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  1. Me.Church

    Umbra and his scarf...

    That ship's kinda sailed already hasn't it? He's about as similar to Excalibur Prime as you'll get, even with the scarf. As an owner of Excalibur Prime, I have never had problems with Excalibur Umbra being released and I would not have problems whether there's an option to remove the scarf or not. In my opinion the scarf is like a remnant of the Dax Warrrior that was "sacrificed" for the existence of that frame, and so, is like part of the frame's history, legacy and even personality. But that's my own head canon and the game isn't for me alone. So if people want it optional, it's down to DE.
  2. Me.Church

    Too many open worlds in Warframe

    Warframe's "corridor shooter maps" are still the most played tilesets in the game. They will never ever grow stale. The majority of the game exists there. You play arbitrations there, void fissures there, kuva farming there, sanctuary onslaught and it's elite variant, sorties, boss fights, random alerts, relic farming. They all exist in our "corridor shooter tilesets." That alone should tell you what DE's strengths and weaknesses are. They've managed to create two open-world areas that are completely isolated and independent from the rest of the game. Isolating your open world areas does not breathe life into your entire game. It does not add connective tissue that merges the game together to take it forward. Why would you spend so much time and resources toward making open-world areas when they are completely closed off from the rest of the game? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that we have both of them since it gives us more things to do. But in truth these open world areas merely bloats the game with "more" content as opposed to "greater" content. So to be honest, the current trend of open world areas are just making the game more messy if anything, especially since alot of what the open world areas add, is average "new" content and not great "new" content. I would like them to continue doing open world areas but they haven't convinced me that they learnt the right lessons from PoE and they haven't shown me that they are growing more capable of making the open world areas a "greater" asset to the game with better content. If all you do is create more of the same, you're not actually progressing in anything.
  3. Me.Church

    There should be episodic story quests at monthly intervals

    These are all valid points and it's a good post. Toroids arent restricted to farming windows, but fish are. While the warm/cold cycles are shorter, it's kinda harder to catch the warm cycle in that manner. With the fact that it doesn't last long, I personally feel unfulfilled after farming for the warm servo fish, particularly because I know I have to wait 20 minutes again to have another shot, because I know I need more. Compared to the night cycle of PoE, I can plan ahead to spend an entire 50 minutes farming my night fish, by the end of which (once RnG is good to me) I usually feel like I've caught enough fish for my purpose and I can go about my business, not worrying that I have to wait for the entire day cycle to pass again, before I can fish at night. Speaking of toroids, the fact that they were not included in the orb mother fight as drops (like the sentient cores of Eidolons) really makes me think that DE had nothing planned for places like the Space Port, Temple of Profit and Enrichment labs. I can speculate and suggest that the sola, calda and vega toroids were removed from the profit-taker's drop table and replaced with debt bonds. They were then placed at each of those areas so we'd have a reason to visit them. Were it not for this, there's be no reason to go to any of those places willingly, apart from bounties. Not sure if that's a lesson learnt from PoE or just poor planning really. But what it seems like is that it doubles or even quadruples the amount of time you'd have to spend farming toroids, considering that potentially you would have been able to get all 4 toroids from one profit-taker fight. I'm just speculating here and I have no evidence to back that claim up but think about it. You need debt bonds to level up your Solaris United standing. But you need the highest Solaris United Standing to unlock the profit-taker fight and Vox Solaris. So why put debt bonds in the profit-taker drop table? Doesn't that seem odd? All the fish can spawn without bait. But for the substantial amount of resources you need from the rare ones, you'll need the bait, which is little difference from PoE. The mining. Personally while the new mining system is better, and you only need one drill (in Fortuna), the occurrence of ores in Fortuna seems to be less than that of PoE. I've been mining on both areas recently so I can attest to this personally. Whether it's supposed to be like that (due to the terrain) or not I don't know, but I'd have expected more ores near the crater areas in the map. That's hardly the case in Fortuna. While in PoE you can jump in the cave near Twin Horns and grab lotsa ores, it's not the same with the caves in Fortuna (which are more appealing graphically). And well, when I mentioned "what is there to complain about," I meant like, sure you can go ahead and complain about Fortuna, but in my opinion Fortuna's alot like everything else we've gotten in the game. To me, the grind is the same as PoE. And there's people right now talking about how Fortuna's the biggest grindwall in the game. That's the newest complaint. Imo it's not the biggest grindwall, and if you want to complain about Fortuna's grind, then you should also complain about PoE's grind. Because when it comes down to it, it's the same. Just because Fortuna has more activities to do than PoE, doesn't make it "more grindy". If you want to pursue the additional activities, then be prepared to grind in the same manner that you'd grind everything else in the game. I hope that clarifies that. I like what you mentioned though; all the planned things that were once discussed but never spoken of again. That's really disappointing when you list it out like that. And for a game that has such a large "community development" department, you'd think more things like that would be discussed in a timely manner with the community, as opposed to just being forgotten altogether. The Remote Observer is great for what it does but that's just it...when plans change and nothing's said about it, the developers really feel far from the community. Remote. I don't need them to spoil all their coolest projects and stuff. It's just simple things the developers discussed but never spoke of again. Maybe they could have spent less time advertising Fortuna in the devstreams and just a few minutes talking about longer-term goals such as that one thing Steve talked about where he mentioned shrinking the Sol system and reducing the number of nodes on each planet. Whatever happened to that? It's so funny too...up to now no one, absolutely no one has talked about The Sacrifice. I can venture a couple reasons why but I won't. 🤷‍♂️ Some of the things they do really makes you wonder....
  4. Me.Church

