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  1. I could definitely see myself buying it. If you plan on doing more I'd extend the plume or maybe scale it up slightly so it's more of a highlight? Metallic engraving around the edges of the 'plates' could be interesting too if possible. Would love to see something like this for revenant or Hildryn seeing as those neither of them have any skins yet. Hope to see more from you!
  2. Yeah that was one of the most anicipated at least for me. Disappointing. Most of the round is meh other than wisp graxx.
  3. Tried it from several angles but it still looks like it's out of sync and a bit whacky however.
  4. Don't know if this is just ps4 but the animation feels bugged because the speargun teleports after raising it slightly then just re appears in the hands.
  5. Gonna have to +1 this cause I've made a topic about this as well and it definitely deserves more attention. I'm the same way and want to be able to have a Loadout for each warframe. I don't see why it would cause any issue to add a few more in or more consistently with content releasing all the time.
  6. The last couple of bundles were great but I was thinking if DE was going to make more these are the weapons I'd really like to see getting the tekulu treatment: primaries- Paris, Attica, maybe Latron? secondaries- afuris, knell, aksomati, and maybe a thrown? Spiral or despair would be amazing. melee-tonbo, scindo, magistar, kronen, oh and please silva and aegis that would be absolutely gorgeous with the tekulu version these would at least be my picks cause most of the weapons I mentioned above either fit the sort of old/knight weapon theme or have very old models like the Attica and Latron do. Anyways what do you guys want to see get a skin?
  7. I sure hope if it is a speargun so I can use it on ferrox, cause in the past people didn't really appreciate weapon specific skins...
  8. Hi, just looking for some clarification. DE said the deluxe bundle was releasing with armour and a spear skin? Do they mean like just a polearm or staff skin or a speargun skin for the three that we have? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Looking for a Groll Nagantaka riven. Must have at least CC and Multi. I have a twin gremlin, twin rogga, harpak and low rolled Amprex tiberon and lanka riven to trade + plat if it's good. Willing to trade every single 1 plus plat. My PSN name is the same. You can message here, in game or by messages with a screenshot if you have one. Thanks for looking!
  10. Looking to trade or buy an Arca Titron riven with negative impact, hopefully with stats like attack speed, critical damage, and maybe status chance? Or something similar to this. My PSN name is the same so you can message me here or when I'm online I usually respond right away. Please send asking prices as well if you have one. Thank you
  11. Do you have a starting range for it good sir?
  12. Tried forever to find some I don't even know if people bother rolling for g rolls for these weapons. For Burston ideally looking for a three stat dmg/multi/cc <--- preferred dmg/multi/cd dmg/cc/cd cc/multi/cd <--- number 2 most wanted hopefully with a negative like impact, zoom or infested (something helpful or harmless) For vipers I'm mostly just looking for a lot of multi and negative impact. Any combo of the three is fine. My in game PSN name is exactly the same. Please message me if I'm not on with prices. Much appreciated!
  13. If she can't use efficiency or energy mods that other frames can are there any plans to make the auger mods and brief respite work on her in at least some way shape or form??
  14. Why did the Leonessa skin get rejected? Did it need changes or just didn't have the votes? It's one of your best yet! It was a sad day when I saw it wasn't coming in round 15. I thought it was a sure thing. My disappointment is immeasurable. My day is ruined. (Don't take that last part too seriously lol)
  15. Most of the changes I can agree with. I have just under the max capacity of 90 for these mods and just about all of them I either rolled myself or bought with plat from stuff I sold over time so I'm not really salty tbh. Glad they didn't oof the shotgun weapons that need the 100% status to be good. Why the sniper changes though? Eidolon hunts shouldn't skew the charts for their usage. I admit things like the rubico p are very powerful so I'll just have to live with that but that's the only activity I see people using them for. How often do you guys see people using a Lanka or Vectis in a regular mission?
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