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  1. I've noticed that Loki's energy aura disappears in invisibility mods when using a scanner, which render him completely invisible. It also just happened during a mission, but I have not used a scanner. Just don't know what triggered it.
  2. tprx

    Unusable mods

    I had this issue too yesterday with my Galatine Prime. I switched to another melee, then back to Galatine, and the missing mods were available again.
  3. Okay, I get it, nobody cares about these numbers, then just get rid of them. Case closed, no more problem. But if they stay, they need to be modified.
  4. If nobody cares about the number of missions ending in failure due to crash or bugs, than it shouldn't be a problem to add it in the profile? Or would it? Same "discretion" should be applied to the players as it is to the company. Why should I endorse someone else failures? Don't get me wrong, I love this game, and I know they're working really hard to smack the bugs as they're rearing their ugly heads, but since it happens at least once or twice a day, having those failed mission added to the counter is like adding insult to injury.
  5. I'm peeved. I knew something was amiss with my stats. So I noted my numbers. And last mission, after extraction, I got the "failed to update data" message. Had to close the game, even the computer, to restart. Now that means I lost all rewards for my mission. But heck, it happens from time to time, I can live with it. But the first thing I do when I get back in my orbiter is check my stats. And here you have it: my failed missions counter has been increased by 1! WHAT? You failed, not me! Where's your counter with the "missions couldn't be completed" (had an extermination sortie mission yesterday where NO ENEMIES SPAWNED!). It's ridiculous. So now, not only I lose my time and my rewards, I LOSE MY REPUTATION TOO? Do you want me to drop my pants while we're at it? If I'm not mistaken, this behind the scene change on our status counter is relatively new. Change it back. I can't complete a mission because of a bug? Heck yes, I'll alt-F4 out. No need to increase my mission fail or quit counter. That's not part of your game, so that shouldn't be taken into account IN your game. Or be accountable and add a counter for the number of times the game is closed by outside means. That would include players alt-F4 AND your game crashes. No need to pee on my reputation. That new counter would be equitable and would take into account that nobody, even you, is perfect. Thank you for your time, my rant is now concluded. Oh and now I must go and redo my mission, hoping it won't failed due to a server failure.
  6. Got to my 4th excavator and no more Power cells. Went and activated a few other sites, spawn rate increased (to what it normally is), but still no more Power cells. I was doing the Inaros quest and I was looking for Brood Mothers, so it's not that bad, but still, the spawn rate of the unit carrying the Power cells are now worst than ever. Good news though, it can't get worse than a 0% spawn rate XD!
  7. Even in real life friends drift apart. Today you're playing Warframe, tomorrow... We all change. Honestly op, If you liked playing with clan mates, give it another try. Get a dozen new players and maybe a few old hands together, and who knows? Don't let that incident stop you. In fact, use it to improve: make clear rules about behavior in clan chat and on discord, what topics to avoid, so no one will be surprised if you give a bad apple a warning, then a time out, and if nothing else does it, the boot. I understand being the adult is a lot of responsibilities, and less fun, but heck, that's how you teach children to become adults in their turn :)
  8. tprx

    Starter Frames

    Chroma need saryn parts... From Sedna, which is one of the last planets. Rhino is a very good starter choice, and if you have access to dojo research, Nezha is fun to play. And he doesn't take a lot of resources to craft. You also get Volt from the dojo. Get Frost as soon as you can: it's been my fav frame from the moment I got him. You get him on Ceres. Put a catalyst on your fav frame, but wait before you put too many formas. Forma is for high-drain mods, but until you get farther in the game, you'll end up with polarities that are meh, and you'll have to change them or cook a new frame. I've put 4 forma on a frost that I ended up scrapping because the polarities didn't fit the best mods I found later on. But heh, experiment and find a balance between the mods you have now and the mods you'll get later on. And remember, wiki is your friend :)
  9. tprx

    (PC) Toggle Alternate Fire

    I skipped most of the posts. I had a problem with alt-fire too. I went into the options>controls>key binding and now I activate my alt fire with [tab] (I didn't need the view progress report thingy). You can re-map alt fire to any key you like.
  10. I fell in love with the Azima (100 days log in gift). It has high slash damage, 16% crit chance and status. And the alt fire is funny!
  11. tprx

    Mastery rank test and having to wait

    I understand your frustration. I've practiced every test even those I was pretty sure were easy. So I haven't failed one yet. Because if I do, I know myself, I'll go banana-berserk! Better lose a few hours practicing than lose a day waiting. That being said, there's only 25 mastery ranks so far. So if you rush them, you'll end up with nothing to look forward to. I admit, I didn't believe that myself until I reached MR 20. Now I kind of apprehend getting there... No more gathering resources... No more getting blueprints... No more farming frame parts...
  12. tprx

    Cestus crashing

    When I try to enter the Quills area I crash. Happened 4 times already today. Doesn't matter if I walk there or if I fast travel, if I approach in my operator or my frame, it crashes right in front of the door. Here's the latest crash number submitted: WAR-1834974
  13. tprx

    Today's Sortie is an impossible Bug Fest

    Thanks for the clarification. But... I can't rez myself because I'm an enemy? Had to wait the timer out to clic the revive option on screen.
  14. Same relics as the level 10-30 bounties. Levels 20-40 and 30-50 has the meso and neo respectively, so I guess it's a mistake. Should be Axi... And shouldn't Bounty relics have some of the new prime parts?
  15. First mission: extermination without any enemies. 2nd try: Session fails to upload. 3rd try: we got it. Second mission: can't use X to a) revive myself, b) revive others (and the first excavator spawns in a radiation hazard zone... Didn't stay for a second!) I give up. Too many bugs. Just hope it's a one-day thing...