    Too many open worlds in Warframe

    I actually understand what you mean OP. It's a shame (and funny at the same time) alot of the folks here don't understand what you mean. I sincerely agree with you to an extent. I think it has to do with the way you've presented the idea, which is by the way, very subjective. As I stated in a previous thread, the open-world areas are MORE content. It is however, not BETTER content. Both PoE and Fortuna gave us alot of what we already have/know. Fortuna's bounties in particular are simply more of the same bounties from PoE with nothing new. The actual new things that came with Fortuna such as the K-Drive and animal conservation are borderline niche things; it has a way to appeal to people but it won't appeal to everyone. And DE was okay with that and they've admitted that, since Floofs and the K-Drive are independent systems not tied to anything else, meaning you can do it if you want to, or not. It's up to you. As for the profit-taker fight, I can only say that I'm glad they only released one of them and I hope that they learn greatly from this one, and implement better fights for the others. In terms of the topic, I too also wish for open-world areas to remain a possibility. We only have two so far and no plans of the third were ever spoken of (though I bet it's gonna be desert/badlands in Mars). In the most extreme physical sense, these open worlds flesh out the Sol System. But in the past, DE has managed to do world-building, without actually releasing open-world areas. To me, that was BETTER content since it truly gave you the feeling that the game was moving FORWARD since the story was being moved forward. The open-world areas feel more like a LATERAL (think quantity) update, as opposed to a PROGRESSIVE (think quality) update. True that they add more story, but it doesn't actually take the story forward now. I would like them to go back to some tileset updates, boss fights, new bosses, new leaders of both the corpus, grineer and infested. More sentient activity in the Sol system (since they have like an army somewhere nearby) and I'd see the return of quests for our new Frames since I am no fan of the proposed codex lore for frames that released with no quests. And maybe, just maybe, we can get our Prime trailers. Because while all they are is fan service, fan service goes a long way. Perhaps this is the year that good old Phorid gets a rework, and the year in which the Nef Anyo boss fight becomes a thing in the Orb Vallis. Who knows? The year's just started. I would hope that more things get added to both PoE and Fortuna far before a third open world area is added. Because there were supposed to be cave expansions for PoE and that never came. =\ Instead, Fortuna got better caves but nothing to do in it besides mine ores and catch Stovers.
  5. Me.Church

