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  1. Titania is not really dead after her reworks... not a top choice for sure but she's become better. As for the suggestion... I dont feel its a good idea at all. it'll cause you to pick a few abilities and make it meta... throwing all other frames to "dead realm" because nothing beats that combined meta... Also that sort of breaks the concept of a warframe itself... So I both think its not gonna be something DE looks forward too, and i dont really enjoy the idea myself either...
  2. that should be around 20k hours not 200k (and evenj then i would bet my account thats like 10x more than the real number... as for the suggestion itself... What you ask is to delete like 60%+ content of the game and remake BETTER/BIGGER poe/ov like 10 more times... I am not talking about how DE wont want that... but it is basically not a real task to do all of a sudden. even if they wanted it for sure... It took months to create an open world and even then its not perfect...
  3. I really like the showcase room idea for warframes and weapons, although i'd prefer if it was 1 room for both... Peculiar mod slot would be nice so you could have it equipped (at some cost, similar to exilus) and not waste regular mod slots. I am not sure if weapon attachments would be nice idea though... First of all i dont think you can visualize lot of attachments for lot of weapons (like how you intend to make "hush" look on LENZ??) also that way you get lot of open slots for dmg mods which further makes lot of weapons even more OP which i dont think DE is intending to do. DE already promised conservation in plains i believe. Mini field bosses already exist though (stalker, zanuka, G3) Osprey pets are basically new type of sentinel you are asking. and yea would be cool to have one. I'd LOVE to get operator only missions^_^ that'd be a cool idea.
  4. I think thats not a feature to prevent people from tricking other (newer) players donating resources to your clan... If you want to help them there is a way though - If you do share an alliance you can send them the resources via clan vault
  5. I am not sure if this post is just a big joke or serious suggestion 🙄
  6. makes no sense. it should remain in clan chat for the same reason as PM (reporting if needed). If it really is THAT big of a deal you can just relog to your account
  7. Well that mod is indeed rare one cause its one of the best for archguns and all new ones are placed in profit taker drops
  8. Clan leechers i mean. the ones that join the clan, copy the blueprints and leave...
  9. Thanks for the update ^_^ Leechers gonna have a TOUGH life now 😅
  10. I think this is better to be posted in Bug section
  11. @Hategrinder 3 New Spots 👌 Also created new map with ingame screenshoted Big map (so colors are more easy on eye imo) (and fixed few of markers being juust a bit off spot) and marked ALL 51 Spots found so far on it. You can use it in your post and continue to add on it 👌 I dont mind 🤗
  12. @Hategrinder location that @MirageKnight is talking about would be at the Lime dot spot.
  13. @Hategrinder new location near the harindi crater Its inside nearby cave
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