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  1. sometimes I gotta move a step forward in solos, then the wheel is working again. I guess thats the mentioned animation-lock :s binding hotkeys worked though - no locks anymore ๐Ÿฅณ
  2. dont have a numpad XD (Corsair K65 to save space) good to know that I can bind items from gearwheel with keys though, thanks! :)
  3. You're new to Warframe? They never did and playing the Major-Updates right after release is connected to wasting effort & time, when they make everything easier to get/farm/grind after several Hotfixes/Updates. Ironically we keep playing it right after release... :'D However; Im just saying they probably coulnt refund early-player's farm. ๐Ÿ˜”
  4. online in alliance-chat - fyi :'D
  5. sup, When I wanna equip the Archgun in Profittaker-Runs (solo, squad, pub... doesnt matter) it just doesnt react. I need to reopen the wheel and click another time on archgun atleast three times (with ALOT of luck!) till the Archgun falls down. Everything else is working - even the buggy Necramech lmao... Here a short example of that (forgot to mute music because of copyright -_-) Im wondering if only me having that troubles with the wheel, when the Archgun doesnt react to my clicks... Did I put too much sh!t in the wheel, do I need to know something essential about that t
  6. My bad, I thought maxing all ungilded companions in inventory could work for everyone... The video just shows the bug for the Devs - maybe it helps them at fixing. :D
  7. sup, just for explaination; I already gilded 3 companions but I didnt level them a second time already - shouldnt matter, right? So I made the last 3 companions, leveled two of them - as u can see obviously - and Necralisk's Son tells me I'll need maxed and ungilded companions. Probably because of the last one (Vizier Predasite), who is still on Lv0 and ungilded, too. :D I also tried rejoining Necralisk but he shows me the same message again. Not that bad because I'll just level PredaViz as well now but the message looks like a bug for me so I hope DE is gonna fix it asap to not f
  8. sup ^^ Im really trying to become friends with the new map of the Corpus-Tileset, but its literally impossible aslong you arent wearing something nohand like Ember, Saryn or any other aoe-nuker... I dont even know how someone could get such ideas for a defense-map... Its a pointless waste of time waiting till single mobs are coming from the 4 bio hallways - especially when you're on solo. What was the idea behind that? Making it difficult or more challenging? It doesnt in my opinion... you just sit around for felt 30 mins per wave. The previous defense-map was really perfect (is there an
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