    There should be episodic story quests at monthly intervals

    (I apologise for the length of this, but I wrote it well. I spent so much time writing it, that the power went out, so I had saved it to post it at a later time. So doing so now.) I need to see more of Railjack before I make an informed opinion on it as it is not the type of content (gameplay) that I expected them to make for this game. Personally, Fortuna is another open-world area that I did not ask for. But overall I like it. I have alot more respect for the corpus now. Their lore has grown because of the introduction of Fortuna which is the main thing I like about that update. It built the world and the story. It breathed more life into the Corpus. In the past DE managed to do alot of that without actually making open-world areas (and without, making players wait so very long for content). Be it, Tileset updates, or just Boss updates, they managed to do this. They introduced us to new "leaders" in our enemies' ranks and gave our enemies a face and a personality. I mentioned this on twitter but alot of people misunderstood what I meant, even DE Steve. Not my problem though. It's a shame that the Nef Anyo Boss fight never saw the light of day, yet Fortuna is here. On the other hand, I find it hard to see properly, what exactly were the lessons learnt from PoE as they are implemented in Fortuna. Because Fortuna, for all intents and purposes, is a carbon-copy of PoE. Granted the NPCs voice-acting in Fortuna is tremendously well-done, Fortuna only seemed to add additional "systems" that increases the amount of time you would spend there i.e. increases the grind. I would have thought that they would also introduce ways that would have made Fortuna seem "less grindy" but apart from Ticker, there's not alot in that area. In order to not burn out on Fortuna, I'm taking it extremely slow there and enjoying it while doing so. The "Heist" I think was not necessarily well-done. Or rather, I just don't feel like calling it a "heist" since it's just a separate bounty-board in a sense, something that PoE's equivalent, Onkko, does not have. And well, we all know the state of the profit-taker fight. =| I still have lotsa of fun doing the normal things I do in Warframe; to me, it's core gameplay is endearing. So much people are currently talking about changing the "core gameplay" mechanics, but I honestly believe they do not know what they are talking about, and have no idea of the drastic effects such a thing would do. To me, that's just selfish and ignorant. This is why I like that DE does not rush to adhere to player suggestions. Their patience to implement or introduce change/different things is much appreciated by myself (e.g. the Melee Rework). As much as people encourage rapid and substantial gameplay changes, which I find myopic, I can say that the "lack of these changes" has no effect on how people pursue things in the game and how people play. You still see people getting to the new endgame stuff such as the amps of Vox Solaris, which they then take back to PoE and are killing Eidolons like no tomorrow. You still see people talking about kitgun combinations, and we all saw people going crazy on the floofs. It makes me wonder what is there really to complain about? For me, I am disappointed that out of the 4 new frames that launched in 2018, only one had any sort of story or lore attached to it. Frame releases used to be such an exciting thing to look forward to. Now it's just like "Here's a new frame. Go play." I don't see your suggestion being feasible at the known current rate at which DE produces content. I personally think it's a fabulous suggestion, if implemented properly. For me, it'll definitely keep people talking about the game, and speculating and wanting to know more or rather, what happens next. It'll be something to always look forward to and it'll have people's general interests in the game high. It's far more engaging that codex releases...which, if I have to just sit and read, I would find very boring, especially in a fast-paced action game like Warframe. But the way I see it, the story and lore of the game is not a priority of DE. And based on how average The Sacrifice was for me, I feel alot like the cinematic/story quests are being done as though they are laying train tracks while at the front of a moving train. Their priority, since PoE, has been bringing more and more people into the game so that their free-to-play model becomes more stable i.e. they make more profit. Because your company would not grow if you never sought out a market share that you do not own. So what do they do? They make content that will catch the eye of people that just don't know about the game, or people that have left the game, or people that have been taking a break from the game. Think about the color palette of Fortuna. The retro neon-blues and neon-pinks. The song. It's all things to attract "new" people to the game and/or bring back people to the game. But what did it do for the people who play everyday?.... In my opinion, it was just more of the same content. It's not terribly bad because there's more things to do in the game and Warframe has always had this ambiguity about "what you should be doing" at any given point in the game so I'm glad that we even have Fortuna. But at the same time, I still want for something