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  1. For Scott/Steve: Focus system 2.0, Is it on the table? On the back burner? Forgotten in a messy part of Scott's or Steve's desk? Geoff, a long time ago, you talked about possibly expanding Rare Stances with an addition combo branch or two. Is this still on the table? Last question for Steve: Teir 3 Relay?
  2. Hi, im in a Ghost Clan, Bound By Darkness, we did not receive the blueprint in the Biolab or the Trophy Decoration
  3. So now that the numbers have settled, as long as my clan is ABOVE the 10% numbers for our bracket, we get the blueprint... correct? I'm in a Ghost Clan called Bound By Darkness, we have about 4k total, and the current 10% number is just over 1k. So we're safe? We can go to sleep?
  4. 1. Don't touch my Melee 2. Stances. I care little about diversity in weapons now, because I generally only get to use 1 of 2 different combo branches. I really wish all Rare Stances had a Forward+E or E+RMB, as that's generally all I use. It's rare I ever use any other branches, and I intentionally avoid grip types that dont have those two types of branches (or whose branches aren't very viable) 3. The participation reward should be easy enough to earn with an hour or two of play over 2 days from 25% of the ACTIVE MEMBERS (as in logged on within two weeks) 4. The competitive reward should be difficult to obtain and require planning and tactics and 3 hours of gameplay over 2 days from 75% of the ACTIVE MEMBERS of a clan. 5. Maybe a few times. Im more interested in making music with bard frame
  5. Issue resolved, Thank you Drew!
  6. Thank you Drew!
  7. Welp, a phantom mod merged similar threads. I hope a webmaster has already been informed
  8. Per the title. There is a website feedback forum, but no website bug report forum The overlapping menu is now broken on mobile. Instead of the frames behaving as normal, they stretch the website layout on mobile. I'll edit in my chrome version number and android version after I retrieve them. Mobile Chrome: 55.0.2883 Android version: 6.0.1
  9. Any news on focus 2.0?
  10. And that is the downside. But the painful part is that DE is taking a firm stand on noy budging, so we have to work through it however. I'm still planning the logistics of this solution, as I'm not sure if I have a friend who is reliable enough to co-warlord for this. Though I may cave and just farm... I just hope it doesn't continue to set the example of "this is okay, you should do this with more weapons"
  11. The following link is to the Warframe subreddit where a player details the process of starting a brand new "satelliteclan" for the express purposes of having research completly finished. In essense, a player in an alliance maintains a small clan for the EXTREMELY low cost of research. The members swap between the "main" clan and the "satellite" clan as needed for the blueprints. The logic behind this is that most veteran players (people who have been actively playing Warframe for over 2-3 years) have MORE than enough stockpiled resources to instantly create a tiny dojo for the purposes of research. Most dont, because (like me) they have inactive members that plat once a month or so that they don't want to kick, or don't wish to downsize a larger clan for whatever reason. I will let the original creator elaborate further here:
  12. I have been playing for an Age and I'm on the precipice of MR 23, with all quests completed. What content so I have to look forward to next?
  13. Kuva Gaurdians have an interesting mechanic that involves using my operator to make them vulnerable so I can one shot him. It's not like captain vor, lech kril, infested alad, and manics, which have significant "health gates" that force you to slog through invulnerability before you can kill them. Kuva Gaurdians and nullifiers can both be killed immediately, provided you follow with the correct technique. KG permanentlylose invulnerability once they are blasted then dashed by an operator. Nullifiers stop protecting things if you keep shot ting the bubble.... or you shoot/stab them in the face from inside the bubble. Both of them encourage gameplay. Not timegating or healthgating to slow down an otherwise high-paced game. Weakpoints would mean that I have to stop focusing on the objective to carefully aim at each one and destroy it. As Rebecca demonstrated, shotgun spread isn't enough to take care of them, and to top it off, they can spawn on the BACK of an enemy, which FORCES me to run solo/public missions with VERY specific frames if I'm going to counter it on my own (As hopefully bastille should still prove effective). Nullifiers and Gaurdians are at least interesting, but this infested weakpoint idea just seems like a ham-fisted attempt at trying to give the infested race something to let them content with Broken High Mastery players
  14. Submit a Support ticket using the link aaaaaalllllllll the way on the bottom of your screen. It's present on this page
  15. More archwings. Smother gameplay, more varied enemy movement types (currently they fly towards you, slow to a crawl, then slowly orbit you) A "target leading" redicule that compensates for speed and parallax while moving Wider corridors on Corpus missions for more insane trench run speeds A Beamspam archwing. More influence from Zone of the Enders More transition levels. The ability to go to archwing, into normal, them back out in the normal flow of the mission. Archwing Survival And UberSized Formorian (Omega Queen class or something) as a grineer archwing raid. That is launched in the defense of out one Teir Three Relay that we haven't gotten to build yet. 100% Increase in all projectile speed. 0 max weapon ranges, I know Its a game but Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a b*itch in space, I'd like to reflect that in archwing. Space Parkour. Let us to hard 180 turns, launch off of surfaces, do barrel rolls and what not. And above all Finish the game mode, give it more love, make it more immersive. Expand the minimalist UI to better drive the sense that I am a flying force of reckoning.