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  1. Sooo... When does Nightwave 1 ends exactly? May 13th? May 15th? Later? Having the specific end date will make it so players can wait to use their Wolf Creds, and not fear of losing them if they wait too long. And yes, I'm waiting so I can see more choices from the Nightwave store, in case something catch my eye before I empty my purse buying Potatoes.
  2. I've had this bug a few times, but didn't thing much out of it. But then it hit me: I'm not using my powers, so why would scanning the target send it into the rift? And I've not noticed it happening with other frames (but I rarely use other frames for the Simaris daily). For a long time I thought it was an inherent power some target had, but I'm not so sure anymore.
  3. I use Zenurik for the Energy Dash. The Void Dash takes Loki out of Invisibility, but the timer doesn't go back to zero, so when I try to go back to invisible, I get the "Power already in use" message.
  4. Where every other enemy is a Parasitic Eximus.
  5. In the (excellent) Warframe Wiki, it is stated that the standing reward for completing a syndicate alert mission "is independent of the daily limit, not contributing to nor being hindered by it". I've lately checked, and it is no longer true: the posted standing reward for a syndicate alert mission is taken out of the daily standing maximum limit possible, in addition to the worn syndicate sigil standing earned in mission. My question is, is it an error in the wiki or a change in-game? And why did I believe for the longest time that the wiki had it right?
  6. Thank you DE. I didn't know how much I needed it until I got it :)
  7. Wouldn't it be a nice QoL improvements if you could refine relics in the Void Relics selection screen at the start (and during) Fissure missions?
  8. I've taken a look at my Rivens post-update, and my arca plasmor Riven just doesn't compete with normal mods anymore. Now, I'm going to have to re-forma my Riven slot so I can equip a conventional mod. What is the use of a Riven for popular weapons now? Just take those weapons out of the Riven rotation, and owned the fact that Riven are for less popular/broken weapons. Getting an Arca Plasmor Riven now is like "I would have preferred an Ayatan statue: I don't have to unveil that before I turn it into endo, and I get more for it too!" At some point, lowering dispositions just makes Riven useless junk. It's simple arithmetics. You should put a lower limit, or you'll just end up breaking the Riven system even more. And one more point: I'll keep using my arca plasmor without Riven, and my ignis wraith (never had a riven for that one). And many other players will do too. So those 2 weapons will keep being on top of the popularity list. Does this means their Riven disposition will keep being lowered? Will they get a negative Riven disposition eventually? Or will you just go out of your way to nerf them, like you did so many weapons/abilities that players loved in the past (Tonkor, Synoid Simulor, Castanas+Trinity, Ember's world on fire, etc.)?
  9. Let me see if I understand this right: the idea for the monthly Riven disposition updates is for the most popular weapons to have their Riven disposition reach 0.0 before the end of the summer1? In other words, will there be a floor limit to these changes, or will you continue punishing players for liking certain weapons more than the rest? Why not. instead, just make the other weapons better, or give them boosts? 1: well, October at the rate of -0.1 every month.
  10. I think you meant to say "the orbiter", since the Liset is one of the four landing craft...
  11. Doing an excavation mission on Hieracon, and it seems that after picking up a powercell and using it on an excavator, I'm stuck with using only 1 of the furis. The other can be seen in the left hand of the frame, it just doesn't fire. I've never had this bug before.
  12. Because the last time I tried to use the optimization option, it didn't go well. I did leave another message relating to the issue (asking DE if it would be possible to add how much memory space was needed to perform the optimization). But I got no response. But hey, you know what Katniss said: "Thank you for your consideration".
  13. Efficiency is hard capped at 75%. A Prime Streamline would do the job! I'd go with Frost Prime: he needs Armor and Efficiency for the snow globe, and health is always nice to have. I'd go with Rhino Prime, but I usually use that frame for very specific (and rare) occasions.
  14. You talked about changing the mods packs. Might I suggest adding credits and endo to the packs, to let new players rank up some of the mods in the packs right away? Since for new players, getting credits and endo can be a major undertaking.
  15. When you right-clic a mod in the arsenal>upgrades window, it auto-unequipped the last Arcane installed, not the mod being right-clic'ed.
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