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  1. Warframe physics tend to be exagerated, so the objects bounce a lot. I wish we have a physic toggle to turn on/off the physics of the objects in the appearance menu.
  2. Si compraste una ranura deberías tenerla en tu inventario, osea que ahora puedes tener un warframe mas que antes. No es un objeto que se utiliza, solo abre una ranura en tu inventario. Ahora si la compraste y no te la dieron podrías reiniciar el juego y rezar por que aparezca, sino la única opción que queda es que envíes un ticket a soporte explicando tu problema.
  3. As someone who's main language is spanish, this was really dificult to read and even more dificult to understand. Leaving that apart, railjack crew singing something that resembles the song from fortuna would be awesome
  4. I'm being tempted to comment something.
  5. I just want to see the weapons stats instantly like in the old UI.
  6. ahm... para resumir (en ingles). A phone game like bleach brave souls but warframe based: - You could complete missions to get credits and void traces. - With credits you could upgrade your wraframe or buy some equipment. - With void traces you could open relics obtained in the game (bought with credits or platinum). - Relics grant equipment (warframe parts, weapons, etc.) - There also might be something like Lootboxes to get equipment and items.
  7. Is Limbo deluxe comming with the mainine??
  8. So much to read, i should begin now
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