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    nyx/rhino prime low relic drop rate

    I've managed to get one Meso N6 Relic after at least 8 hours of farming Ani and Ukko, radshared and we all got common drops. I appreciate it's RNG but even by Warframe standards that's a bit much. 8 hours to get something, void traces to boost the chance, recruiting to get the radshare then get zip. I'll keep trying obviously, Warframe is my Dominatrix and she makes me work for my treats.
  2. Skerlock

    Umbra falls through the Plains of Eidolon

    ^ This. Void dashing for zenurik energy regen in there is a complete mess. You go from the top level to the bottom level, from one side of the defense target to the other or you fall through the map completely. I'm sure it happens elsewhere but Hydron/Helene are really bad.
  3. Skerlock

    Let's talk about Endo and Umbral mods

    I agree that 40k(ish) endo to max one mod is too much given that they just gave us 5, but the rank 14 is under 9k so I'll just let them sit there until I have a surplus. Those ayatans I keep getting from sorties might come in useful now (if I can find more amber stars). I think the frame will be fine on lower mod ranks then when maxed he'll be great. DE might say they don't want people to have to grind for hours but without the grind most of us wouldn't bother logging in anymore. It's just the nature of the game.
  4. Travesty that the 27 Million Registered Losers song didn't win.
  5. Skerlock

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.6

    Two more host migration fails where I lost relics and a lot of focus so I switched to solo on the normal onslaught, got to zone 6 which was on a tileset like Heiracon and there were maybe 6 or 7 enemies spawning in the whole zone.. not even moving, efficiency dropped too far to recover. So I couldn't even get to rotation C for my 5% chance of getting the drop I want. Lovely Stuff.
  6. Skerlock

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Bug Report Megathread

    Verify Cache errors. Host migration bugs out the timer and the enemies go out to lunch. Dead after going through the portal. Freezes for 10-20 seconds. Crashes to desktop. I've completed two runs out of around 15 attempts. Shambles.
  7. It's happened to me the last 3 days (PC). I pick the Ayatan up and check mission progress and it's not showing then when I return to Maroo she gives the answer that she doesn't have a quest ready for me.