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  1. Hello Everyone, I had previously applied to Quasars and i got rejected due to me having a low scores on events, but i was not in a position to participate in some of them during those times due to lack of time. I have explained it all in a personal message to one of your members --Q--Kyl0ren in a personal message who had asked me a while ago for some information about me. Now, all I can say is that now i can spend time on warframe again. Here is some information about me IGN: 5p0okY MR:19 Country: Origin - India, Current Location - Germany Time played - 1148 hours Language - English Discord - 5p0okY #6817 Want to join - Quasars/Quasars Lite Reason for joining, Participate in endgame content with coordinated teamplay and have fun while doing it, particularly long runs and be part of leaderboards. Also friendly greetings to everyone from me on behalf of --Q--FSK41.
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