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  1. Further testing shows that the Objective doesnt exist according to AI. Ive led them into the Pod room and they will ignore both it and me if I bulletjump out of range.
  2. nekroing this thread because this issue still occurs with Chroma. it is nearly 100% recreatable so long as you are utilizing a Effigy Chroma build. I believe the Scream occasionally disrupts enemy AI Pathing and breaks it if it occurs too often. (Cast Effigy ON TOP of the objective) It is never immediate, Ill get to wave 7 or 14 and then the AI Freeze will occur and remain. The cause IS EFFIGY, no idea how it can be solved. Im really ficken angry, as now my most fun credit farming is useless for me.
  3. Is you intend on providing drop information on a level of detail similar to dataminers... Who will keep you Honest now? Through void glitch, we discovered a multitude of descrepancies that we didn't even know existed until a light was cast on them. Who now watches the Watchmen?
  4. Are there plans to launch another "Mega-Update", that includes multiple facets of Content at ALL levels of gameplay? A bit off topic, and definitely a LOT more self serving: What do you think of player created Update Plans for ideas to add to WarFrame? Things, such as Project Sanctuary, could provide a plan to place forward content at all levels of gameplay that everyone can enjoy, regardless of the Time Invested into Warframe.
  5. Finished a Mockup of the Grineer Trial, Tyl's Sexy Baritone should get more screen-time IMO. Working on making an Archwing Raid that isnt infuriating to play, thinking of just keeping it as simple as possible with as few weird mechanics as can be. Im also considering the inclusion of Warframes within the Mastery System, and possibly have Each Warframe's Final passive in the Tree, the ability to equip Augments in the Exilus Slot regardless of what Augment it is.
  6. Handspring instantly stops the drag. Knockdown resist and recovery mods also work
  7. I figure the first step in eliminating "mandatory" mods would help the mod system as a whole, even if the rest of the Mod System never was overhauled. I feel that this baby step could be a very realistic move for DE I respect your difference of opinion on the matter. Was there any other aspect of Sanctuary that you had thoughts on?
  8. I wish to plug the following for a Fan Concept! Though it's so.huge I think it could only be NEXT week's fan concept for Prime Time!
  9. Yes and yes. Much like Focus, you can set any number of weapon types as Active. The trees you changed from are still there, but you aren't actively gaining any passives from it if it's not in your active Mastery Slot. The points themselves can be reset for free whenever to be distributed among Any active Mastery Trees. Making a Tree Dormant immediately frees up the spent points for use in other trees. Going to copy and paste this into the OP. Really? Always felt like the base Soma did with no fire-rate mods. The ammo pool certainly puts it in the same league as the gorgon and supra, IMO.
  10. How so? If you don't mind my asking. All Weapons that share the same type as that tree. For example, Picking the Bow Tree doesn't Just give you bonuses with the Paris. But the Cernos, Dread, Attica, Zhuge, and any prime, vandal, wraith, or Syndicate variations.
  11. I will speak to your notes in the order you have added them: "Buy a fully leveled damage Mod off trade chat." Was the missing sentence. The pay-to-win feature is already integrated. If you buy a weapon from the market. It will have a catalyst installed. Catalyst = maximum damage. No, players still have to rank market weapons up from rank 0. Though the Mastery Rank Mod capacity boost will still be in effect. You wouldn't have to buy catalysts for all of your weapons. You could instead buy Forma. Or you can farm catalysts when the alerts arrive. Or farm the abundance of Forma in the game. I admit, 2 forma seems harsh for the completionist, but it's something that most players will naturally do anyway when they find a weapon they have fallen in love with. I can't speak to weapon balancing meta as a whole, 3 years and I STILL don't understand the method that DE Scott uses. No, everyone would use the new system. But any weapons inside your inventory would gain 165% Damage as if they had a catalyst or 2 forma.... even if they don't have it. This is so players will have their current arsenal at peak damage performance levels so they have reliable weapons to utilize as they begin to use the new system. And yes, endo isn't used by everone. There are likely several players that see no need to utilize the Riven system, or have the luck of the black Irish when it comes to Ayatan Statues. Endo doesn't please everyone, so I was hesitant to flat out state that, that is what everyone with a Maxed damage Mod would get. I was maybe thinking 2-3 regular catalysts for normal damage mods. And 2-3 supercharged catalysts for primed damage mods edit : @Fallen_Echo thank you, I'll update the OP and the document to make things more clear.
  12. nope. that is 100% intentional and will generate all the salt... which is also 100% intended. currently, to get 100% damage out of of a Braton, you need to do the following: first level the weapon from 0 to 30. Then FIND a undamaged Serration THEN farm for endo and credits to max it out Then Forma the weapon to equip the fully maxed out mod. 4, VERY TIME CONSUMING steps required to take a braton from its base to max. Now, if you have the platinum you can INSTEAD to this: Buy a catalyst, and install it into the Braton. Buy a fully leveled So only 2 steps, and minimal time invested if players opt to utilize the "Pay-to-Win" feature. So you have a choice of a grind, or a Pay to win shortcut. If i take your suggestion instead of the model I proposed, It would eliminate the grind entirely... which seems amazing from a Player's standpoint! We get to have our +165% weapons from the start with no extra headache or grind! But from the developer and game design perspective... this is detrimental. As now players have no reason to Forma weapons to get the most out of them. Players can continue the cycle of rank up, and sell weapons for mastery without ever actually investing any time into a weapon that the Development team invested time to create. For every gun that we bash, and every time we yell out "powercreep" and "useless fodder", there is a paid employee that feels as if their time invested into creating the weapon was wasted. We cant eliminate too much of the grind, if we do... there isnt a game to play anymore as we will have removed all sense of progression. It is why I feel that using Forma as a substitute for Endo in this case can be effective in placing an easily skippable timesink (as forma is easily farmable, and potatoes come one every 2 weeks) in the place of the original primary damage mod. I still feel strongly that the salt is worth all players being able to gain 2 extra mod slots for the price of one: One from the primary damage mods leaving, and the Second from Exilus Slots on weapons. EDIT: @Fallen_Echo after re-reading your post I realized something that I didnt clarify; this would only affect new weapons created after the Theoretical Launch of the update. So all player's current inventories would not suddenly require 2 more forma to unlock the 100% full damage potential. It is the $&*^est of $&*^ Moves and shouldnt happen
  13. If you don't mind my asking, what do you feel is too realistic? And what is also not reasonable enough to include into Warframe.?
  14. I think, mechanically, that Multishot should not use additional ammo, as weapon diversity is far too great inside warframe. For example, it would make sense for a shotgun to not use additional ammo, as one can simply use ammunition with a higher pellet count. But having bows/snipers/launchers use more ammo DOES make sense with their limited ammo pool... but would be frustrating to use and mod for, for those very reasons. I think, instead, that if the Lore Suggestions I put forth are utilized, that Multishot would consume a small amount of Warframe Energy instead on reload, that is based on the firerate and ammo type of the weapon. My reasoning for this, is that I feel since all ammo is "created" by a dedicated Module on a frame, that "overcharging ammo packs" could provide a reasonable enough explication why Multishot doesn't consume additional ammo, but does require a small Energy Upkeep. It would also justify the existence of a corrupted mod that provides reduced Multishot, at the cost of Health and Shields instead... the Warframe would be diverting it's life support functions to increase the deadlyness of a weapon.
  15. Thank you for attempting to chew threw it all. I... may have gotten carried away when I was thinking on how to seriously improve warframe.