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  1. I'm seeing more buffs and fewer nerfs here according to the list. So I guess that's a good thing overall since that's the purpose of rivens. But the buffs seems far too insignificant on some weapons and the nerfs, far too extravagant on other weapons. Also I would strongly recommend that you verify that the changes made actually affected the rivens in-game. Because I have a riven here, whose disposition decreased according to the list, but its stats are the same as they were prior to today's update. I have pictures to prove it if need be.
  2. There is an option to disable context actions being used to also reload your weapon in the options menu.
  3. Hello I wanted to know what is the status of other umbra frames as now umbra forma exist which can be used on normal frames to utilise umbral mods. Also, I am currently over the riven cap and I am unable to complete the "Sortie with friends" quest in Nightwave series 1. Any advice other than to get rid of some of my rivens?
  4. I agree. That's simply not the case for his video. And if you honestly believe that, I fear that you do not know the meaning of intellectual dishonesty. Furthermore, DE has produced no evidence to show that his claims are false. They simply cried "foul". Therefore you nor anyone else can 100% claim that the video's points are simply "intellectual dishonesty" since neither you nor anyone else here has proven that the video, the evidence presented, or the allegations that the person advocates are in fact false. And they can't either. It will simply implicate the target persons and the staff's relationships with them even more. It's their friends. They'll never ever talk directly to this problem or about this problem at all. If by some stretch of the imagination, you have some evidence that you somehow cannot talk about, then simply say so. Everyone will definitely believe evidence that you cannot talk about. Because from what you're telling me, someone actually presenting evidence that is tangible and which reinforces their claims/allegations is intellectual dishonesty and people shouldn't believe that. Instead people should believe claims that have no supporting evidence. I can't help but laugh at that.
  5. Why are you now sounding like you did not watch the video in its entirety? I honestly thought you had watched and understood the video entirely so that you were informed well enough to discuss it. I see errors were made. Evidence was provided throughout the entire portion of the video that you have dismissed as "beating a dead horse" But ok. It definitely sounds like you ran out of bland generic points to use as rebuttals in your defense. And that's ok. Doesn't change or invalidate anything I said. And the copy-paste on Stakeholder/Shareholder does not change what I said. They still are not always equivalents, as you clearly pointed out. But ok. I've jumped to no conclusions on my own behalf as I have only spoken about my affection for DE thus far and have stated nothing otherwise about myself. It sounds alot more like you are making assumptions and that is fine. It is no concern of mines what you prefer to assume about someone. You know what they say about assuming though. Also they shouldn't have responded to the video if they were simply prepared to "write it off". They could have just ignored it. Alot like how they ignored the issues he raised in said video for years. Cheers.
  6. Allegations of nepotism and favouritism is not a serious/sensitive issue to you? Especially since facilitating such activities as a game company is frowned upon. stakeholder is not the equivalent of shareholder. I hope you're not under the misguided impression that they are the same. And for a company, the paying stakeholders should be of particular importance. How you react towards them; how you appear before them; how you treat with them is all important aspects. Yes I would be nonchalant about it, because I am in control of my own emotions, feelings and attitudes and I have a very firm handle on how I can respond to such accusations, whether true or false. Are you telling me that DE cannot also do this? That they are unable to logically think and act in response to a serious accusation such as nepotism? And that they can react as they please towards their stakeholders and the public? Are you saying there's no consequences for them? Because that's a fallacy. Oh you subscribe to the "personal attacks" response. Oh ok. You like others, apparently do not know what constitutes a personal attack. That is fine and is no concern to me if you cannot differentiate the difference between objective conclusions drawn from evidence supplied and "personal attacks". DE is a professional studio that publishes and develops their own game. Are you seriously and conveniently making an excuse for them to be rude and disrespectful to one of their own partners who is simply offering (brutal) criticism? This is neanderthal-like thinking and is not something a professional company should subscribe to. I honestly hope you're not speaking for DE here and making an excuse for their responses. Because that's just shameful and constitutes double-standards. You know, one of the other accusations made in the video. If you're telling me they're aware of the issue, then fine. What you're essentially telling me is that they've been aware for years, and have done nothing about it, which is what the video also alleges. Oh, is that a personal attack? No, it's a conclusion drawn from evidence provided, which is what the video is. And of course, the *only* reason he made the video was for "likes" I love the rate at which you are conveniently reaching for bland generic excuses to simply dismiss the video, its allegations and all the issues that have been lingering for years now. Just like what was done on twitter yesterday. "Let's forget it happened. Let's pretend it didn't exist. And the problem will go away. Because it's just a vocal minority who is of no importance. Meanwhile we can continue operating as always, without consequence" ^If you feel safe subscribing to that ideology, you're in for a rude awakening.
