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  1. Sometimes I can't even see the carnis while it keeps pelting me with its spit. I've had to abandon fishing spots because of this.
  2. There is a kick option. The host leaving is basically them kicking themselves. In missions, they also kick everyone out since the game has to choose a new host and thus creating a new party.
  3. People come to Warframe expecting it to be like COD. It's obvious if you see what most of the feedback tend to be: easier targets, less gimmicks, solo friendly, more shooty less thinking. Maybe Warframe would benefit from rethinking their marketing strategies since it's been a long time the shooting was the only thing it had to offer.
  4. As if people wouldn't just work on the one clan and forget the others
  5. I'm still a Loki main at heart and would definitely enjoy a good rework. All of his abilities are very situational and, while they are not bad, in a game where the main theme is 'kill everything fast', Loki's kit is outshined.
  6. No? The affinity gains would be the same as leveling it from 0 to 30. And even if more affinity was needed, why would it be a bad thing? Doesn't mean the weapon is eternally bad -until- it reaches the max level. It doesn't do 1 damage until level 90 and instantly starts doing huge numbers. That's not how it works. The point you're missing is that the new player won't have an unranked weapon to level all over again. They don't have to go back to that level 1 node they had finally gotten over with for the sake of a single weapon or warframe; they can continue from where they left
  7. They look like spiky rock growths near the base of pillars and other things. Due to their size and color, they can be hard to spot unless they're right in your face. An easy way to get them is to go to orokin ruins with a loot mod and break everything.
  8. Making the Weapon or Warframe go back to Unranked makes no sense when the enemies are higher than level 30. A suggestion would be to add the Forma > add the polarity > give the Weapon/Warframe get an additional 30 levels. Same functionality, allows more experimentation. Kuva Liches from the get-go was not for new players and it still isn't. Newbies hardly have a good enough weapon to take down the bullet sponge that's a lich, IF they survive the skills it spams, or even worse; what if the lich spawns with a powerful kuva weapon?
  9. The fish stop spawning because it's a hotspot. It's working perfectly as intended...for a hotspot. Solution: don't make everywhere in the Drift a hotspot and make normal fish spawning like PoE and Fortuna did. The rare fish (Duroid and Aquapulmo) should be the only fish tied to hotspots.
  10. If you're so mad about her not having a name, why don't you give her one?
  11. Had that bug happen to me a few days ago. I had to abandon mission :/
  12. Is there a way to put floofs on the ceiling asking for a friend
  13. Helminth calls Nidus Master, so it's implied they at least know each other in some form.
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