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  1. Future missions I feel should be 50/50 split. I wanna rj more. Not defense. for 95% of it. Orphix venom space did it well for a mix, and Volatile does too.
  2. Enemies need to board the RJ far more often. It is honestly depressingly easy to fend off pods. More boarders please.
  3. My take on Oberon as a Dark Reaper. What you got Sevagoth?
  4. Just as a reminder op, DE don't deserve credit for Wraith. Wraith is the brainchild of a fan design template, but with adjusted powers from DE. DE deserves credit and praise for realizing another Fan design and the production efforts to make him work, but not in the category of originality. Credit is due where Credit is due to DE and original author.
  5. Going the Angel route here. If I put my Guando on, she is like a arch angel almost.
  6. For those that don't understand the Patent system Patents require that you copy right both how the system is structured and how it functions. The WB patent is specifically a player reactive enemy that is built into a heirarchy system that reacts in numerous ways to repeated contact with the player. Building a player-reflective villain in and of itself is a innovation on the idea of a reactive enemy, which in and of itself is not imaginative enough to secure a US patent, which is what WB tried to get in the first place and was rejected. Even a villain that is reactive to the play
  7. That's hardly what I mean. The 'health' of their staff is hardly the concern with warframe since these issues began well past 3, almost 4 years ago.
  8. Oh I have no hype. It was just fun. I though have a very low bar for de these days :/
  9. So, when might we see the mechs in regular play? Give or take their power or lack of it, it was kinda fun in Orphix. Would be nice to get them eventually.
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