  7. I politely disagree. Inaction towards sensitive topics is not good and it is why things escalate in the first place. Positive consumerism includes being able to hold companies accountable and vice versa. Sure it's their company, but you and I are stakeholders. We are directly afffected by what takes place. So when serious issues are raised, positive action should be taken as soon as possible. I sure hope they have decided to take action. But I hope it is the right action they take. At the end of the day I love DE and no I'm not just saying that passively. In my post that got deleted, I talked about how, for 6 years, I feel like I've been on a journey with these people. Connections were made and I've come to know them and consider them as a large part of my life now. It is almost a familial-like concern that I have for them. This is why I simply hope that they act out of humility and also out of their desire to be transparent. It is what they have shown me over the past 6 years that they are capable of and so that is why I expect that of them. I agree that the goal of pleasing everyone is silly. But like I said, we are stakeholders too and we have the capability to inform what is done. That is what DE has always welcomed. The right thing to do, will always be the right thing to do. There's no arguing or discussing that. Disagree. As a professional, you shouldn't need help to be civil about resolving a matter. Your behaviour need not be informed by other people's behaviour. You can be civil all by yourself. Because the person was "not civil" is no excuse for you to be "not civil" either and simply berate him and dismiss the allegations. It works both ways. Recommendations? I think the abrasive part of the video was when context was being given. The recommendations were fine and imo, the part that was "least abrasive". Disagree as well. Like I said before, you can't make recommendations unless you've thoroughly understood the problem and quite frankly I feel like, apart from his harsh tone, the thing people are having a problem with is all the "evidence" that was given in regards to his allegations. The only time that evidence (supporting a claim against you) should ever perturb you is when it is false evidence. So if it's false evidence, one should expect a transparent response denying the claims and evidence presented, but also you should supply what you deem to be the truth. Simply dismissing something and going your merry way does not foster understanding at all, to either parties involved. That's just regressive behaviour. Again, I will state that, in my opinion, the responses were disappointing and also not conducive to a timely resolution.
  8. Allegations of nepotism and favouritism have never been acknowledged or identified by DE at any point in time. According to the responses on twitter there were a number of people who have never heard of this issue before, despite it being a thing for a long time. You cannot make recommendations for problems unless you clearly discuss the problems yourself and specifically state, with evidence why you think its a problem. This is what was done in the video and it is what you are dismissing as "beating a dead horse". It is illogical to just say, "Hey I think we should do X, Y and Z." That would make no sense because no context would be given. People have brought up the issue in the past in a much less abrasive and volative manner. Tell me what was done about it then. Tell me what did DE do to smash those allegations when they were made back then. Nothing. This is why it's back again. That's how that works. If you do nothing to resolve a problem, it will still exist. However the narration and the tone of the video was produced, it simply does not invalidate the facts nor the evidence presented. If the staff wish to overlook those things because "muh feelings" then they are the ones refusing to accept what was said and undo their mistakes. Crying about your spilt milk is something only a child would do. EDIT: for the record, DE has all rights to disagree with the volatile manner of the video. But I haven't seen anything else with regards to rectifying the issues raised. As far as I know, the video was simply dismissed. At the end of the day, that's terribly disappointing.
  9. Right right. So let's not talk about the video where a person makes recommendations for the in-game chat moderation as well as guides of the lotus. Let's not talk about the years-old suspicions that people have had about the chat moderators and guides of the lotus programs in order to quell rumors and heresay. The thread about chat moderation changes is definitely not the place to talk about what people don't like about the current chat moderators and what should be clarified and changed, if they are to stay.
  10. No. I will say that I can't comprehend the cherry-picking of the moderators though. That's what's mind-boggling to me. Weeks before the video was made, this was done, and those posts were deleted. mmm I feel like you missed the point. Was referring specifically to what the video spoke of. Posts about that were made here weeks ago and subsequently deleted, long before the video was ever made.
  11. No apparently the issue cannot be discussed at all. The mere fact that the issue is years old now is evidence of this. This is why we ended up with the video in the first place. And it's not the first one of it's nature either. The issue has been ignored for a very long time now.
  12. Yes, let's not talk about the problem. Everything will definitely solve itself in a month or two. As long as we do not speak of it all at. I laughed out loud.
  13. So you're telling me "satire" cannot be used as an excuse for "misandrist posts" but it can be used as an excuse for a "misandrist" username. Ok. I'll save this one too.
  14. See what I mean? Post deleted. And it was talking about the video, which talks directly about, you know, the topic at hand, chat moderation. I laughed. There are multiple threads throughout the entire forums that are solely spam. Why not spend more time moderating those? Why is it that this thread is constantly pruned, even when people have fair objective views or are simply discussing the merits of seriously looking at the points raised in said video a few days ago? Tell me, what witch-hunting was going to occur as a result of this post that got deleted ? Is it not fair criticism stated in a calm manner? Was I not being nice enough when stating my own opinions? I was having a simple discussion with another user and you deleted his posts as well. What rules do those posts break other than unwritten ones?
  15. +1 This please. I understand the deal with database space being a limiting factor here, but there's been enough time since the introduction of rivens, to find a solution. Being in the place where I am in the game atm, I find it very intriguing to go back to weapons I never really used, and getting a riven for it to see how best I can get the weapon to perform. This is like a sort of end-game that I've given myself and this is actually fun for me but it's disappointing that there's a riven cap. I've had to compromise several lovely rivens that I owned simply because I had more than one riven for that particular weapon and I wanted a brand new riven for a different weapon (that I did not have a riven for as yet). Also different ways to get more Kuva would be nice but that's a topic for another time.
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