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  1. Name: Hive


    The Hive is a stationary infested that is rooted to the ground, wall or hangs on the ceiling emitting a buzzing sound like a swarm of flies trapped inside a balloon. Its appearance is bloated and purple with a few lumps on its sides. When alerted, this infested starts to pump out tiny winged bugs, that are called Bitts, that seeks out the nearest enemy and explodes on contact.



    Since the Hive is stationary it can only attack by sending out it's children(Bitts) to do it's bidding. The Bitts attack by flying to the  nearest enemy, exploding on contact and dealing poison damage to a an area. The poison refreshes for each successful attack. 


    Environmental Restrictions:

    This type of infested only spawns in warm areas where it can grow it's brood faster. It can not spawn in Corpus facilities, the swarm feeds on rotten meat.

    Like this but VERY less cute and that those tiny little bugs wont hesitate to die for the Hive.





                    In the cold wasteland of Neptune, a crashed derelict ship sits at the back on the icy terrain of Mt.Azhur. The cold wind blew heavy as the sound echoed throughout the dark horizon. No signs of life detected on the mountain, except for one that flickers at the top. A cryopod slowly losing its energy to support the Tenno inside. With low on power the cryopod burst releasing the Tenno in an exhausted state. The Tenno is dazed and confused not sure either he’s alive or dead. The cold atmosphere grasp within his warframe, disabling the recharge of his shields and slowly draining his own energy. By then he knew that he is still alive and he is not willing to submit to the cold. With his strength of will he stood up using the last of his energy to keep the cold out.


                    He walked silently nearing the derelict ship looking for movement or hostile intentions. After entering the he tried using the last of the power supply to pinpoint his location and detect the nearest station either friendly or hostile. The computer identified movement and electrical signals at the southeast direction but before it could give the accurate distance the power was cut off. As he has no other option, he gathered what gear and supplies he could find and then walked down the mountain with zero visibility. A storm was raging keeping anything within five feet coated with obscurity. Taking on chance he kept moving forward, shrugging the thought that the next step might be a shortcut straight down to oblivion.


                    The hours turned to days and his strength is fading fast. He started hallucinating the time before the crash. The time when he can sit peacefully by the garden and meditate. His iron skin broke and he fell to the snow. Looking at the distance ahead he saw a light. “Is this the end?” he said to himself while his vision is starting to fade. The storm slowly moves away and the light came closer and closer. Then he felt something, a familiar sting that reminded him of battles that has come and gone. “It’s the corpus!” a voice cried in his head. Corpus crew men found him as a threat not knowing his current condition and started firing. The situation quickly shifted to an all-out shooting. With this in mind it quickly triggered his inner rage and roared. He got up using his arsenal to lay waste to all corpus in his path. One by one they fall as the sparks and metal painted the snow with darkish hue. Explosions recoiled throughout surface ripping the ground apart.

                    His warframe took heavy damage but was still intact. After a few minutes it ended. Silence filled the station dead corpus crewmen and parts of shattered machine are everywhere. All his energy was drained from the fight so he walked towards the mainframe. Sending a message to space to whoever can hear “Rhino, requesting for pickup.”

  3. The idea of long range frame with

    1. Low DOT, revealing enemies power.

    2. Single target stun attack that is probably affected by travelling time.

    3. Immobilizing trap.

    4.Straightline, traveling time ultimate.

    There're multiple reasons these wouldn't work.

    1. Enemies aren't hiding in this game.

    2. Low DOT? Say hello to uncle Hek and aunty Gorgon, not counting distance relative Fragor.

    3. Immobilizing booby trap - I don't know about that, if it can immobilize multiple target atonce and work without requiring the enemy to step on it - I might use it.

    4. Strightline ultimate? Hello Shuriken.

    The Snipe

    1)This ability is useful if there are invisible enemies or to track down fleeing enemies. Hmm.. I can also add in if this ability can be more like the "Leech Osprey" that feed on the shields.

    2)This ability more of a mobility type.

    3)Maybe it can tangle more than one enemy.

    4)It deals true damage and has a larger range. hmmm... havent really thought much about his Ultimate.

  4. I havent really thought much about it.



    Snipe is more adapted to long range combat and is good at picking off enemies one by one from a safe distance. His abilities are great for taking down heavy units from afar piercing through their shields and armor.

    -Acid Darts

    Snipe fires four darts that locates 4 nearby enemies in the area. The acid darts reveal the location of the enemies (like x-ray vision but only to the targeted enemies) and slowly damaging them till the duration. If the enemy is shielded the damage is greatly increased (like the "leech Osprey").

    -Hook Shot

    Snipe shoots out an energy hook that attaches on to a targeted object and pulls him to that direction. If an enemy is hit he pulls the enemy knocking them down. (can be used to swing to another platform)

    -Grip Trap

    Snipe places a trap that activates when an enemy steps on it. The trap deals damage and rooting the enemy in place till the duration.

    -Energy Shot

    Snipe uses his energy bow that charges for a few seconds or if the key is released. An arrow filled with pure energy is shot that pierce through all units in a line even through objects. Shielded units take direct damage through their health.


    Rather than fighting enemies like a ninja. Scarab prefers to go loud bombarding enemies with his abilities, exploding or imploding enemies to pieces.

    -Seeker Bug

    Scarab sends out a small mechanical bug that locks on to the nearest enemy or a target of your choice, attaches it self and detonates in a few seconds.

    -Quake Mine

    Scarab sets out an explosive mine that detonates when an enemy steps on it. The explosion deals heavy damage to the unfortunate enemy that step on it and knocking down all other enemy units nearby.

    - Magnetic Bomb

    Scarab tosses out a grenade that pulls nearby enemies towards it. After a few seconds the grenade detonates damaging all nearby enemies.

    -Scarab Bomb

    Scarab gains a buff that increases his armor and shield till the duration. If he dies the scarab self destructs dealing high damage to all enemies in the area.



    Is a form of a long bow that is compact transforming into a sidearm when not in use. It uses energy shells to shoot. The Gnolbow can be charged to increase its damage and range. Also the weapon can shoot at an arc to target enemies hiding behind objects.


    Is a form of crossbow that shoots at a semi-automatic fire rate.

  5. Each time I look at my weapons in the Arsenal. I compare it with the other weapons that are available for purchase just like my primary and secondary weapons. However I cannot compare the Melee weapons. I have to equp it inorder to see the stats.

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