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  1. The heavy change to glaives is making it almost impossible to throw the wolf sledge for some reason.
  2. The difference is Excalibur and Valkyr do not bug out ultimately. They work 99/100 times, if what you say is true, as I and no one I know has ever told me they couldn't summon their exalted weapon. Beyond making Ironbride actually work, the Sword needs a new move set, more travel, and so on. it need move sets just like regular melee, and the Shield..god..the shield...that needs a buff. The 1 and 3 can go in a corner and die for all I care. Gimmick abilities are NOT useful. Either I need the ability to flesh-meld a enemy into bonewidow's shield that that one episode in yugiho decades ago
  3. You forget something. Iron bride is also so horrifically bugged that it either never manifests, is animation locked and can't attack, or breaks mid use and can't ever be used again. Mission to mission, it's almost always broken and unfunctional.
  4. Actually gaming companies like DE are thriving in the current market. It's not like AMC theaters or disney at all.
  5. The issue is with the Dark souls series, that Miyazaki aimed is that everything happened in the past before the game start. Even if it's out of order, it's still in the past relative to the player, so it works. Sifting through ashes as it were. DE is not doing this with the New War. They make 1 thing, and leave it hanging. No character reuse, no expansion, no further quests. Ultimately what is the Heart of Deimos for example? Some heart shaped machine that maintains a connection to the void? What about the Solar Rails then? And how does that stop the Tenno who are Void Demons from having
  6. Well sure I know this about Limbo myself. I probably should have read more and seen the mobile defense objective but that does not change how childish and inept OP was acting. Limbo can be damn annoying for me on Titania. So? I learn to fly in and out of the bubble and attack the rims with my melee and use it like a whipping post.
  7. OP, for your initial post, if you are incapable of adapting around Limbo, then I recommend playing a different game. Farm simulator perhaps. There is nothing there save microtransactions that should stop you having fun. Limbo requires 1 button to get around him. Use your head a little.
  8. To all saying VO is expensive, I call BS. DE is VERY successful, and makes a lot of money. They can afford actual work with a hired team to make a coherent story. They need to do it too. They have more resources then people think. It's not some small studio.
  9. Banshee is the sad result of terrible nerfing. her quake is useless at all content tiers.
  10. I just want their DPS improved.
  11. Title. I would love to use the necromech in other situations and cases on the star map.
  12. Kinda like Ignis...So it looks and feels like a flamethrower instead of a microwave gun?
  13. Threats to the Protagonist are not the only ways to create tension. Yes it's a power fantasy but that is not inherently a bad thing in the slightest. You can be a super deadly space wizard and that's just fine, killing thousands. You are one of the Gods of Orokin times. I'm glad I can feel like that and I always can play steel path for a more even challenge. What Warframe does need to do though is to match us where our incredible power is effective in the here and now, but can't do it all on our own. Which means we need meaningful friends in quests that recur, not these one offs. We
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