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  1. Just did 2 invasions assassinating Phorlid. That's 6 assassinations in a row. And I got no Stalker assassination mark. So, does that mean Stalker marks are unavailable during the Acolytes event? Or did I break the game?
  2. I was doing a solo mobile defense mission (the syndicate version). Every time I completed an objective, I went exploring for medallions, leaving the data mass at the last completed objective. At the second, the data mass sunk in the floor and was not available for retrieval when I went back. I've noticed on previous missions that at that position, it was sometimes almost impossible to pick up the data mass even when you were waiting for it. Here's the location: The data mass doesn't even show on the map anymore. I did finish my Riven challenge, but got no other rewards (including rep) from that mission.
  3. tprx

    Riven capacity harassment

    I just reached my Riven capacity limit. I will either have to buy plat to buy more capacity or clean up my inventory. It's a chore I'm not exactly looking forward to. I'd rather enjoy playing the game, especially since this week has 2 ongoing event: Razorback and Acolytes. But there's that message that keeps popping up: buy new Riven capacity or else! I'm sorry to tell you, DE, that this is harassment to buy plat. I wouldn't mind if that message came on every time I log in to remind me that my capacity is full. But I keep having the message after missions. It's NOT enjoyable. You keep saying you are listening to your community. Yet I'm not the first one to feel beset and post about this passive aggressive intrusion. Please do something about this. It mires an otherwise impressive game. Thank you for your time.
  4. Not much of an issue, but it takes about 5 seconds on a black screen before the star chart loads. This issue began with the last update. edit: make that 10 sec to load the star chart. (Well, 9 sec, but hey, who counts?)
  5. tprx

    Baro Ki Teer Discounts Tennocon

    Hum, I think there's some internet in the mayor's cabin, so Lumberjacks can send messages home and view pictures of moose, heh?
  6. Here's a pic: As you can see in the bottom left, the "tip" of a kronen blade shadows the mods.
  7. tprx

    Progression screen won't disappear

    During a mission, my progression screen just appeared and won't disappear. The mission progression marker that indicates where you have to go is disabled by this occurance, rendering mission progression impossible, thus forcing mission quit. Here's what it looks like: And that's after I opened than closed the progression screen. A few times.
  8. tprx

    Crash in Arsenal

    I put some mods on my archwing and weapons, than I checked my normal weapons, then went to check my frame and it soft crashed on me (threw me back to the loading screen). Can't enter my password (says "check your info"), have to restart the 'puter.
  9. tprx

    Couldn't rez my Kubrow

    Just started a T3 fissure in the void and 30 sec later, my Kubrow goes down. Now he has more than 1 min bleed out time, but I couldn't rez him, and neither could a team mate. Could it have been a radiation proc? Does the timer of a radiation proc stops when a player/companion goes down? Like I said, bleed-out time is more than enough for a proc to expire, unless the timer is stuck. My Kubrow has 2k health btw, I was surprised he went down so fast.
  10. tprx

    Alarms and control console

    They're just annoying, but for a starting player with mk-1 weapons and broken (unranked) mods...
  11. tprx

    Alarms and control console

    I've just started an alt to recapture the feel of early game play. And gosh, I had forgotten how annoying those pesky alarms are! So I thought, since the enemies need control consoles to start alarms, why not make them destructible? And if they somehow manage to start an alarm, all a player has to do is move to the next tile to use the next console to stop it. That change would not affect most of the player base, but it would let new players a little bit more freedom to explore maps.
  12. Oh! Since my Hydroid is maxed, I don't get anymore affinity. So if I install a focus lens, it would accumulate focus normally. Thanks guys :)
  13. When you kill enemies with Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm, you see the +x affinity on screen, but when you finish a mission, you have close to no affinity earned. Is that intended? Now I use Hydroid mainly for farming with Pilfering Swarm, so it's not much of an issue. But I've been wondering for some time now. Does other frames fourth ability give no affinity as well? edit: Forgot to ask: I currently have no focus lens on Hydroid. Since his fourth is my main source of damage, and since it doesn't seem to give affinity, is it worth it to equip a lens? In other words, does a lens equiped on Hydroid gives any focus at all or is it a waste?
  14. Sure, I'll waste one of my loadouts to equip a bow for when there's a sortie that requires it...