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  1. Well, there's the next big thing in Warframe! Also, great idea for a future frame 😄 Imagine Big Titania in the planes, at night, having a tea party with the Eidolons...
  2. the Cephalite fissures will probably augment in frequency as the nightwave move forward, like the Wolf apparition back when.
  3. I've been watching the stream from the start to the final raid, and I only got the Zenurik lense, so I think something was broken with the second drop.
  4. If not, couldn't a thingy be introduced as a rare reward for some event that would allow us to uninstall a focus lense (or an umbra forma, since they're rare as s**t, and if you install it then regret your choice, you're up s**t creek without a paddle).
  5. Thanks, guys. I did Montes, Venus, killed 91 enemies but I didn't see any completion in the Glassmaker UI (still indicates I need to kill 500 enemies with the Archgun). I'll try again in different missions.
  6. So, what am I supposed to do, go on Railjack missions or use the Archgun in normal missions (with the gravimag installed)? And does that mean that Archwing missions are officially dead?
  7. just a fyi, tried a few possible combination, but I found Loki (or any stealth frame) can do it without even using the trap: since the stealth ability doesn't apply to the target, you can scan it without it even being aware you're there! Btw, why not allow Limbo to scan from the rift? Since enemies can see him even when he is phased out, doesn't it follow that Limbo can scan them? I mean, you can't even pass through them, so there's an interraction between the rifted Limbo and the enemies... I guess it would just break the scanning farming, I guess... But then, stealth scanning is allowed?
  8. Since I've been gone for the last year, I for one have been happy with the long intermission: it let me complete all 30 levels! But yes, I totally get behind you to want to bring a quality product. The multitude of little problems with Scarlet Spear must have been a running nightmare for you guys! Looking forward for the new serie, and thanks for the game!
  9. Just came back from scanning 2 swarm-mutalist MOAs. Used a Frost. The kinetic siphon trap stops the target just long enough for me to switch to my scanner, but just before I can scan it, it's free again. So I use my 4 (freezes every thing in range). Scan 1 node and... the target enters the limbo rift and is then unscannable? Then I try my first (quick freeze), and the mutalist just barely slows down? And since that target acts like a headless chicken dancing disco, it's just barely possible to finally scan all its nodes... after 5 minutes? I really don't understand why you made this part of the game harder. So I guess it's just broken. day 1.
  10. Same on PC. I've been spamming traps like stupid, thinking maybe I hit the wrong item on my wheel. Why is this still an issue?
  11. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 sec after every stream!!! and before, and during...
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