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  1. scenrario 1 banish, riftsurge, banish --> 2nd banish (banish cast on rifted enemies) they leave rift, procing its radial banish. secnario 2 banish, riftsurge, killing riftsurged enemies inside rift --> riftsurge transferes to nearby enemies on death of its "host" (not only to rifted enemies but all enemies) anything else is a bug
  2. cataclysm riftbounds them and stasis freezes their attacks. most bosses actually cant dmg you when u are in the rift and they are not in cataclysm. i think banish is not affectable to stop trolling, also having reduced duration of banish makes it kidna useless as u have to swtich after few sec to banish and banish and banish again when u can just press 4 anyway to ur question: thats just how it works. its a bit weird and kinda useless. it only banishes them if they were in rift and then left it, but not if they never were in rift i guess its ment to be more energy efficient that way since u dont neccerarly need to press 3 each time again, but it just bad implemented since its only a transfer. also its mainly ment to be used together with cataclysm, since the energy "efficency" factor from automatically enerting rift then riftsurge having effect is only in cohension with cataclysm (since they more or less will automatically walk into it)
  3. nah what u dont understand. you dont shift sth from god tier, 10x stronger then next strongest nuke frame, to worst nukeframe in game from changing 10 to 9. i am saying it should be small number changes. main factor that should be reduced is range, mainly the spread range. if she doesnt reach 160 cast range and 45m spread !! 45m spread !!! thats the crazy thing. that is the reason why her decay doesnt matter, she spreads and infects way more then the decay can ever matter. decreasing the range mainly the spread range gives also more "room" for other people to start killing enemies. maybe make spread range unaffected by range mods but increase it in general. another way is like i said to give her spread on 3 abit more difficult, or plainly make it consume 1 mod slot so u have to pick between sth u want a bit more. having the spore + miamasa dmg increase makes no sense (i dont even know how it works atm with stacking viral status --> wouldnt that be a buff to miamasa, but havent looked into new status changes too much) changing all abit would make her just slightly weaker instead of 10x stronger then other nuke frames maybe only 5-2x stronger. changing 1 aspect would mean theyd need to be hit more drastically, depending on what is changed she is pushed to more defined position instead of doing everything
  4. i thought u ment to keep her status on abilities but take dmg of it away, but reading again you indeed only stated viral status on 4. Nonetheless is kinda funny how u keep defending ur saryn changes when they are just ... . Every comment here pointed out that saryn nerfs are reasonable, but skipping through it i didnt found 1 single person that said changing saryn in the direction you propose is sth nice or fun or helpful. So try again with reasonable suggestions (which would be adjustments on numbers and interactions)
  5. i am not the one saying that since inaros cant keep up with saryn dmg, saryn should be changed to support 😄 ?? you realise saryn range on spores rigth ? with ap it will reach same lockdown potential as nova 4 and corrsive procs will reduce armor, so more dmg, so atleast vs armored targets also has an increase of dmg as an effect (since their armor is reduced and as such their dmg reduction lowered) where did u see me comparing it to gara ? i compared it to trinity since trinity is basically the same but instead of it inflicting viral on enemy it has refill shield hp, so its closer to that then gara splinter storm. i mean you are the one saying since inaros cant keep up with saryn dmg, saryn should be changed. which is just wrong. Like i am all for adjusting saryn but complelty chaning her because an opposite role cant keep up with sth is just the wrong way. no idea what you meant with ur last setence, didnt go through whole thread just responded to ur main so yeah whatever.
