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  1. Last time I was genuinely scared in Warframe? Hummm Oh. I remember. It was my first meeting with the stalker. In a void mission. In 2013. Those were good times. I'd love to be scared again, as much as I was back then.
  2. Oh...rip I didnt even notice they nerfed the Cyath too. Welp I think I'ma just stop logging in altogether. All my favourite things which are "out of meta" and not actually overpowered, still gets hit with the nerf bat.
  3. Agreed with all of this. The game's mind-bogglingly frustrating to play as time passes. I never thought years ago, that I would straight up not want to play Warframe. It's so sad. Also, I think the only exploitation that's taking place here, is DE exploiting it's player base with these random af disposition changes. Laughable. I used to spend hundreds of hours farming kuva (For e.g. I rolled a Kohm riven 400 times xD) because I wanted to get strong rivens for the weapons I liked using. But I don't do any of that now. In fact, I hardly play this game. Were it not for the intrinsic farming in scarlet spear, I'd just log in for the daily login reward and log back out. The game's clearly heading in a direction that will drive players like me away. But I'm not the one making these decisions.
  4. Why do you think nothing changes with the way this game continues to get content updates that are absolutely bugged out of this world? Or QoL changes like these riven disposition changes that completely invalidates people's hard work every 3 months. Like someone said, this is just bait-n-switch to allow people to purchase platinum to spend on "good" rivens, only for DE to nerf it into oblivion and buff something else so the process is repeated. This is, at the end of the day, exactly what takes place.
  5. DE apparently does not understand what skewed data is. I explained this to them last year when plaguestar was out and people were spamming rubico prime. They still nerfed the rubico prime disposition for the 3rd time i think when the next prime access came out.
  6. They did the changes in small increments because in the next riven disposition change, they will nerf all these melee weapons again. and again after that too. That's what they do with primary and secondary weapons. So just you wait, the gram prime will hit 0.8 or 0.6 eventually. Trust me, DE has the sickening pride to do it. In any case, a lot of other posters have shared sentiments that I also feel about these pathetic changes, resulting in hard work and time dedicated to getting the most valuable stuff, just getting thrown out the window. So I just came to upvote those good posts. Also cheers DE. I couldn't be spat in the face any more boldly or any more consistently by any one else.
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