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  1. not only you. i cant launch the game for 3 hours
  2. Spirit

    I can't log in to the game

    Same for me
  3. @Countermander its possible to get back 160k credits in like 20-30 mins (at most) even with like mr2-3 account which ive done many times - without any boosters and stuff... I understand you are upset that someone screwed your match... but in the whole time you wasted to create this post you couldve easily get more credits than you lost... Doing 1-2 quick dark sectors and then doing 1 round of index (with proper team and not randoms - to ensure your win) woulve got the whole ammount to you in very short time. 160k credits is basically nothing. And again i am not saying that because i have millions. but because i have farmed a lot of credits even with new low mr accounts
  4. The only thing that matters in this alliance is quality of its people and clans. Non-toxic, drama free, respectful and fun Come and join us! You won't regret...
  5. Spirit

    Clan affinity is still bugged

    Clan affinity is still bugged as of 29/8/2018. It doesnt affect my own clan very much since it is already Rank 10 and has no ascension ceremony issue but many R9 clans have trouble with this. Please Fix (see the bugged xp ammount and also even if i research new pigments and stuff, the scale wont fill)
  6. Spirit

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0

    Thanks for the Update ❤️
  7. are you telling me i need to burn my eyes with 100 moving players and 5 item names hovering on top of each? no thanks. its easier to filter chat and buy/sell what i want.
  8. Spirit


    If you know this was spoken a lot of time then you should know microsoft doesnt allow it. Its not depending on DE at all. If microsoft allows it, THEN we can start talking about it
  9. Spirit

    Broken war?

    somehow i feel that this SEVERAL might not be enough since it has under 3% drop rate. i myself have only ever get 1 in like 16-17 months of playing and maybe over 200 kills of stalker
  10. it somehow makes sense as Assassins weapons are not tradable. If you go with that logic instead of parted weapons... But yea even though i have all of them i wouldnt mind them being tradable - some extra plat for me 😄
  11. After crafting umbra and following him on ceres planet, when i came back to my ship i had umbra equipped. which i didnt own at the moment (he was on the run). it dissapeared after i equipped any other warframe
  12. You want us to watch others on twitch how they play it? 😄 thanks i'll do it myself
  13. mate, we are still halfway through 2018...
  14. Spirit

    Kamentari's Fanart (New added Sept 16th)

    This looks great! @Kamentari keep up the great work