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  1. Persistent issue when using controller, rebinding the left shoulder button to Toggle Crouch makes the Warframe/Operator perform the Roll action instead. Issue is only present on left shoulder button, rebinding Toggle Crouch to a face button makes it behave as intended. Had hoped the hotfix today (13/05/2020) would fix it as there was a fix for left shoulder button in there but the behaviour is still there for Toggle Crouch specifically.
  2. My controller is finally fixed! EDIT: Nevermind, still broken, pressing the left shoulder button when having it rebound to "Toggle Crouch" still makes the Warframe roll 😞
  3. I have been unable to Toggle Crouch for a month at least now, no matter what button I bind, it only rolls
  4. TYPE: In-game/Controller DESCRIPTION: The "Toggle Crouch" action on Controller does not toggle crouch, instead if Rolls/Dodges. Using a DualShock 3 Controller with third party drivers (SCPToolKit) REPRODUCTION: Using the Toggle Crouch action on a controller EXPECTED RESULT: Toggle the state of a Warframe into crouching/sliding OBSERVED RESULT: Rolls/dodges (note it ONLY rolls/dodges, unlike the Slide/Crouch/Roll action which crouches on hold and rolls on tap) REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time, I have not been able to use the Toggle crouch action with controller at all
  5. I have been on a small break from Warframe for the past 2 weeks, after coming back today to try and wrap up Scarlet Spear I found myself completely unable to Crouch/Slide. I play the game using a Playstation DualShock 3 Controller and have for years now, the problem is as follows: My controller setup has Toggle Crouch mapped to L1 with Sprint/Roll mapped to L3 Since coming back to the game, pressing L1 makes me Roll, no button on my controller performs Crouch/Slide, restoring to defaults makes HOLDING L1 perform Crouch/Slide, while tapping it also Rolls. It seems impossible currently to get any button to perform Toggle Crouch. I have verified download cache and also reinstalled the game completely, to no avail.
  6. While these Grendel changes are very welcome, I would also urge you guys to have another look at the method to acquire him. I feel like the general consensus is those missions are prohibitively unfun, I personally know players who have quit the game over them, and many more who consider them deliberately awful to try and get people to buy the Warframe with Platinum instead. As opposed to completely removing all mods during these missions, perhaps a good change would be to instead force players to use specific tactics instead. For example: Neuroptics mission: the only useable weapons are Arch-Guns Chassis mission: the only useable weapons are Kitguns Systems mission: the only useable weapons are Zaws
  7. A Warmaster style Warframe, capable of summoning and using a variety of different melee weapons (think the style of combat employed in Final Fantasy XV) They could be used to introduce Arch-melee on land (if that is still something that is planned for the future)
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