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  1. DE: Got you fam, Vile precision not an exilus mod anymore.
  2. I actually don't get why it bothers you. People use the arch dash every 3 seconds, i mean, that the freaking purpose of it. Oh, and the "people neglected sprinting" bit is just hilarious. Come to think of it, i think you're just a troll.
  3. If you're talking about the ambush mission, they already fixed it in last fix...
  4. ... 15 or 30 minutes reduction? Let's make parts builds for 11h30 and warframes 71h30. ... I think you get the point.
  5. Just move and fire your gun from time to time. If you can't do that, that means you're AFK.
  6. Je pense que te relire de temps en temps serais bénéfique.
  7. The "24h cooldown" rant is laughable. All the tests have practice mode but noooooooooo, i'm just gonna wing it and whine if i fail it. Pitiful. And seriously, the mr26 test is not hard.
  8. I'm not terrified of the difficulty raise, i just don't see the point of ranking it up for S#&$ and giggles.
  9. If a player doesn't want to kill their lich just yet because that would be pointless, who am i to disagree? And the "Muh lich can't spawn if you don't kill yours! Reeeee" is freaking annoying too, you're in pub; deal with it.
  10. Just don't kill the lich and the level of the missions won't rise (although the rank of the will rise when you finish all nodes of the 1st planet). And when you know all 3 requiem mods you need, then you start testing combinaison cause you won't ned to bother with thralls and the other members will rush together on the thralls. Also when a lich appear, it will also boost thralls spawn rate. Basically: DON'T KILL THE LICHES. ps: still can't do nothing about that limbo LEECH in defense missions though.
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