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  1. this..makes absolutely no sense at the barest minimal level.
  2. Its not knowing how. It's more a desire to not have 1 singular play style. I for one, enjoyed her 4 in it's hay day, but the power is criminally behind the times and massively underpowered and over costed. I could easily copy a banshee execution build if I wanted, but I have 3 other frames who play the exact same way. This means I want something else from Banshee, not that I can't play.
  3. Banshee looks great, and is good on fashion frame. Plus I got all the others. It's a different flavor. Killing with deadly howls, the Banshess' Scream for what it is famous for, would be amazing. Only this isnt what really happens. I really..Really wanna play a Range Banshee and watch the deadly wave expand again. That was so cool. I felt powerful. I was low mr and did a lot to get the mods and gear Id need. Then it got ripped away and now? banshee feels insulting.
  4. I choose Banshee because she is the frame I would like to play, but I don't want to be using Silence and Sonar only. I want to enjoy the Banshee's namesake style ability, but I can't due to the nerf it went through.
  5. Me? Banshee. Banshee's Soundquake is disgustingly underpowered. Massive energy drain for almost no effects. It's reduced by armor, has a low base damage, Massive energy drains. It's easily the most ridiculous ability. And it's Augment? Besides being the only viable way to use the power, which is not what augments should be, It's damage at 282 PS is 11 k. This 11k is then massively reduced by both Armor (since it's blast), and over range. Over all, this is easily the worst ability in her entire kit. Yeah yeah I know people use her for her Sonar, but not everyone wants to use Sonar. Some want the Crown jewel of Banshee, Her Screams, to be the focal of a playstyle. History: Once center piece to defense missions, this ability and it's augment used to have ramping damage over a large area, which could trivialize low level grind. Then it got a massive nerf to the augment, which gutted the power. Then Saryn came out with a rework. Now I love Saryn, but it shows how unnecessary this change was to banshee. Banshee still struggles with a ridiculous Energy drain on her normal mode Soundquake as well, which ruins any CC, and a base of 200 Blast damage is a relic damage count of yesteryear. I would like to see Sound quake buffed dramatically personally, so that it can deal with enemies after level 25. Something that comes to mind is changing the power. Instead of a Sound quake in 360 degrees and rooting Banshee(another relic of yesteryear), I would have it be a Powerful frontal Scream that can sunder armor, and be given a powerful damage boost. Power can be channeled going while mobile but slowed, with ramping damage, and able to go very far away like the Banshee of folk lore. The Banshee though would operate much like Mesa. Perhaps with a very wide scream, or with the Augment, a much narrower, but stronger scream.
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