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  1. Chains of Harrow end...

    "Hey Kiddo, What took you so long?"
  2. Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    still no fix for:
  3. Drop Rates, Datamines, and Digital Extremes (DDD).

    Is you intend on providing drop information on a level of detail similar to dataminers... Who will keep you Honest now? Through void glitch, we discovered a multitude of descrepancies that we didn't even know existed until a light was cast on them. Who now watches the Watchmen?
  4. Coming June 16: Devstream #94!

    Are there plans to launch another "Mega-Update", that includes multiple facets of Content at ALL levels of gameplay? A bit off topic, and definitely a LOT more self serving: What do you think of player created Update Plans for ideas to add to WarFrame? Things, such as Project Sanctuary, could provide a plan to place forward content at all levels of gameplay that everyone can enjoy, regardless of the Time Invested into Warframe.
  5. Warframe Prime Time #167: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    I wish to plug the following for a Fan Concept! Though it's so.huge I think it could only be NEXT week's fan concept for Prime Time!
  6. Coming THURSDAY: Devstream #90!

    For Scott/Steve: Focus system 2.0, Is it on the table? On the back burner? Forgotten in a messy part of Scott's or Steve's desk? Geoff, a long time ago, you talked about possibly expanding Rare Stances with an addition combo branch or two. Is this still on the table? Last question for Steve: Teir 3 Relay?
  7. Update 19.13.0

    Hi, im in a Ghost Clan, Bound By Darkness, we did not receive the blueprint in the Biolab or the Trophy Decoration
  8. 1. Don't touch my Melee 2. Stances. I care little about diversity in weapons now, because I generally only get to use 1 of 2 different combo branches. I really wish all Rare Stances had a Forward+E or E+RMB, as that's generally all I use. It's rare I ever use any other branches, and I intentionally avoid grip types that dont have those two types of branches (or whose branches aren't very viable) 3. The participation reward should be easy enough to earn with an hour or two of play over 2 days from 25% of the ACTIVE MEMBERS (as in logged on within two weeks) 4. The competitive reward should be difficult to obtain and require planning and tactics and 3 hours of gameplay over 2 days from 75% of the ACTIVE MEMBERS of a clan. 5. Maybe a few times. Im more interested in making music with bard frame
  9. Coming Soon: Devstream #89!

    Any news on focus 2.0?
  10. Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

    I have been playing for an Age and I'm on the precipice of MR 23, with all quests completed. What content so I have to look forward to next?
  11. PC: Feb 7: Early Hotfix Warning!

    And it isn't a bunch of Orokin weapons tech based on an Infinity Stone
  12. Coming Soon: Devstream #86!

    Two question for Scott and Steve: How do you feel about the current AOE weapon meta? It feels like I'm almost shooting myself in the foot if my load out doesn't feature at least one explosive, gascloud, or punch through weapon. on the subject of weapon topics on he forums, what sorts of threads actually get your attention to think about, or rethink about changes to various Meta and Non-Meta weapons?
  13. The War Within: Update 19.4 + 19.4.1

    No Secondary Rivens?
  14. Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    1. Riven Capacity 2. Potatoes 3. Forma
  15. Coming Soon: Final 2016 Devstream!

    Focus 2.0, Archwing 2.0 when? Any chance on Mastery 2.0? Being able to "train" my tenno's affinity for say Sniper-Rifles would be nice. a gradual 1-5% boost as a reward for using specific weapon categories would be cool IMO.