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  1. Just git gud, isn't that hard really
  2. Amazing, maybe show us how the acc stuff looks?
  3. Because Inaros is the worst frame in the game and in dire need of a rework
  4. Removing a mode just because you don't play it? That's pretty selfish. It'd ruin the fun for the few that play it. You didn't care about it till now, keep it that way, ty fam.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  6. Top text Bottom Text Please give reddit gold, tysm
  7. Agree they are bad and should feel bad
  8. Honestly yes, remove this System, it doesn't make any sense. All it does is punishing your more invested players. Contacting the support is also a waste of time because the we'll get the same automated response every time.
  9. And why is it so frowned upon in this community to have some challenge? I'm fine with everyone enjoying their game however they like to, however asking for the game to be made even easier is laughable, enemies are weak, like really weak, Levelcap runs are a joke by now because 9999's don't feel different than level 50's. Now most people will say "well that's your fault" but why? Why should i not be able to play however i want? It's cool, you guys like to play lax, but what's there for us to enjoy at this point? But knowing this forum..well whatever
  10. Ok It's quite saddening for me, that's why i said sadly. However, unlike you, i understand that everyone likes to play their own way, telling me however to play another game entirely just because you're disagreeing with my point of view is unneeded. Try to understand some other perspectives as well.
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