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  1. tprx

    Stuck in an upward movement

    I just did a Kuria scan (6.3) when my frame was caught in an upward loop. It would go up then reset. /unstuck didn't help, and moving in any direction either. I was doing the eliminate mission on Puck, Uranus. Here's the pict from the position: Edit: There were no enemies under water. On the following attempts I had to go between the last two tiles to finish the exterminate at the end of the mission.
  2. The mainline changed how the items were positioned on the gear wheel, so they do not correspond to the key bindings setting. While not a bug per se, it can be annoying...
  3. I've had this bug for a week now, and it seems to happen when scorch fires at me. My magazine empties, and it won't reload, wither automatic or by pressing R. I have to change weapons then back, then it will work. But not if I'm on fire.
  4. I was on the defense mission on Io when I noticed the condor dropship can damage my frame through my Frost's snow globe. Is that intentional or is it a bug? If it is intentional, that's kind of nasty. Can they also damage Rhino through his iron skin?
  5. Is that really a thing? Like 1 effect isn't enough already? Well, that's probably it. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. I had a decaying dragon key equipped, but after I opened the door with it, I had the effect of a hobbled dragon key (which was in my inventory).
  7. Thank you very much, I'm much obliged :)
  8. I've check in the codex, but the only entry is the generic Zaw. So where do I retrieve this information?
  9. And here goes the toxic train. The community in the game might be good, but the community on this forum is crap. All the more for the "like-me" baiter and the posts number addicts. My comment might not add anything to the game, yours take away from the legend that the WF community is nice. Hope you feel better about yourselves! (Fanboys!)
  10. tprx

    Devstream #116 Overview

    The videos on the overview page shouldn't automatically play when you open the page. It absolutely kills the experience for me, so much so I'll have to go without reading the comments. If I want to see the video, I'll head over to twitch, thank you very much.
  11. tprx

    Sorties Archwing

    You forgot Trinity...
  12. Same relics as the level 10-30 bounties. Levels 20-40 and 30-50 has the meso and neo respectively, so I guess it's a mistake. Should be Axi... And shouldn't Bounty relics have some of the new prime parts?
  13. tprx

    [PC] Update 23: General Feedback Megathread

    That does help a little, but I was thinking much bigger, maybe 400% of the max scale we have now. Also, that doesn't affect the icons in the equipment list for example. But heck, this is definitely not a show stopper - until I get much older and my eye sight much worse :) (Just got a vision of me playing with a magnifying glass lol!)