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  1. Any changes planned for railjack total craft cost (6 M credits hurt a bit, same for railjack Cephalon BP craft cost)?
  2. maybe i'm not an artist but i still love my guitar rift
  3. Thanks for all those changes, especially for requiem relic drop and lich no longer stealing requiem relic. Can you also fix nightwatch napalm not working on kuva ogris? Would be awesome
  4. I actually like this update, even if it requires maybe a bit too much time to get the three requiem reaveled and some change must be done : -melee finisher on interaction key is annoying, why not keeping it on melee attack key -kuva lich tax shouldn't apply to requiem relic, considering they actually contain the only mod that alow us to kill them -having a bit more of logic for kuva lich weapons : having rad on a ash born lich got no sens, a slash weapon would be more logic -mercy kill are nearly impossible to use on normal enemies, give them a temporary invincibility when they are down to avoid slashing accidentally when fighting many enemies -(this one is a bit personal and dedicated to dual toxocyst user) adding a mod to turn the dual toxocyst into an automatic weapon
  5. hi, is this possible to get the normal melee finisher on the melee attack key, using the interraction key to perform finisher is uncomfortable and is this also possible to remove lich being able to stole your requiem relic on kuva flood, it's pretty hard to get requiem relic and extremly frustrating to see the lich come and tell you "nope, your hard work was useless". also, i was able to use finisher with parazon on someone else lich and nearly killed it (two working strike, i had no requiem mod on the first slot) and also got an hilarious bug on a defense mission on mars (in kuva lich mode), the cryopod was turning like if it was a living npc who tried shooting enemy grineer.
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