  6. wrong. i dont even get why u take inaros as an example. why would you compare the tank which is near unkillable, to aoe nuke frame ? any opinion a inaros player has or had, is automatically invalidated by them picking inaros with bramma or ingis wraith and gram prime spin to win (secondary kuva nukor or catchmoon). ur changes to saryn not only make it not a nuke frame at all anymore, its just another utility frame. which giving by ur numbers will be absolute broken also. --> 70% for 30sec (ability strength affected, range affected ? cap?) --> seems kinda better then trinity 4. Spores that slow for 30% base value ? so nova 4 ? in high range and after 3 sec loot every enemy gives 1 additonal loot and it spreads ? so not only does it lock down the map with high slow, over a huge area, it also gives additional loot. and loot would be additional to nekros? so it outclasses hydroid or khora by 10000000x times The only logical solution is to nerf spores. It has too much range, 3 autoprocing spores (in combo with ingis) takes any skill from that it. 4 inflicitng double dmg if 1 is active. why is everything together with her 1 ? and lets not forget she isnt even abysmall energy hungry. it takes effort to drop her spores and worst of all. Look at that range. the reason why saryn is 10 tiers above everyone is because her 1 spreads and scales, her 4+1 have the 2 most usefull status effects and extreme high range. so a way to nerf saryn is hit the status chance on 1+4, reduce intial range and more then anything the spread range on her 1. make it so that her 3 augment spreads the spores not the normal version (like banshe sonar augment and only on kills). more diffcult to adjust would be an attempt to adjust the spore scaleing/growth/decay. i think the best way to nerf her would be a combination of all these, with only smaller number changes + her 3 change to augment, so that with the right "mastery" and build you can still achieve greatness but 0815 builds with ignis 3 spray will be quite weaker/ less efficient
  7. thats cc. what you are saying is rift is bad. the problem u are havign with is rift. the whole 2nd dimension. as it comes with general restrictions for everyone. and i personally absolutly do not care about those abilites. if people wanna use them they can. the thing thats more annoying is zephyr cant really stop her tornados, vauban cant really "disable" his bouny trap. hydroid can just stop using it and all enemies pop up so its not bad. impact atm is pretty more bugged (hotfixe said its not suppose to ragdoll anymore). i ll just tell it once. imagine enmies dealing more dmg (and with this i mainly mean. reduce all dmg reduction bullS#&$ we have. adaption. arcane guardian, abilites reachin 90% dmg reduction with just max intesify.) now lets go further. imagine a world, where no rivens exists that absolutle break our weapon dmg beyond any point of balanceing. lets go 1 step further. imagine a world where a dmg buff reach 300% without any real effort. (looking at general warframe ability buffs). We can go even beyond that. now imagine a world where not every singe warframe has a buff, a debuff, 75% dmg reduction from arcane guardian, 90% dmg reduction from adaption, magus lockdown for cc and dmg, magus elevate for instant heal. do we want to go even futher beyond? yes we do. a world where melee i single target. not aoe 6m range (highest base dmg of all weapons, whith heavyattack spam and spin to win still existing). Where the strongest primary weapons are either that oneshot every target (snipers and used to be shotguns) or oneshots everything without even aiming (every aoe/ launcher). Wow. you mean a game where fighting enmies may actually be difficult ? you mean a world where decent balance can exist ? you mean a world where differnt warframes abilities neeed to be used in cohension to fight of enemies. And now u just met a world where any sort of cc is relevant. I do realise Warframe moved more and more and more away from that regard. the only time cc is valueable is when u start playing the game, have to play solo to finish star chart missions and complete objectives. after that killing is everything. you kill everything so fast, with so little effort why owuld be bother to cc an eney for 1 sec. hey u playing trinity ? why even use 3+4. you are in a constant never ending loop of 3+4 (cause low duration) then 2 to interacte energy drain. and repeat. for most contnet arcane guardian + arcane aegis + adaption enables you to tank enemies inaros style till lvl 140+ and when u actually took dmg for once you just need to press 4. so yeah i mean you can see they noticed their mistake. that a warframe themed like limbo doesnt really work. Cause look at wisp. "weaves between dimensions", nice way to describe "is invisble". gives somewhat limbo like feel but isnt really
  8. i still dont get. whats ur point ? you speak about stasis right ? how is stasis not usefull for banish ? limbo has nearly no surviveability outside rift. 2 of his abilites dont work outside the rift and cataclysm is kinda energy expsive if its used on the "move". the reason he has good surviveability is because of the rift and his ability (dash) so swiftly enter it. Now in the rift his survivablity isnt by alot of means higher in general, it stems from his extremly good cc (stasis). when enemies cant move, they cant attack you, so u kinda cant take dmg, added with the "split" battlefield few in rift, alot outside it gives him his genreal good survivablity if played around those factors. so the enemy movement is not important on limbos 1 makes no sense. u stasis because u more or less have to because u will die if u dont. with banish u dont necersarly have to use stasis as it has an innate knockdown but that only does soo much. 4+2 is clearly is overall better, as it kinda fixes every problem stasis has and additionally enables the protection of static defense targets. problem is 4+2 is too #*!%ing strong. thats why u said limbo is already strong. 