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  1. And that enhances the game, how? All you've done is add a perfectly good arcane to the pile of arcanes no one cares about because they're outclassed by two or three top choices. If this is your feeble attempt at tuning down an ability's power level, you're only screwing over the players that have invested time, resources, and money to make the ability powerful by forcing exceptions and inconsistency into the game's mechanics, and the game is worse off for it. You are literally reinforcing the meta and punishing build diversity.
  2. So what happens to block combos and weapon effects that require the use of the block button (like the Synoid Sydon)?
  3. re k-drive races: So in effect, if you were to invest 50 standing into a race, then win 500 standing, your net gain would be 450 standing, but you'd still lose 500 of your daily standing cap. Alternatively, you could grind on that long pipe near Fortuna for 20 minutes. Do you see the issue here?
  4. Does that mean you finally won't pollute reward lists with one-off items that immediately become garbage once the players get them?
  5. Keeping in mind one would have to play for over three years DAILY (4-5 years more realistically) to reach the "evergreen" rewards, I have some observations: 4x weapon slots - if you don't have all the weapon slots you'll ever need, or the platinum to buy them, after four years of playing, what are you even doing? This is completely useless. 3x exilus adapter - despite its high construction cost, 4-year players will have built whatever amount of exilus adapters they'd ever need. Useless. 3x forma is always good. 30k endo is nice, but chances are, a 4-year player will probably not need to max out any more 10-rank mods unless a new primed mod is released, in which case chances are, a 4-year player will have built up a significant stockpile. 50k kuva... basically you're fuelling in-game gambling to keep us logging in. Might have to look to the sters. And finally, why no motherloving shotgun rivens?
  6. re builds: What I'd really like to see is a Melee 3.0 weapon with an actual build, modded to its true potential.
  7. While I'd definitely want that to happen to primary and secondary weapons, the release of Melee 3.0 will invalidate all usage data. Disposition changes would be baseless. That being said, update the peck-damn dispositions already.
  8. Could we just have an option to turn the Star Chart percussion "music" OFF? I cannot express in words how much it annoys me.
  9. Over the last few months, I've heard of many people who have had their accounts suspended for inadvertently receiving platinum that has been acquired through illegitimate means. Does DE have anything to say to the innocent players who have been suspended, those who might in the future be banned, and those who want to avoid it? Do you have any advice to give to players that want to avoid receiving platinum that may or may not be illegal, the first sign of which often means the (sometimes permanent) suspension of the account?
  10. Here I go again, giving you too much credit. You've turned a fight against actual tough enemies into a fight against the clock. What happened to the endgame challenge we were promised?
  11. I feel like Venari will still be mostly useless (if not more problematic) simply because of the kavat AI's shortcomings. She attacks infrequently, often gets stuck on level geometry, and has no apparent self-preservation. She'll continue to take up one quarter of Khora's abilities, but she'll also have to be cared for when she's inevitably knocked out, and now can't even be summoned when that happens.
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