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  1. Clan name: Elite Instinct Clan tier: Shadow Platform: PS4 Clan roll: Leader/Architect Feature image: https://imgur.com/jSvGzmR Whole dojo picture album with notes: https://imgur.com/gallery/N7SmrUC Hey we are Elite Instinct and we welcome you to have a look at our beautiful dojo. Most of it was done by two people with help along the way from our amazing clan members. We went for a clean 100% finished look where we did every room and hallway with a constant theme and a high standard finish where every decoration and item is placed and joined up perfectly. We have it all.. From a robot thats so big it's bursting though two floors and a Clemobile, to a secret garden with a floating tennohenge and a toy room which includes a indy/F1 car and a steamtrain. We hope you enjoyed our dojo and good luck to all.
  2. Clan name: Elite Instinct Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: PS4 Clan role: Founder and architect Hi and welcome to the Elite Instinct dojo, we wanted a simple easy to find your way around dojo with making maximum use out the space we used. We kept the design to a super high 100% complete look where every room and corridor is worth a stop and look, the main colour scheme and design ethos runs mainly throughout the whole dojo. We like to make multiple points of interest in each room and try to make the whole room beautiful not just the sculptures and robots. We hope you like the dojo, thank you for your time reading and viewing our post. https://imgur.com/a/N7SmrUC Lots of images in album but it is a massive dojo with so much to see :) Pictures have notes as well.
  3. Clan name : Elite Instinct clan tier: ghost Platform: PS4 clan role: founder The video quality is abit low as I made and uploaded on my ps4 (looks ok on phone screen tho) added pictures to hopefully show the desired look. If you would like a tour or to run around the dojo please free feel to message me on psn NinjaTeddy666. I hope u enjoy and good luck to all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UkLyVRsXg4 https://imgur.com/a/SyjJ1RT
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