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  1. Animal Instinct HEAVILY reduced in plains

    It should be 30 meters for loot, and 18 meters for enemies. Which should both be functioning if im within shotgun range of whatever im trying to fight.
  2. Cannot finish a bounty - instant crash

    same here. every time. no reward, not even a single resource that i mined
  3. Currently, most spectres and summoned units will be at or around level 10, regardless of the area you are at, or the bounty you are currently on. This still remains even if you actively throw out another spectre ball mid-combat with level 40 enemies. Im sad clem wont be able to enjoy the nightlife with me
  4. Per title. Animal instinct seems to only work within a 5m radius of your warframe while out and exploring. It still picks up both enemies and resources correctly... but at severely punishing range. I've failed a few escort incursions, hoping my helios would help me keep track of enemies. It didnt work out that way. I havent tested this on other radar mods quite yet, but i suspect the same issue will be present
  5. Operators... Focus 2.0... screw you, both

    I think, a month after Plains drops. You should at least try everything it has to offer. But if you really hate the Tenno that much, it's cool too. I think you maybe disappointed in Warframe's creative direction more than its mechanical direction. I personally feel the focus reworks, and the new systems that are coming with plains will give me more reasons to enjoy playing, past filling out my codex. Warframe has always had controversial and community splitting additions and changes through the years. We seem to be getting a new one. If you really think you'll hate it. Just stay away from Earth for the next month until curiosity wins out in your mind. It may still do nothing for you at that point, but I hope at least you'll give it the chance to prove itself as a system and mechanic.
  6. Weapons you seem to use but no one else does

    Strun wraith. It is my anti-armor shotgun. Managed to get a reloadspeed riven for it, combined with Harrow's 2, I slam shells into it faster than I can fire em. Burston Prime. It's pretty, it may not hit that hard, but as an Arbiter... I love it. Managed to get a riven for it so I can keep running Sorties with it. Amprex/Atomos. They are my room clearing machines. I prefer one or the other (never both) to explosive weapons, as I enjoy their crit capabilities and AOE. Couples well with my cats. Shockingly, I never use either with Volt. Mara Detron. I honestly think I'm the ONLY one who likes it. Combined wit a solid riven and punch through, it is my anti-corpus gun. Destreza. My prayers were answered with a Rapier, and I'm never setting it down until I get Destreza Prime. Endura was nice, but I got Destreza as my first and only melee riven. Glaive Prime. I enjoy taking it out from time to time, especially with one-handed secondaries. Protoglaive skin fashionframes very well, in my opinion. I'm also a fan of the Sheeve, for my covert lethality weapon. It makes a hilarious looking shanking implement. Though I may replace it with a Hok weapon if dagger grips are available.
  7. as stated by devs many times, all warframes are freegame technically, by lore standards, we shouldnt have Valkyr or Nova prime. Valkyr was the result of a warframe subjected to corpus experimentation, and Nova was created by the Tenno Council AFTER the Old War.
  8. [SPOILERS] Man in the Wall Theories

    I'm balanced, and Drank the Kuva... still no recurring encounters with Void Dad. I DEFINITELY believe he will have a close tie to the Umbra Frames
  9. DE must really dislike their parkour mechanics

    To be perfectly honest, I only use 1 parkour movements: Bullet jump Double jump. Maybe occasionally slide attacks.
  10. DENIED

    You have no idea how many times in Sorties (especially during an assassination with AoE spam bosses) where it's all 4 tenno. Dying, staring at each other hoping that one of us bleeds out fast enough to hopefully save another or the objective. 30 seconds of 4 players laying down is just too stupid to have in the game.
  11. Body Pillow Ideas

    There seems to be a glaring error in the current hotfix... I dont see this Clantech anywhere in my Dojo
  12. Relay mini map appearing in the middle of the screen.

    Bumping because I am also suffering the same glitch. almost dead center on top of the aiming redicule
  13. As another founder. I hate the exclusivesivity of excalibro. They should have never made it a once in a lifetime thing. It should have just been fiendishly difficult to obtain in game with an epic quest.
  14. Chains of Harrow end...

    "Hey Kiddo, What took you so long?"
  15. Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    still no fix for: