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  1. Shield of Shadows is simply a augment. It provides negation when the Shadows exist. It's called Shadows of the Dead, and their purpose is to draw fire, Not tank. And no, Not DPS. You put words in my mouth. Please don't. I am simply arguing that they should do more then they are, which is nothing. They shouldn't kill rooms by themselves, but they should reasonable hold a room by themselves without Nekros having to personally wipe away 99 percent of all the hp of those Foes. More so, until lvl 30, they literally can do this. They fight, take all the damage away from you, and deal damage and kill a foe they are dueling if given time. But it peters out very quickly and have rapidly poor scaling. The flaw in your argument though Hyperion is that you see them as tanks, and thus they should deal no damage. Ask any tank in any game why that is not true. Shadows is simply a okayish skill for tanking that is outdone by other frames. It's purely flavor text after a bit, and only keeps the looter frame alive long enough for the other players to do the work with their own tanking or damage skills that outstrip the Undead. The difference is the Undead are akin to Chaff. Which they certainly are not, or shouldn't be. All I ask is their damage raise up to make them scale better against higher levels.
  2. Adaptation won't affect the Shadows. Do not mistake me. I know Nekros' shadows primary purpose is to tank, but even a tank has a gun, or in our case, machetes, shotguns, rifles, ect, and they should have more punch. Nekros does better with duration though for this purpose in a desecrate build.
  3. But it doesn't exonerate that the whole purpose of his shadows resurrecting higher level mobs and the Strongest mobs is specifically for the purpose of dps. I don't say they should match Wukong, but given a little time, a Shadow should be able to kill it's living counterpart, since the Shadow's very Stats are literally boosted of it's equal.
  4. I think you misunderstood. It's about how they scale. They scale upwards based on the PS of Nekros, and use the stats of when the foe was slain to make the boost. With this in mind, consider that Hp and armor raise far faster and higher then enemy DPS. While we have way less HP then a normal foe, they also do way less damage to avoid just killing us outright. We think of 500 damage as really low for a gun we use and it won't kill most enemies, but if THEY did 500 damage, they'd kill us outright all the time. So a enemy may have 1000 hp, and 300 armor, and our PS will scale that up by a percentage when we use nekros's 4, but the damage that enemy actually does is somewhere around 20 damage. Or a bit higher. Just to give you some idea of where I come from. It's simply not enough to scale. A PS of say 150 on nekros would just make the 20 damage 30 damage, while raising the HP of the undead to 1500 and the armor to 450. While these later 2 stats are just fine in my example, the damage the udnead does is FAR too little. No, they shouldn't kill with impunity, But they should be able to kill at least whatever they are shooting at. This is my argument. That their damage should rise a lot more based on the amount of PS a nekros invests into. For myself for example, my Nekros is duration, with as much strength as I could squeeze in. Not a lot, but enough to be respectable. But that does not factor in at all because the base enemy damage values is simply so small that there is almost nothing the PS can scale for fighting that same enemy.
  5. Given the nature of the Shadow of War Nemesis system that Kuva Lich is literally copied from, Dialogue variety will be rather important for the system's Success. I REALLY hope Rebecca understands this. It's Better they Say more and it Varies more across the types of Kingpins you can encounter, if you really want them to Stick. Dialogue Matters. If you are using the same lines for more then 2 Lichs in a row, you made a mistake.
  6. Hardly. Its more as one person above said, Power creep, and asking that something be done Not just for Nekros, but for the others as well to fix their AI and make them more viable combat companions. You give a power slot to have these guys on your side, they should be viable in their own rights. Nekros, Nyx, Venari, and so on. Only Equinox's augment for your day/night form to be active for a bit really comes up, and Wukong's Kicks butt and takes names, doing Exceptionally far more then any other summon by magnitudes greater. Asking for AI fixs to make Venari more fearsome or to actually use the mods you equip on it is not a complaint, but a real balancing request, even if some people use Venari for heals or swap between the modes. You can easily catch Nyx's mind control pet shooting walls and the ground instead of foes, and it's certainly lack luster as a ai at times. Nekros just has more allies on the field so you can miss a lot of the ai pecularities, but even they simply can't hold a candle to Wukong's Minion. Not that they should, but they should be at least combat effective.
