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  1. i have 3 questions: !.- after u unlock the lvl 5 for the necramech u will be able to use in any normal mision or only railjack mision? and 2.-ITS THERE ANY CHANCE TO RECRUIT THE MIGTHY AND HOLY CLEM! :v if not the case: CLEM FOr companinon when?
  2. well considering the averange retarded warframe player some guys dont even kill the catalist unless u ask to do that and the mod works in the necramech until the next nerf because the necramech is a "alied" unit
  3. risking anoter Scoot nerf the correct aura u have to bring for the even is combat dicipline
  4. Well considering u have ONLY VOIDRING and u dont have the morgha i only can asume have the voidring lvl 30 and ofcurse u dont bring the correct aura for the scuad upgrate ur build if u want to incresee the time vs reward
  5. CAN u made the Companions more specfici animal instint work with the necrameck? is actualy anoying dont have radar in ur map or forced to use kavat and some case banshee for that
  6. it was in the first days of empirio but alot of crybabys claim it was too hard for ther weaks butts
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