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  1. can we expect a change to PoE bounties to be like the vallis bounties with a little challenge and increased reward
  2. Can you please unlock the content rather than locking it behind the community wall,Thank you
  3. What! you dont know Zanagoth , then i suggest to go check him out theres a video there maybe a bunch of him Breaking the game,and you know i dont care about an exploit or anything i want peaple to understand the situation here and keep their careless responds to themselves
  4. well then zanagoth broke the game in his latest video (power donation) and yet hes free to play ,care to explain
  5. Well no one is banning anyone because you know, in ESO you can do same max anything in no time, i really dont see it here your not touching other players or ruining there ranked rank or anything i mean all you can gain is 60 mod capacity and maybe 3k MR points or what ever , other partners broke the game literally and they are free to play you know the rest.
  6. leveling is leveling, unfair advantage?i dont think so because everyone can max there weapons 5 mins or 1 min doesnt matter , another point though is the affinity booster (cough.. cough....) and you really think its ok and not an advantage, you should realllly consider that and put it in the discussion.
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