more. Because these open world areas feel like they are more of a lateral growth of the game, rather than an upward growth of the game, meaning that, it's not necessarily getting "better" or "greater" but we are getting more of it. Instead, alot of what makes the game "better" (as subjective as it may be) came down to reworks such as the riven disposition rework, the primary and secondary rework, the PBR texture updates, lighting reworks, tileset reworks, frame reworks, and the coming melee rework. These things all improved the quality of the game. And the open world areas feels alot like they simply improved the quantity of the game, in a manner of speaking. I would have liked DE to go back to the things they used to do. Give us more content about the Grineer and the Corpus fighting for control of the Sol System (do people even remember that that was a thing?). Show us more of their leaders. Create new characters among their ranks (like new bosses). Give us more events. Give us back quests for new Warframes. Give us tileset reworks. There's so many planets in the Sol System and so many new things that could be implemented. Because at the end of the day, what I play the most in Warframe, are missions based in the starchart; whether its arbitrations, ESO, Sorties, Relic-farming, Index runs, Kuva-farming, random alerts for things like Nitain, helmets. That's where I spend most of my time, even now. I remember when they used to show concept art for tileset reworks and stuff. It used to be so amazing and exciting to know that that's what was coming. And then to play it was so refreshing. They showed us very little of Plains of Eidolon, so to play that and see that, was amazing and it was a greater experience than playing a new tileset, for a time. But they couldn't stop talking about Venus and Fortuna and that, in my opinion, took off alot of the shiny from the "new toy" that we would be getting soon. In the end, Fortuna is a target of many complaints and few praises. I daresay I still have more fun in PoE now since I've gone back to Eidolon Hunting and finishing up my arcane collection that drops there. Both Steve and Scott have admitted that there's alot that can still be implemented in Fortuna, primarily because it has caves that can be traversed and because of the fact that the map is just so big. And I agree with that. That map is kinda too big for its own good in a sense. But I had expected more caves to be added to PoE as well, where more things could have been done. But I assume that they just took that idea and will use it for Fortuna instead with Fortuna being the current "flavour of the month" if you will. There's still no retroactive additions to PoE despite them saying that, they will do that e.g. add an NPC in PoE so that you can access the bounty board there without having to return to Cetus (and the loading gate) every time you complete a bounty and want to start another. But the year's just started. Let's see what happens. In writing all this, I feel sad now. Because I remember how exciting updates in the past used to be. Things like the Second Dream, The War Within. How you would look forward to events and Solar Rail fights from the old Dark Sector. Tileset reworks such as the ones done for Uranus which also reworked Tyl Regor who is now a fantastic boss and which also gave us a nice bit of lore and story, regarding Tyl Regor and the tubemen (toobmen?). Even things like the Gradivus dilemma, I now reminisce about. To me, even though those cinematic quests of the past led to "content droughts" of varying degrees, I feel like the payoff was well worth it, despite not getting a whole open world area to prance about in. For me, I feel like as a player, I grew by playing those cinematic quests, as opposed to the physical playable areas of the game growing. To me it felt like the game progressed with those quests. I wasn't handed an open-world in either The Second Dream or The War Within or even The Sacrifice. But I was handed knowledge. Knowledge about myself (a Tenno), knowledge about the main story, knowledge about the main factions. Knowledge about the world. And maybe in the time spent waiting, those bi-weekly "reinforcement" updates kept our appetites at bay. Because, while very little was shared with us, prior to those updates, we still knew that what we were getting, would be worth it. But with Fortuna and even PoE, I can't really say the same in terms of how much I anticipated it, how excited I was for it and how I feel about the replayability of it. No cinematic quests can be replayed as yet. But I would rather that become a possibility as opposed to yet, another open-world area. I remember seeing people speculate about the Zariman and what really happened on that ship; how people speculated about what The Sacrifice would be. What would we have to sacrifice. Now...that's all forgotten and all people can talk about is, "the grind wall that DE gave us with Fortuna." (yes that is an actual thread). I would hope that you don't get turned away from the game. I know, as long as DE does not drastically change the core gameplay, I would never turn away from the game. Because that's what keeps me coming back. Not the open world areas. Not the annual cinematic quests (which dropped in quality last year). Not tennocon (which I never attended in-person). It's the core gameplay. Shooting