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  1. How is it that I love to find one of those randomly in a mission, yet I hate when I receive one as a reward from sorties and arbitration?
  2. Could you please use a separate server to try out new changes in the future? I'm so tired as a PC player to serve as your guinea pig for every new changes. Other games have players try out changes before they're added to the game. Why do you still force us, PC players, to beta test every new content? IT HARDLY EVER WORKS AS EXPECTED!
  3. Here's what the launcher on PC looks like, with the settings open: https://imgur.com/cmxvzPF I'm not sure we're talking about the same platform. If we are, please indicate where to clic! Thank you for your time!
  4. Where can I turn down/off the sound volume for the launcher? Thanks!
  5. I was hoping for a toggle type solution in the options maybe, like having the option to never dual wield while having a single-handed pistol and a glaive equipped. But I resolved my issue by simply not equipping a secondary. But I guess I'll go and equip an ak-pistol instead! Thanks.
  6. the Cephalite fissures will probably augment in frequency as the nightwave move forward, like the Wolf apparition back when.
  7. I've been watching the stream from the start to the final raid, and I only got the Zenurik lense, so I think something was broken with the second drop.
  8. Since I've been gone for the last year, I for one have been happy with the long intermission: it let me complete all 30 levels! But yes, I totally get behind you to want to bring a quality product. The multitude of little problems with Scarlet Spear must have been a running nightmare for you guys! Looking forward for the new serie, and thanks for the game!
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