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  1. We need some changes for the weapon information display on the market, usually when you click on a weapon is like asking "What does this weapon does?" (this one is pretty much answered) or "Which are the stats for this weapon?" but actually when you click them it kinda fells like the game tell you "You wanna see the 3d model of this weapon before seeing the stats you're looking for?". The stats are pretty much hide from sight and being hide on the purchase button can bring some heavy misunderstanding, speacially for new players (I've meet with some new players who thought that market weapons are platinum exclusive).
  2. Tu mismo lo has dicho, DE ya no brinda soporte para Directx 9, y para jugar necesitas tener un Directx activo. Lo único que podría recomendarte es que pruebes con el Directx 11 o que optimices el caché de descarga desde el launcher (si es que no lo has hecho).
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