  7. And I agree, whole heartedly, but I feel he is overly gimped as well. His minions simply are outshined to such a Nth degree that I wish they were better. Even if they draw fire, they should have the capacity to land kills all their own, instead of relying on me to kill all their targets alongside my own. My arsenal is certainly able to do it with blistering ease, but I wish that the undead were far better then they really are. I get what you mean, but I don't see meaningless bullet sponge fighters as Minions. Sure they help with CC, but CC is kinda Dead. It helps nekros more then other frames, but even then they should be more capable in my eyes to fight a foe. Which is why I argue augmenting their damage or at least improving their combat ability in some manner such that it can matter against enemies is not all together a bad idea. Its for this reason Shadows prioritizes the strongest of your most recently killed enemies during Summoning, yet for being the stronger, they don't work. Enemy Health and Armor increases proportionately with the damage they do. Obviously, only a frame or two has 4000 hp or more, and obviously enemies doing that much would kill us at insane rates, but Enemy HP and armor values increase at several times the rate their damage does. The result is that while Our Nekros summons are multiplying the base value of the resurrected foe by our power strength, the damage the summons do is Scaled to attack players, not other enemies. Where we have to do thousands of damage to fight our missions, our Undead realistically do a couple hundred or less because armor is reducing their realy damage heavily, and their real damage isn't even that high to start with. This negates their purpose as Undead warriors for a minion master warframe. Lets be honest, nekros isn't just a Loot warframe alone.
  8. I mention Shadows because I often see their ability to harm a foe petter out to near nothingness. This to me, is problematic as it makes the Shadows do next to no damage, despite that power strength affects their hp and Damage to raise over the base value of the enemy that was resurrected. However this value is not enough to make the Shadows actually remain Viable as the enemy level increases. Even if you keep the shadows up to date over the course of a mission.
  9. So I think we can all say Wukong's rework was a big success. However as I watched Tribulos' video on the matter, he raises a very good point regarding Wukong's minion. For once, the Minion is actually work a damn. Obviously, It's quite strong, and I know people are enjoying playing around with this new Prime, but I want to raise a point. I think it is a good idea now for DE to take a look at ALL minion based powers and address their flaws. What comes to mind most of all is Nekros's Shadows of the Dead. Being the prime example of a Minion Spell, as it summons the most foes and is integral to Nekros' survival with the augment, These undead minions lose potency massively come the later levels. While resummoning them as the enemy level increases can help, it's by no means actually going to see these pets landing all that many kills. If any. While I certainly use my pets to go on a Scythe-ing spree, They only ever draw bullets away from me and mitigate damage, while shooting nerf darts. Other classes of minions like Venari are also quite bad, not making use of mods like swipe when calculating it's special attack, and said attack only works in one of Venari's modes. Given how strong Wukong's Twin is, I would like to make a request of Pablo or the Design team to look at the deficiencies of the other Minion types like Shadows of the dead and Please increase their viability and Lethality. While Nekros can be fun to watch the undead kill things at level 20-30, they can't usually kill things, especially against infested and grineer, at anything 40 and above. And 30 is pushing it as it is. While it's easy to propose their damage scale higher (and it REALLy should. And maybe have some kind of status proc to help their viabilities, IE. copy nekros' primary weapon's status effects?), I would like to hear ideas on how to improve the other minion based powers. Nyx's Minion is laughable to a extreme, given it can be shooting walls half the time instead of foes. Ironically, It's nekros' pets that seem to engage the best with foes, but that may be due to them being actual enemies and fighting like them. Furthermore, improving their DPS and effectiveness at a Base level would help nekros players get to summon pets and viably say the pets are helpful. (they are guys. 7 less foes won't hurt your pretty little drops if Nekros is properly desecrating.)
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