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  1. Do you realize what it's like for people who solely rely on in-game information for this event? You get progress bars in your mission menu with no clue as to what they are or how to fill them. The bars fill. Apparently other people figured it out. There's a huge jump in the progress bars. The progress bars disappear. ???? We shouldn't have to rely on the forums and subreddit for basic instructions on how to do an event and what is going on with the event. This information should be provided in-game or you should redirect us to the forums or subreddit from within the game. edit: Every other event at least gives us a message in our in-game 'inbox' with the basic premise and instructions.
  2. Sealed 4 fractures with my squad of three players. Afterwards we left Orb Vallis through the elevator to Fortuna. Only the person carrying the canister then got event points, the rest of the squad didn't. After a while the UI in my orbiter updated to reflect I sealed 4 fractures after all?
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