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  1. Both Cycuta Items have something off to them The Syandana has two chunks of cloth that i guess should not be there: http://prntscr.com/p3ef2l And the Sigil bugs out when viewed from a specific angle: https://gyazo.com/1820cb6911ed89377e2a3c33c5b31c8e It would be really really nice if both could be fixed soon Also, is there any possibility to PBR both - Velorum Prime and Cycuta Prime - Sigils just like the Rift Walker Prime was PBRed? Been waiting for that since the unvault of the Velorum Prime Sigil
  2. Thanks for the Hotfix! Can we expect to see any reworks of the Cycuta Prime Sigil aswell as the Velorum Prime Sigil? You said you were going to improve those aswell when you reworked the Rift Walker Prime Sigil
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