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  1. So, when will hildryn be able to use any of the helminth's abilities???? I already tried adding the 'refill shield' one but it still shows that it uses energy on the ability bar and while in the mission it says 'ABILITY NOT READY'
  2. try to just leave it open, yesterday It said 249.5mb for me but in the task manager it said that warframe was using network, so a while later it completed itself, never got to show a progress bar, just the 'play game' was enabled
  3. bonuses show like this sometimes now: this was the 'destroy tumors to get the cache' one. A
  4. I'm farming this vietra ish fish that gives the spinal core, I cut it BUT IS NOT BEING ADDED, i already did it twice, it's still saying 2/3 for me, and i already left and joined the map again, cant even progress this way. thanks.
  5. they did warn on the streams 🙂
  6. update stuck... 249.5mb remaning, already over 10mins
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