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  1. I was downloading the latest update (Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0), and the cache optimization (about an hour) and the download (another hour) kind of handicaped me in my choices of activities on my PC. Since there was no "pause" option, I had to let it ride, but it kind of brought into focus the fact that in 2020, your downloader might need a little re-engineering, or at least,, some thinking over. Like the fact that it doesn't offer the option to remember the password. I'm sure other players might have other suggestions. Anyway, thanks for the game, and have a good one!
  2. Will you be able to tell us how much disc space is required to run the update before we strat it? I've had problems in the past with updates that took way more disc space than the annonced disk space required for it...
  3. I would have preferred Trinity. The thought of going back to fight those Ambulas sends a chill down my spine...
  4. tprx

    Spy end of mission screen

    oh, I see... doesn't seem very good to me, I'll have to hover over all the items to find the "identified" one. Who designed that UI anyway? But thanks for the tip!
  5. It doesn't indicate when one of the vault item is a credit chip. In other words, you end up with 2 identified items, instead of 3, which is misleading. (well, I infer credits find are not "identified", since it's the only logical explanation to having only 2 identified when I know I opened all three vaults).
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