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  1. This was NOT a bug report... It was feedback on Titania's new setup. Now that it was moved when it should not have, the chance it is viewed as feedback is ZERO. Please move this post back where is was meant to be.
  2. Well once again Titania's flight controls were a copy and paste of Arch-wing controls. She is a mess to fly around. With the new change allowing us to jump in operator form while she is in razorwing was great(key word, was.) 1) If you are "sprinting" and jump in your operator, Titania keeps flying. She keeps going until you jump back in or she hits a de-spawn wall. 2} There is no way to slow down to a stop while in toggled sprint, it is all or nothing. This makes it hard to fly around in indoor maps. This is made much worse if any sprint mods are installed. You have to either toggle sprint over and over to get around , like doors, or stay in "walking" mode. Staying in slow speed mode is terrible because if you are in a mission with others, you can not keep up and get left behind, making it a Not An Option. 3) This is a repeat of the last time there was an Arch-wing set of changes. Titania's flight controls were a copy of the arch-wings. The old control system of hers had to be brought back and fixed. It looks like it will need to be done again.
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