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  1. Or you could also just go to a relay that's not busy or full.
  2. Using the Shawzin, I ran into a clan mate in Fortuna and it apparently turns out that you can't hear other people playing the Shawzin in player hubs. This includes all relays, Fortuna, and Cetus. However, it can be played and heard in missions and other people's orbiters. This is personal but something that should be allowed: I want to be able to gather a crowd playing the Shawzin in Fortuna or even Cetus, for other people to hear my work. It's really disappointing that you can't hear it there, because then you can't do things like duets or quartets with friends, which would be great once some form of bass Shawzin comes out.
  3. This happens to me and I completely agree that it should be fixed as soon as possible.
  4. I do typically play solo and that's one of roughly 3 reasons.
  5. I feel like there should be a way to disable teammates weapon energies in the display settings. As someone with sensitive eyesight, whenever someone brings a staticor with white energy, it brings me physical pain. Same goes with mirage and pretty much any weapon, it's literally become a meme to use white energy staticor and what they don't realize is that it is actually painful for people like me to run into missions like hydron where it's mildly dark and then just a sudden flash of light keeps reappearing.
  6. We got all the Gauss parts and the Acceltra blueprint in 24 minutes. This was not the original intention of the post. It's easy to farm if you know what you're doing.
  7. You also can't forget that there's the off chance of getting a universal syndicate medallion instead of kuva, making it less effective, AND less consistent than Taveuni.
  8. Kuva Fortress/Tamu (Disruption) Rotation A 100X Kuva Very Common (100.00%) Rotation B 200X Kuva Very Common (100.00%) Rotation C 350X Kuva Very Common (95.00%) Universal Medallion Rare (5.00%) Nope.
  9. To clarify your misunderstanding, I'm talking about how much money I spent on my PC. I would never spend money on a game that the devs clearly don't care about whatsoever.
  10. Yea, something definitely needs to be done with a graphics overhaul. I didn't spend an insane amount of money for a person with shaky hands to grab an airbrush and spray on some bullcrap. The model is nice, but the textures of most stuff in this game are getting really weak. Here's a picture of the arsenal up close to show you how lazy DE has become.
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