalibur prime access.

    Honestly, Umbra is way better than prime. They have similar stats but umbral mods and polarity as well as unique properties make Excal Umbra way better. The only thing to cry about is 6k mastery points at this point. Umbra even looks way better.

  12. 9 minutes ago, war_hawk15 said:

    even i can agree on it but only on excal umbra ? nah . i seriously don't like playing Excalibur too much. plus it has not got versatility to do every mission on star chart. so limiting those mods to excal umbra is not the point. either give more umbra frame or release umbral polarities .

    As i stated in some other discussions, we just need to wait for more umbras and sentient based levels. We might find something out during tennocon. Pretty sure DE have something up their sleeve to make the audience jump from their seats like with plains of eidolon announcement.
    What might end up happening (personally hoping for that) frames with no prime variant will get umbra first (Maybe Nidus?) or a way to turn normal frames into umbras, who knows. We just need to wait a bit(half a year or so probably).

  13. Nerf?! WHere?!

    I saw only a buff! I can pew pew enemies without recasting stasis, my teammates no longer dc as soon as they see limbo, my sentinel no longer has bullet/pellet limit.

    But being serious, duration nerf was needed after such buff. It is huge. Also it is not hard to adapt. He never had Energy issues, nor he will now. All you need is neutral or positive duration which is not hard to achieve. AND he is easier to master now.

    Stop crying and mod better.

  14. I dont want umbral mods to be used outside umbra gear. It would take away 1 of the few differences of umbras from originals/primes.
    Of course I would like to put those mdos on frames like Saryn, Frost and few others but no. In my opinion it would ruin the specialty of umbra. It as if you gave everyone in the world skill level of best musician. It will make musician pointless and kill him. Same here, if everyone can use umbra mods on non umbra gear we will not see any umbras at all.  

  15. Honestly, I think DE was a bit too generous with letting us use umbral mods on non umbra items. Sure there are only 2 umbra items in game right now, but giving a cookie you can not use is annoying. I think it would be better if we simply could not use those mods on non umbra inventory. 1 of those mods is not worth putting, 2 maybe depending on frame but if you put 3 you are probably in trouble with mod capacity.
    I would say we need more umbras and more sentient content which focuses on fighting hordes of sentients rather than a couple if they spawn on lua missions.
    I liked the idea of utilizing Helminth mentioned above and it would make it(Helminth) more useful. However simply adding polarity through it would be dull. If he could turn a frame into Umbra it would be more fun and have lore implications. 

  16. I was personally hoping for completely different take on Umbra but I actually like what DE did with Umbra. He is built around destroying sentients and boy he is good at that. Had to get some sentient kills for riven so decided to test Umbra+Ska...smt...smt... and it was like a walk in the park. Howl was extremely effective to stop sentients from spinning attacks, invulnerability phases and other annoying parts of their combat. Resistances and bonus dmg from Umbral and Sacrificial Mods worked wonders too.
    Only problem Umbras have is lack of sentient content. He will not be used for teralysts(incorrect kit) or vombalysts(too easy to kill), while normal humanoid sentients show up only in small amounts on Lua. He simply has a role he has no need to fill in. Once we get Tau controlled planet or system, Umbras will start to shine. Since we know about Venus already, we should expect a surprise during tennocon, so i am keeping my fingers crossed for us moving out of solar system to some new place controlled by sentients. 

  17. They come in order of release so not soon. Next after limbo will be chroma,Mesa and ivara probably. Then 2 male frames and one of them might be nidus. Depends on if they release Equinox or not and how they will release it.
    They did an exception with Nova Prime and released her before her release order due to popularity so maybe Nidus will skip the queue. But I think we might see Nidus Umbra before Nidus Prime =D

  18. 15 minutes ago, lukinu_u said:

    What is "imprisoned" isn't Lotus, but Margulis inside her own body, controlled by Lotus, this is what Ballas refer to.
    So, Lotus isn't imprisoned anywhere, she just stay here.

    However, I don't know why Ballas didn't come earlier and why did he found Lotus now, and also how did we found her that easy. It hardly make sense, but I guess it's because it's a prologue...

    But Hunhow refers to Lotus/Natah as doughter. Thus either Hunhow is also "imprisoned" or someone messed up the script. This is too weird.

  19. You are not the only one confused here, although i did not even think about the imprisoned part lol. I was more concerned with Orokin, Hunhow and sentient relationship lotus has.

    I am super confused about Lotus now. Who is our space mom? Orokin? Sentient? I just hope we get continuation of the quest in January, not a fond of cliff hangers, especially the ones like this

  20. 9 hours ago, Phazerade said:

    You should be able to whitelist Warframes entire file network. If you do that your Anti-Virus shouldnt mess with it

    I have done that(tried whitelisting exe file, and entire warframe folder) In both cases instead of termination and going into quarantine warframe simply crashes now during extraction.

    Interesting fact is that progress does get saved. But I have to restarts the game every single time because of the crash.

    Not sure how this is the case tbh. This was not happening until 22.3.2 and happens only with PoE extraction with bounty completed. If failed it works fine. 

  21. Hi, not sure how about others but since last hotfix 22.3.2 my antivirus turned off warframe and quarantined warframe.x64.exe.

    This happened twice in a row when I was extracting after doing event operation in PoE. Until this hotfix there was no such issue. Reason for this behavior is Trojan according to anti-virus. 

    Every time this happens I need to restart my laptop and verify in order tog et warframe.x64.exe back.

    Anti-virus I use is Dr.Web. I am using it for years and this happened only once before randomly several months ago. Now it happened twice in a row when i was extracting.


    EDIT: For testing purposes ran capture on Earth and all was fine. Ran 3rd time Operation bounty and again same issue.

    EDIT 2: Optimized download cache and updated to 22.3.3 solved this issue. Thank you DE for amazing job!

  22. Since PoE release basic lenses drop from bounties in Cetus. 

    Greater lenses can be crafted using 200k blueprint from the market.

    Eidolon lens bp you get from T5 sortie Bounty in Cetus.

    ^^^This is better than sortie reward.

    1) does not dilute sortie reward list

    2) makes it easier to farm them 

  23. Just now, Teshin_Dax said:

    Naramon is able to let you red crit with any melee and it can keep your combon counter alive for minutes.. 

    Thats not bad

    Forgot about that since it is not that helpful, at least for me. I do fine in sorties even with orange crits and my combo counter is always there if i melee only using either body count or drifting contact. I mean Naramon has applications but they are so specific that you might just forget about them like I just did. Sometimes i forget to change active school, and if it is Madurai or zenurik I dont mind it, other 3 I tend to struggle a bit. 

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