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  1. I feel you! Same for me! :) It makes even fun already for me and I like the several ways to speed a run up... great resource-drops and cool animations. I hope they hurry a bit with adding new maps, command-tree & more abilities ๐Ÿ‘ผ
  2. Kidding me? Since 2 years my exp-counters are frozen (Im still trying to offer a financial deal with the supporters, who giving "I have no idea how to fix it"-Answers in a copy-paste-form) and literally no one is working on it (2 years and not a single change in profile's exp-freezes - more than obvious...) I could fix this as well - Im not working for the Dev-Team and they arent sending server-files though - thats the main problem... I dont care if they just dont know how to fix it - thats why Im asking to help. They literally just dont want my help - too ridiculous! I even told them how
  3. I'd really like to buy more action-glyphs for my loadout-window :-I I love no-background glyphs and there are already much of them but some are still missing... Equinox for example, chroma as well, also Khora & maybe Hildryn Khora's loadout currently wearing prism kavat glyph as replacement and hildryn the Exploiter-Orb-Glyp so I'd say Equinox & Chroma are more urgent :-I I'd buy them even for 40pl each so its actually a win-win-extansion of the "in action"-set!
  4. sometimes I gotta move a step forward in solos, then the wheel is working again. I guess thats the mentioned animation-lock :s binding hotkeys worked though - no locks anymore ๐Ÿฅณ
  5. dont have a numpad XD (Corsair K65 to save space) good to know that I can bind items from gearwheel with keys though, thanks! :)
  6. You're new to Warframe? They never did and playing the Major-Updates right after release is connected to wasting effort & time, when they make everything easier to get/farm/grind after several Hotfixes/Updates. Ironically we keep playing it right after release... :'D However; Im just saying they probably coulnt refund early-player's farm. ๐Ÿ˜”
  7. online in alliance-chat - fyi :'D
  8. sup, When I wanna equip the Archgun in Profittaker-Runs (solo, squad, pub... doesnt matter) it just doesnt react. I need to reopen the wheel and click another time on archgun atleast three times (with ALOT of luck!) till the Archgun falls down. Everything else is working - even the buggy Necramech lmao... Here a short example of that (forgot to mute music because of copyright -_-) Im wondering if only me having that troubles with the wheel, when the Archgun doesnt react to my clicks... Did I put too much sh!t in the wheel, do I need to know something essential about that t
  9. My bad, I thought maxing all ungilded companions in inventory could work for everyone... The video just shows the bug for the Devs - maybe it helps them at fixing. :D
  10. sup, just for explaination; I already gilded 3 companions but I didnt level them a second time already - shouldnt matter, right? So I made the last 3 companions, leveled two of them - as u can see obviously - and Necralisk's Son tells me I'll need maxed and ungilded companions. Probably because of the last one (Vizier Predasite), who is still on Lv0 and ungilded, too. :D I also tried rejoining Necralisk but he shows me the same message again. Not that bad because I'll just level PredaViz as well now but the message looks like a bug for me so I hope DE is gonna fix it asap to not f
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