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  1. It seems like everything nowadays goes to the next open world, cinematic quest, or grand overhaul of a system and DE doesn't have the resources for the same small releases which we used to get. Which is kind of sad to be honest. It would be really cool to see more new weapons often or a new skin pack like the ormolu, or tekelu collection (which we great skins by the way). I imagine the thinking behind this is that tennogen will just deal with skins now but that's kind of disappointing. As for the weapons you'd think there would be a ton more ideas since they already imagined creating a lot more frames. I could just be in a minority here. I don't know. Thoughts?
  2. Looking for a Groll Nagantaka riven. Must have at least CC and Multi. I have a twin gremlin, twin rogga, harpak and low rolled Amprex tiberon and lanka riven to trade + plat if it's good. Willing to trade every single 1 plus plat. My PSN name is the same. You can message here, in game or by messages with a screenshot if you have one. Thanks for looking!
  3. Any challenging content. That's it. Stuff that starts off at very high level or some stuff that rewards skill and is not RNG for once. My friends and I usually just make up load outs and go to Mot for a few hours in order to have a pretend end game. Even then, you aren't rewarded with anything other than bragging rights when you stay in a survival or defence for that long.
  4. This may be something I am misremembering but didn't DE talk about the ability to have these always on at the cost of not having a secondary or something along those lines? Or was that scrapped? This is going back before they were introduced so I'm not sure. Overall most of the Archguns don't feel all that powerful anyway compared to any half decent primary with some forma and kinda lack the BIG GUN damage so I don't really think this would be too unfair/op to ask for in the future. It'd just be really fun to run around with an imperator or something to pretend you're using your heavy class/load out on a tanky frame for example. Anything constructive is appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  5. Any thoughts on still considering anything from the BOTL series? Not sure if some of the more recent ones aren't being accepted due to aesthetic reasons or technical issues, but that Nidus skin is absolutely insane for how much work went into changing the infested appearance. :D On a side note has there been anything in console news for tennogen round 14 stuff still to come or are we still in the dark as to whether we'll see potentially any of these in the future? Thanks
  6. I don't think it has to be an exalted ability, but status and some scaling would help it a long way. It starts to fall off quite a bit after one hour of Kuva survival or Mot. This is of course without a full team and corrosive projection I might add.
  7. I'm guessing if this were to change there would probably be a lot of salt too due to people's jaw sword rivens and such becoming obsolete.
  8. Personally I feel as though his first ability should work with more than just high impact/base damage weapons. He's likely going to be the next prime so I think he should be looked at before it's released. Even if the damage has to be reduced a little so it's not OP I think it should be either separately moddable, or tweak it so it can take in other IPS as well as SC from your equipped melee. Currently it's also a bit limited in crit potential as well, though karats can give it a boost. To maximize it at the moment you could get a furax riven for example, with impact, maybe melee dmg, and toxin for a corrosive build and it would out perform an awful lot over other melee weapons you might actually want to bring. These are just my thoughts on it. It seems restricting and you can't really reach full potential with the rock man with the current calculation. Anything constructive is welcome, Thanks
  9. Larger amounts of impact damage turning into a rag doll effect. Puncture being a damage reduction for enemies. Slash procs only calculated off of a weapons slash dmg and not the current system. So all in all, something annoying, something essentially worthless for killing, and a straight up nerf that would end up making things like galatine, tigris and atterax even more meta. So yeah...most people didn't like that.
  10. Pretty sure they scrapped that entirely after how much negative feedback came from it.
  11. Do any of you guys out there remember what time of year the primary and secondaries got their stats changed? Not to say that would necessarily be the same this year but...
  12. I'm not sure if this has come up at all during a dev stream or not because I usually just catch clips of them or don't watch at all, but does DE plan on giving the same treatment to weapons again this year? Last time all the melee were skipped completely due to melee 3.0 changes but I hope sometime soon the older weapons like fang and reaper could get the same kind of buffs such as the Burston/bronco treatment. Even now weapons like the akstiletto feel like they've fallen behind every new ak pistol that has been released since. Thank you for looking!
  13. Looking to trade or buy an Arca Titron riven with negative impact, hopefully with stats like attack speed, critical damage, and maybe status chance? Or something similar to this. My PSN name is the same so you can message me here or when I'm online I usually respond right away. Please send asking prices as well if you have one. Thank you
  14. I'd really like this too but apparently rivens take up server space so I don't think DE is ever going to increase it to have one for every weapon available. At best I was hoping for an even 100 slots what with arch gun rivens coming out soon, but that might be unrealistic to expect to change anytime.
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