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  1. as stated by devs many times, all warframes are freegame technically, by lore standards, we shouldnt have Valkyr or Nova prime. Valkyr was the result of a warframe subjected to corpus experimentation, and Nova was created by the Tenno Council AFTER the Old War.
  2. [SPOILERS] Man in the Wall Theories

    I'm balanced, and Drank the Kuva... still no recurring encounters with Void Dad. I DEFINITELY believe he will have a close tie to the Umbra Frames
  3. DE must really dislike their parkour mechanics

    To be perfectly honest, I only use 1 parkour movements: Bullet jump Double jump. Maybe occasionally slide attacks.

    You have no idea how many times in Sorties (especially during an assassination with AoE spam bosses) where it's all 4 tenno. Dying, staring at each other hoping that one of us bleeds out fast enough to hopefully save another or the objective. 30 seconds of 4 players laying down is just too stupid to have in the game.
  5. Body Pillow Ideas

    There seems to be a glaring error in the current hotfix... I dont see this Clantech anywhere in my Dojo
  6. Relay mini map appearing in the middle of the screen.

    Bumping because I am also suffering the same glitch. almost dead center on top of the aiming redicule
  7. As another founder. I hate the exclusivesivity of excalibro. They should have never made it a once in a lifetime thing. It should have just been fiendishly difficult to obtain in game with an epic quest.
  8. Chains of Harrow end...

    "Hey Kiddo, What took you so long?"
  9. Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    still no fix for:
  10. Eris - Akkad (AI/Pathing) Mobs not Leaving Spawnpoints

    Further testing shows that the Objective doesnt exist according to AI. Ive led them into the Pod room and they will ignore both it and me if I bulletjump out of range.
  11. Eris - Akkad (AI/Pathing) Mobs not Leaving Spawnpoints

    nekroing this thread because this issue still occurs with Chroma. it is nearly 100% recreatable so long as you are utilizing a Effigy Chroma build. I believe the Scream occasionally disrupts enemy AI Pathing and breaks it if it occurs too often. (Cast Effigy ON TOP of the objective) It is never immediate, Ill get to wave 7 or 14 and then the AI Freeze will occur and remain. The cause IS EFFIGY, no idea how it can be solved. Im really ficken angry, as now my most fun credit farming is useless for me.
  12. Drop Rates, Datamines, and Digital Extremes (DDD).

    Is you intend on providing drop information on a level of detail similar to dataminers... Who will keep you Honest now? Through void glitch, we discovered a multitude of descrepancies that we didn't even know existed until a light was cast on them. Who now watches the Watchmen?
  13. Coming June 16: Devstream #94!

    Are there plans to launch another "Mega-Update", that includes multiple facets of Content at ALL levels of gameplay? A bit off topic, and definitely a LOT more self serving: What do you think of player created Update Plans for ideas to add to WarFrame? Things, such as Project Sanctuary, could provide a plan to place forward content at all levels of gameplay that everyone can enjoy, regardless of the Time Invested into Warframe.
  14. Project Sanctuary

    Finished a Mockup of the Grineer Trial, Tyl's Sexy Baritone should get more screen-time IMO. Working on making an Archwing Raid that isnt infuriating to play, thinking of just keeping it as simple as possible with as few weird mechanics as can be. Im also considering the inclusion of Warframes within the Mastery System, and possibly have Each Warframe's Final passive in the Tree, the ability to equip Augments in the Exilus Slot regardless of what Augment it is.
  15. Ancient/Scorpion hook shots have no counterplay

    Handspring instantly stops the drag. Knockdown resist and recovery mods also work