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  1. so what happened to not changing already owned rivens?? cuz im pretty sure my catch moon riven is weaker now
  2. prior to rework i used him for deep runs, now? i shelv him so i mean, its kinda older users are discarding him as newer pick him up. though what urks me is d.e monkey likes to harp on people with different thoughts, and also iti seems any bugs/issues/ get ignored unless its blatant. like wukong still has a issues where you can end up with both melee and/ pistol/secondary at same time so clone just does nothing in example this photo, cyanex/zaw combo. while my clone was off spinning in a corner
  3. o no i hit wrong key as typing what am i to do, my point still stands, nor am i only person to point this out. yet. you seem to enjoy aiming for my comments the most. Hell i made an entire rant with a pic added as proof that its possible to make it so your clone ends up with no weapons. which happened to me in a sortie but hey, this rework is very good an solid.
  4. abiltiy to not refute what i stated, as per my point most people are treating his 2 like ember which would "set n forget" while wukongs issue was nothing on his kit save his 3 was good or even decent. and with rework i have a clone cool idea, neat implications. horrid execution albeit till bugs are fixed.(clone getting stuck/unable to use weapons/ faulty ai, inabilty to use certain weapons/) that an once again my point stands wukogn was all about staying within the "flow" of combat, which his 2 now falls into so does his 1 and 4 works allot better then why not allow him to "fight" instead of just standign there breakign that flow?. you hard nerfed duration. or is the idea of being able to use our weapons "safely" even for a few seconds game breaking? or as several have pointed out remove cap/change to a damage absorbed like nezha halo/rhino skin woudl fit for his "defying the foes" right? defying there attacks on him as he does as he pleases
  5. afk means away from key board to prevent perma death and continue getting that energy ment you had to stay in combat and move with it, specially in groups that can map wipe with 1 key.
  6. A iv been in several mission where my clone is ignored, also it fails to use some very common weapons in this game at critical moments, amprex, other weapons with limited range. b. while heal is nice could be toned for longer base duration, and can tuen down the speed a little bit. zooming aroudn is fun till you fly past doors, mobs your after. c. "scaling" aoe vs there scalign armor is negliable. addign 100 dmg when they get 100 armor means eventually you dont "scale" due to how armor functions in this game. also aoe is 12m so face tank for it to work right. you admited the cap gimps is partially. needing an ability to patch an ability seems redundant. d long range melee weapon that clone can not use without beign base to base effectively.. refiring back to earlier point, cloen fails to "range" check it seems for attacks. so certain weapons it just treats very oddly. in example when i use torid, clone treats it like a shotgun and runs into melee.
  7. in order for defy to work with his builds, you had to be incombat nonstop. aka you could never "afk" with wukong. good try though
  8. honestly they wopnt change back defy, im more worried about how he is only frame to lose his passive, 3 deaths no more passive, its per mission not "respawn" would have made way more sense with it being timer based, 1 "life" per every 180 like renewel, or "trials" to get more charges start at 3 max u can hold is 5, trials could be x dmg/y kills/z damage taken or healed. and increase what is needed per life but stop "trials" at 5. so if at 3 you get 2 extra from doign things aka your "stories/journeys of combat"(journey to the west refernce0 yuou cap at 5 an cant gain any more, it encourages you to play smart gives you a cushion which in non infinate, eventualy the trial will beat you instead.
  9. so ai is busted on several weapons, anything with a "range" cap it seems to treat as a sniper rifle and will just shoot till things move into range in some cases.
  10. which makes this even worse for a passive. like kool so deep runs? hell no, if you get glitched an need to die to cast? which just happened to me. have fun finishing mission with no passive.
  11. and just did soem tests if u lose all 3 passive charges die, respawn self you do not get them back
  12. which is my main thing, as they add new thigns new frames to track would be nice to "move" where icons are to areas i can deal/use better, adding a "shine" would be nice for when in thick of combat. as for survival he can just finding higher stuff allot "rougher" more so when im tryign to track other things. as i stated goofign up vs lvl 75 due to trying to manage it all cost me a passive stack. something i get will be fixed as i get used to it, but could be fixed with being able to control how the info i need is "laid" out. its not that i dont like new wukong, just he is brutally different, and with lots of new nobs/bobs things to track, plus his clone ai still seems slightly buggy. it got stuck in elevator had to use 2 to pull it to me, and i would still like to be able to do more then move while useing 3, sure if i use a gun/weapon i lower my armor buff, but useing it to deal with a nullifiers from range as you tank drone dps, or to duel a high lvl nox or heavy gunner who can proc puncture and ruin armor anyways. just addign more "niche" uses due to low duration anyways. also side note i would like to color wukongs clone separate from myself would be fun to have black/white yin and yang styled. specially if you equip wisp animation would look nice.
  13. sure when i have 600+ plat to buy a r3 mabye, and once again sure i can re-summon him does not change fact that keeping him alive, pulling him to you with 2 is nice. as for earlier my primary/secondary are status inclined while i use c.o crit melees or c.o hybrid melees so yes my clone is buffed by i or he buffs me, which they fixed its nice and keeps my dps going. reason why i try to keep him around because soemtimes i cant just "resummon" him with thigns on top of me. while on poe, vallis i can just hit 2 fly up and do whatever in sky safely. not always an option to just hit 1.anyways im bailign out of this, i get what your saying but yall completely ignore what i have stated. 1 i get what arcane guardian does, 2 i get it would help, but so would arcane grace which would just be more heals. maybe going 1/1 of each, but so far i have failed to get either doing runs, 2 defaulting to xyz sure is possible and im sure it works, but will nto fix my sensory overload and things i feel i need to track do/track. and i offered ideas that got blatantly ignored like a glimer/shine/wukogns energy color on him to just have the info on frame specially for fast paced battles that can happen later on which would just be a qol change like equinox maim coloring mobs to see whats being effected/in range.