and slashing at hordes and hordes of enemies. I would definitely encourage DE to improve its systems and make the gameplay even more fun (which I think is what they tend to do). But if it's changed to the point where it becomes an entirely different game, I'd have to say no. I would also wish, as you do, that updates would be more frequent. To me, more frequent content updates makes the game feel much more alive in general. It makes the game feel more active. That may sound like a vague, mundane thing but that goes a long way. Like, it's cool to want to increase your playerbase right, but there has to be things in the game that will keep them coming back all the time. For me, it's the core gameplay but for alot of others it's not the same thing. Having more frequent updates (no not hot fixes, I'm talking about content drops) also feels like, as developers, you're more connected to your players that way. It gives a sense that you care about what they are doing in the game and want to provide even greater things for them to do. Not just simply more things to do. And there's a difference. Even simple things like the trailers for the primes were so good. A completely useless thing since it's not even in the game, but so good since it sparks people's interests and attracts attention, without actually doing anything in-game. I daresay that those trailers were just fan service. But a little fan service can go a long way. All that's taken a back seat now. If a way can be found to inter-connect quantity content drops with quality content drops and have those updates drop together at a slightly higher frequency, I feel like that would be a good compromise. For instance, perhaps map out three main things separately; 1) story of the game, 2) gameplay of the game, 3) system reworks/new systems of the game. For each of them just map out what you want to do with them all, with no conditions. After that, then you can try to inter-connect elements from each of those and create one update. To explain it better, take The Sacrifice update and Fortuna update. The Sacrifice update was an update that moved the story of the game along. Fortuna was an update that increased the gameplay of the game with a whole new open-world area. And throughout 2018, we got system reworks and new systems. They all dropped independent of each other. So take elements of those and put them together as a whole is the best suggestion I can personally give (because I don't find it's fair to critique without having proper suggestions to give back). The bad thing about that is, you can't really break up an open-world update and ship it in separate parts (tileset reworks can be done like this since those are much smaller and you can afford to ship that with a cinematic quest e.g. Kuva Fortress and The War Within). But alas, that is the best I can offer as I feel it's a good compromise between each of the main things that I interpret as the main groups of content that players ask for. And it'll sound like it's achievable on paper, but it's a much more difficult thing to put into practice, especially if more open world areas are on the table for DE to produce. DE's habit works totally against that suggestion in a sense as well, given that they desire to ship most things as they are ready as opposed to holding it back for a larger release. Hence why we had three frames release with no quest. But I feel like I've written enough regarding this. Currently, it's still my favourite game. Hopefully, content is added that will maintain that status for me.
  6. 1) In the post that you wrote, which I quoted from you, you mentioned NOTHING about it being "boring" and "annoying" to play. So honestly, don't try to change your problem with the content as soon as someone hits the nail on the head. 2) No. It's boring and annoying for you. Don't forget that it's not only YOU that play the game.
  7. Getting the resources does not require you to play the same mission 24 times a day though. Consider that you can do 24 runs of Toroid farming in one day, and then do the same 24 runs over a period of 7 days, and you'll find that its the same "resources". And when you take that into consideration, the problem shifts from the RnG to player behaviour. The content isn't going anywhere anytime soon. What's the rush? Why would you even say "forget about new content?" Is it because you simply cant get it in five minutes? .... This is a free-to-play game; it's model relies on content that turns into a time-sink to keep players playing, because believe it or not, playing the game actually earns DE revenue.
  8. This. And I should add that Warframe now, is enormous, compared to Warframe of 2013. There's so much different things that you can do. Since Fortuna has released I've played a bit of it. But I've played the rest of the game too; farming relics, prime parts, doing arbitrations, ESO, Index. Because I enjoy the rest of the game, and I need to play these other missions to get other things I want too. Also I understand and realise the need to pace myself in the Fortuna content and I'm okay with that. I've dabbled with the Orb Mother and fought her a few times but it's not something I plan to do 24/7. The game just has too much to do for me to "grind" Fortuna. If anyone wants to "grind" fortuna and then complain about said grind, that's your problem.
  9. Me.Church

