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  1. Hey, I found out that Vauban's Vortex is not pulling enemies anymore but couldn't find it in patchnote, so I assume (and hope !) it's a bug. Here's a few screenshots from simulacrum, but it also happens in regular mission no matter what faction you are fighting. When they are in range of Vortex, they just fall down like their muscle won't work anymore and that's it. I have not tried different builds to see if "too much range" affects it or not, or other factors. I doubt it would change anything. Thanks for reading, cheers !
  2. Hello there ! I'd like to become a Quasar ! IGN : Althix MR / Play time : 27 / 3 500+ hours with this account and arround 5 000 total Country : France Languages : English & french Discord : Mansikka#0385 About myself : I have been part of different Clans such as "The Sacred Oath" (own Clan populated by friend. Theory Craft & casual), "Univearth" (competitive Clan) as mains. I always ended up leaving because of inactivity, life brings you opportunities that requires choices. Obvisously, real life takes on virtual life. :) I'm a 25 year-old gu
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