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  1. Thanks DE, mad hotfix! May we get Leaderboards for the upcoming Operation?
  2. What even is --C-- anyway? Looks like a random clan, atleast i've never heard of them. Also thanks for explaining on why he's behaving this childish about the topic.
  3. And your purpose here? Put everyone down that invested time and effort into getting it before Baro re-released it? That's kinda sad if i'm being honest.
  4. So any run above 2 hour is considered cheating? Because that will get you easily Trade Banned.Lots of my friends got trade banned the last couple of days,everytime for the same reason,Endurance runs. Their run times are between 2 Hour up to 9 Hours. DE should fix this mess not everyone's playing like a casual.
  5. Yeah it's way to much Energy imo, should be set to 1/s over 10 seconds, also add an cooldown to it.
  6. 404 - image not found! The url you entered is invalid or expired.
  7. I don't want to see the Alliance chat,it's uninteresting, please add this option. Thanks DE.
  8. Thanks DE. Can we nerf wukong a bit more?
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