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  1. No worries. I have another game to keep me pre-occupied for quite some time. Good luck!
  2. Why does that 90-day Resource Booster look like bait for all the people farming Steel Essence (with Khora)? And you're launching this before the Warframe Revised update goes live later this year where certain "abusive strategies" will be fixed???
  3. +1 You are the only person, apart from myself, that I've seen publicly acknowledging this. Not to derail the thread but I was certainly sure that (after playing that quest) somewhere along the line, The Sacrifice quest underwent drastic changes that narrowed its scope tremendously, obviously due to the fact that PoE "had to be released" in 2017. For what it's worth, The Sacrifice was the last thing I was genuinely hyped for in this game. Been disappointed with everything that followed since then, for the most part.
  4. Not sure why this was added, or if it was an accidental addition but it surely is annoying, especially when you're constantly doing missions back to back in murmur farming. Please fix this.
  5. If I remember correctly we had this issue with one of the previous nightwave seasons. Clearly the developers did not learn. Not going to lie. I assumed that they learnt from this in the past and was going to allow us to rank up the prestige levels indefinitely. But you know what they say about making assumptions....
  6. The way I see it, Liches and Railjack are poor imitations of systems from other games that did them better. It's not exactly innovation. I tried Liches when they had just come out. It made me hate the game in ways I had never hated it before. But then Scarlet Spear went live this year. And then that made me hate the game in ways I had never hated it before. So with regards to Liches? Yes my opinion of it has changed. I hate it less than I used to. That doesn't mean the system is in a perfect spot, nor does it mean that the grind to hit the 60% bonus damage cap on all 16 kuva wea
  7. Allegedly, this was the response (by devs) to people farming Steel Essence in Ophelia, down in the hole/basement.
  8. Ridiculous things past and present? Okay, I'll bite: - Falling through the map is still a thing - Zorencoptering may be gone, but even with the momentum-based movement system we have now, there's still a chance for you to fling yourself across the map. And they dumped wall-running for this. Not very ninja imo. - Glitching into the wall - Glitching in sharkwing and/or being unable to use your melee or operator mode - There are still people that's salty af about not owning Excalibur Prime despite DE giving the finger to all Founders that own said frame, by handing o
  9. Any plans for the 3rd Orb Mother Fight? Kinda sad to see her drowning herself out of sheer depression from being neglected. Any plans for continued boss reworks? Kinda sad that the Sergeant is still a meme, while the new Jackal fight is quite nice. Any plans for Colossus-type fight now that Deimos is here? It'll be the perfect place for a huge infested boss fight. Maybe Let us fight Fass/Vome since they already exist. Any plans to increase the maximum riven cap soon? Maybe when you do the infested kitguns? Btw, are those coming before the end of the year? Any plans for the
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