    Ember is up to par

    I mean, if you can enjoy using her as she is, that's good for you. I simply can't enjoy using her as she is and would like her entire kit to be reviewed.
  10. Me.Church

    Nekros' Soul Punch Should Insta-Kill

    I kid you not, I had a similar idea yesterday. Except I was thinking of making it an augment whereby it insta-kills but costs double the amount of energy. But then I thought that it could be easily abused and decided to just forget it.
  11. Me.Church

    Thinking about picking it up again

    You're starting on a new account. There will be grind. Hook up with a good active clan (PM me if you wanna join my Shadow Clan, you won't be the first PS4 recruit I have in my ranks) that has discord so that you can ask questions and get help when needed. Playing on PC is worth it imo. Larger population, so more squads at any given time. If you know you'll have lots of time to play in the next 2-3 months, I recommend purchasing a Prime Access Pack. Even if its just the accessories pack, the boosters that you get with it, will help you tremendously with leveling. From my experience, you wont take long until you get into the meat of Cetus, and from there you can get to Fortuna. I recommend to most "new" people to finish the star chart before moving on to higher-level, end-game content, but that's not necessary, especially if you've played the game before. EDIT: whatever you decide to do, good luck.
  12. Me.Church

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    The script is still running? I believe I'm missing some noggles as well, and I don't want to make an unnecessary ticket, especially since it's Christmas and all that.
  13. Me.Church

    Prime packs and the prime noggles

    Yep, as suspected, it's only packs that contained prime warframes, according to DE Drew. With that said, I'm missing noggles still.
  14. Me.Church

    Prime packs and the prime noggles

    Well, afaik, the inbox message included "Prime Vaults" Now in the past, whenever primes were unvaulted, there was no option to purchase accessories only. Nowadays there is an option to purchase the bundle with the frames, or the accessories only. I am assuming that you would only get the prime noggles for the bundles you bought that included the frame itself. I don't know however. I came to the forums to see if there was an explanation from DE regarding this because, early on, there were prime vaults that I purchased that did not have accessory pack options. So I got those noggles. But the later prime vaults included accessory packs and I only purchased those, and thereby got no noggles. In addition to this, for the Prime Access packs, I only ever purchase the accessory packs and I've received no noggles for those purchases (again, I assumed from this that I needed to purchase a bundle with the frame included to get the noggle). But like the poster above me, a definitive answer would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: the poster above me claims to have gotten noggles for accessory packs purchases. I haven't gotten any for those so again, I'm just assuming.
  15. Me.Church

    Well... just came back after a hiatus..

    None of that changes the fact that it's an RNG issue. That was my point. Either there's someone complaining about the RnG in relics, or someone complaining about the RnG for a frame part from a boss, or someone complaining about the RnG for fish in Fortuna/PoE. I can go on and on. It still comes back to RnG.