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  1. EzTactic

    Oberon God

    I'll drop this here... It is a bug and not a build, its something you can achieve with nidus stacks, not sure on the technical side of it but yeah its just a bug so yes you got it right Leqesai 😆
  2. EzTactic

    Oberon God

    No Equilibrium either 😛
  3. EzTactic

    Oberon God

    No quick thinking in this build my guy 😛
  4. EzTactic

    Oberon God

    Yeah I get that I'm going to get this sort of reply but its even stronger than norma from what we can tell.
  5. EzTactic

    Oberon God

    So take what you will from this but like the youtube video describes we found a build for oberon that allows him to out heal nearly any damage that is delt...
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