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  1. What an awesome Dojo, the battle with all the star ships really brought me back to my science fiction roots. Great work, especially with the X wing. I hope you get a trophy for that one sir.
  2. Name: Eat Sleep Warframe Tier: Storm Platform: PS4 Role: Founding Warlord Special thanks to all of the clan, the founding members, the design team, the alliance, and everyone involved in our community. Our most notable feature, The Slip n Slide, was the first decorative feature added to the Dojo. We placed water pools and fountains, under it and around it, and called it a "water slide" since it's inception. We always dreamed of having a real water slide and that is now a reality! Thanks DE! Good Luck to all the clans on all platforms! {Eat Sleep Warframe} is a social clan. We take in all MR and skill level. Our decorated areas are mostly social hot spots (there's a trade port in each). With natural, "green", areas throughout. Featured in the Dojo, in the order presented in the video. The Forest (spawn room): the infamous "Get Lit" Bar. Flaming Christmas tree and Snowman. Natural waterfall and canopy The Labs: Tenno Lab - Lua (feels like home) Chem Lab - Dragon caught in the wires. Bio Lab - Clear and Present Danger Energy Lab- Robot Office/Workshop The Korova Milk Bar: Lua/Orokin area. Cyberpunk Cafe: Cyberpunk style social area. Public Ludoplex. Trophy Hall: Our Loki is adorned with Prodman posters and massive Wings. Space Port: Corpus/Orokin based international Space travel. All Tenno must pass through customs. Bring Me The Horizon: Area for open viewing of Space. Equipped with a trade port. Slip n' Slide: Tree (founding warlord) Found a baby Angler Fish on Uranus. as it grew, it began smashing the sides of the slide room, causing the windows to crack and let in water. The walls crystallized, making rock formations that further compromised the integrity of the dojo. We installed a Gatling Gun to keep the Fish in check. Tree Hall and Dragonfly Room: a tree was cloned from the tree planted in {Forged Shikigami}, and planted in the First hall of Eat Sleep Warframe. Water began to seep in and soon foliage and giant insects followed. WiP: A giant Tree grew in space creating an oasis where dragonflies and plants thrive. second video (drop box link) is a clan party that we held on the 12th. Edited by Fenrushak (architect in clan). it showcases an area not featured in the first video. Wifi Lounge: orokin/corpus. Houses clan servers and has free wifi. there is more in the dojo and plenty in progress, these are the works we have finished and feel confident in showing off. ~an_odd_tree https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxo9pt6yexn4v36/My Video.mp4?dl=0
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