  14. no i got what you mean but you flat off ignored my clarification that i used it as an axample of a one shot occurrence where i got chain cc'd by a dam bombard but t.y for continue to insult me on the down low and ignore what i say lovely interaction from a d.e. that 1 you can run into problem with keeping track of timers and such. that 2 would be nice to have an on skin flicker or soemthign so if your surrounded you can keepo the faced paced combat flowing and not need to "glance" away. that 3 would be nice if there was a way to organize them per player so that we can move/place them in places for us to see/use them better and this is just off someoen else comment, ability to use weapons and such durign the brief invul. mabye use it to try to out"duel" a hard hitter that might still shred you when invul ends
  15. once again i used lvl 75 as a this happened once and can be a problem keeping track off buffs. even if you go duration will you always remember how long it lasts or watch timer in corner? while lookignb at timer did you see the mob get in melee/range of you that has puncture dmg/corrosive/slash/toxin. i have a build that does bolster my duration, and im useing mods to buffer my hp str, i was just listing that buff tracking can be hard. but instead i get insulted poked at and insulted further. sorry i guess that i have vision problems sorry that i as a player get annoyed needing to look all over the place to keep track of everything and like when i can quick glance over.
  16. and this is you for me needing to glance all over my screen for buffs, timers, tracking hp of clone, which is on diff part of screen then you own hp so eyes are wondering all over to keep track of this for me personaly an a few others is rough, probably more so when i have vision problems but no what im done getting insulted when i just listed issues i ran into and fyi armor buff beign a "timed thign" when rhino,nezha are things seems wonky. specially when it would have made sense to be similar to nezha an absorb dmg which has been stated by other players.
  17. also just an idea, allow us to color wukongs clone different for fashion framing
  18. once again to the not play well while, i never said i failed at higher content just things i run into, and 2 as stated the "twin" was designed to do what your not, so setting up a c.o synergy was well within a thing he can do that on release was not working. that they fixed because players pointed it out. as for your 3 sure you get lots of armopr but the lowered range destroys your "knock" down you do to mobs unless your on them. nor does ur "mods" fix the thing i was complaining about. that wukong is a micro manage simulator. with clone, clone hp,ur hp, energy, armor buff, enemy levels so you know when to dodge with 2/3 depending on whats around you to stay alive. theres allot of little things to track, more so then any other "frame" nor does it salve me and others pointing out that your "passive" is rng that you can lose you passive unlike any other frame.
  19. callign someone "bad" is tech insulting. encouraging "silent judging" also as such. and yes i have several war frames with out arcanes that can do arbitration with little issues with kits as is and just mods. and my wukong used to be able to as well. hildryn,limbo, old wukong, nekros(my crappy modded one) all can run an aribitration without arcane. do i have arcane now on my hildryin? sure ones i managed to get as i played through just low ranked arcane barriers for chance at more shields.
  20. no and everyone seems happy with it, but once u try arbitrations or anythign with loads of dps your armor buff is kidna meh to behing with. needing to spam 2 every 4 secodns in higher content is not fun nor is micromanaging clone,hp, clone hp, buff timer, energy to refresh the listed prior.
  21. and to answer this no, the arcanes i get when i run eidolins are the ones people dont use that i get stuck with cuz rng hates me. also im useing primed vigor, vitality and blind rage. and was just listing of issues i ran into.
  22. also i was useing an example that simple misplays can screw you over, in example the lvl 75% enemies loseign track of your clone/armor buff can easily get you killed. which was point im making. and i even made a point that they should add something to the skin to help you see when it ends. or close to nezha has the ring that vanishes, even though they have the "gauge" for it as well. just a clarification issue, but thanks for making me and my input feel very unwelcome
  23. cool continue to insult me go for it, while yes arcanes exist to fix them not every one has them nor can get them easily. unless your telling me to go "buy" them from players sure mabye that will work once i get some plat mabye. my point was your telling me to use things that i dont have to fix something that should not have been an issue?that defy falls off at higher content? that my clone prior to last hot fix royally sucked when my c.o iron staff cant work cuz he wont use my status filled pistol? that in hrigher content that he is super micro mange, because of how many things you need to track in order to a stay alive, that if you do goof/die that you eventually end up with out a passive? i thought forums where a place to interact and talk about issues your running into so they get looked at fixed like the cloen not useing proper weapons? but instyead i have a member of the community and d.e insulting me instead
  24. wanna call me bad again? when other players are haveing the same issues? that higher level content he stutters and flops?
  25. sure ill go get arcanes to fix a problem there cheap to get right? thats not a fix thats a bandaid. as for strength yes im runnign strength i have blind rage atm equipped thinking it might change how much armor he got which it does not. needing to abuse arcanes to increase survival? also nor does it fix the other qualms i have, that A. defy eventually becoems useless for the content i used him for prior to rework with how damage scales. B. that my clone does not draw agro/ gets stuck on random things.
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