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  1. well I have trouble with the challenges that ask for x amount of point in a combo I traid everything that people suggest for that but nothing work,maybe it has to be with the fact that the game itself didn't even allow me to use k-drives in the first place after like a month after fortune came out(the character auto-dismounted from the k-drive whenever I tried to mount one(including evocipods in deimos)so I literally had no practice with k-drives until yareli's quest was introduced(only after that update I was able to mount and use a k-drive)
  2. I don't know if this is the correct place to put this so i apologize if it is in the wrong part of the forum but I had to say it,the waverider quest is the most annoying,infuriating and boring quest/mission in the whole game,it fells like the game is just laughing at me all the time for not being good at k-drives(especially with the combo challenges)and honestly the k-drives where pretty fun until this quest came out because it fells like it was made by and for k-drive experts just trying to complete this thing kills the fun and liking for k-drives
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