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  1. The things I like about this: Damage growth scales with strength. This is a decent, reasonable change, and synergizes with other parts of her kit that want strength. Retaining built up damage when a wave of spores 'ends.' This should help with her consistency a bit in normal missions, and in SO when there's someone around who's hard nuking. Increased range on spore spreading on kill. More range is good. Things I don't like about this: Spores not spreading when they kill people themselves. I understand the intent behind this change, but it's going to make playing Saryn a lot more finicky and inconsistent. The cap on spore growth is too low. 60/sec before is pretty slow, even scaling for power strength. There's no getting around that Saryn will still want substantial amounts of range for any practical build, so people running 300% power strength are going to be rare - and without that, the spores are going to take a long time to stack up to reasonable amounts of damage. This is particularly painful for the crucial first 45 seconds of a wave of ESO, where you really want to unload to get your focus. Overall, I can see the intent, but it's a bit frustrating to see a frame that went from being a boring turret to an angel of pestilence get hit hard. Some possible ideas to alleviate potential issues caused by these changes: If the intent is to make toxic lash the defacto method for spreading spores, reinforce that. Give it the highest spread range, or a bonus to subsequent damage growth, or both. Increase the cap on damage growth. Please. There are a number of possible ways to do this, from diminishing returns (rather than a hard cap), to increasing the base growth per infected enemy, to increasing the number of enemies that count for the growth cap.
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