95% of the reason u said he is strong, is because of stasis and cataclysm interaction. And i dont disagree with that. it outshines every other defensive ability in the game, since it doesnt has "hp" (gara, frost) and lets no attacks from outside hurt stuff inside (khora). And in combinations with 2 they basically cant even enter cataclysm, as they are frozen on the rift, take constant rift transition dmg. --> 2 problems with that. 4 can cover an extremle huge area with + range builds (godlike vs grineer + infested), but because of that extreme range it can be difficult to play around it. 2nd problem is because of the stasis combination which is absolutly fantastic for + duration - range build for defensive properties, can make it quite annoying to actually play around cataclysm. Enemies on the edge enter and leave rift constantly. so it makes dmging enmies in that zone quite difficult (from both sides). You can work against that pressing 3 so they radial banish on leaving cataclysm edge, creating a zone outside of cataclysm of banished targets --> makes it easer to kill form inside cataclysm, but worse from outside. What you say is: use -range + duration build and accept ur only job is sitting besides defense target and pressing 4+2, since u essentially have no other abilities left in ur kit that are usefull cause of - range. and the moment someone uses + range + duration build you say: ahhhh #*!%ing limbo i cant kill enmies because of rift, why you trolling me. and i dont disagree with you. +range +duration builds tend to be somewhat annoying, and -range + duration build are the bests for the squad (but kinda the worst for limbo himself). so what i tried to do was take abit off straight up power form cataclyms and stasis and put them respectivly on 1 and 3. do you even know what a theme is ? i mean since you started with "i want everyone to have riftdash if limbo is in team" i guess you dont. It just reads like "i dont give a #*!%ing damn about limbo, i ll never touch limbo, the only thing i want is my freedom in killing everything" Ur revisted limbo kit: Rift Dash: removed rift ! dashing enters invuerability state but cant deal dmg aswell. dash again to end invuerbility state. gain 5/energy per sec while in invunerbiltiy state. Banish: cone as it is. rift removed. knock enemies down opening them up to ground finishers, allies hit have their negative status effects removed stasis: if active. freezes targets hit by 1 in "open for finisher" state. speeds up allies in cataclysm. rift surge: riftsurged targets cant pass through cataclysm. riftsurge targets affected by banish. have 15% hp/armor/shield stripped. cataclysm: rift removed. just a bubble (like frost but has no hp), shrinks over time. --> rift completly removed. all down sides gone. limbo theme completle gone because of it but inherently more teamfriendly and overall better. Just as an additonal info. this is more addressed to limbo players.. who the #*!% cares if none limbo players like his kit or not ? they dont care they dont play him. his 4+2 will still be super strong for defense missions. since basically nothing is really changed about it but besides that he is overall better and more usefull. grineer and infested are slightly more difficult to play against, while corpus will be slightly less difficult. just by playing the game useing his abilities normally he automatically gives his team options/effects to either join him in the rift or kill enemies inside rift without entering. Limbo will have slighty more dmg, but alot more utility, for a small amount of reduced "survivablity" since stasis is not instant. His augments are actually worth useing. 3 augments is a great overall buff. good dmg amp + dmg reduction, for everyone that kills riftsurged targets. Stasis augment, gives him again his survivablity back and upgrading his defensive capabilites to "old" values (since its same as now). Banish augment: gives heal and max hp. --> all those changes are ment so people acutally want to enter the rift to stack up their buff or to swiftly heal. as you say there is no real reason to enter the rift for most warframes besides small energy gain. besides a few warframes most have so much innate survivablity that they dont need "stasis" and "rift" to survive. So atm limbo is handicapped by it, while others dont really benefit by it. --> hence the reason why everyone hates to enter the rift and before you say "but i still cant kill enemies if they are in the rift and i am not" ---> i said it twice, u either overread it or ingored it. riftsurge grants every ally in 30m range (only need to be in range at moment of cast to receive buff) a buff, granting the weapon 20% dmg into the riftplane. So you can dmg the riftbound target, while u are not in the rift. what did i miss ? longe narrow cone, doenst require line of sight, goes throw walls, has a quadtratic hitbox around limbo himself so even with - range build, looking at the target u want to banish infront of u, u can banish targets left and right, aswell as behind you (while still lookin at the target infront of u). it instead of cataclysm forces you to be in the same plane as the enemy. since stasis doesnt work outside rift you are forced to use banish to survive then enter via rift dash, or just stay in rift and use 4 since again its overall better. --> all those are negative aspects hence no real reason to use it. banish before rework was single target worked regarding on plane always pushing it into the targets diffrent plane and was single target. problem with single target in game where 200 enmies swarm you is kinda useless. before the rework you had to use - range since useing high range with cataclysm just ment you may asell not use cataclysm atall (he didnt have stasis, so he had no real survivablity). So with the update they gave him aoe banish. because of that he needed some additional survivablity. at first they went with the cool time freeze gimmick version of stasis, that forced everyone to melee. because everyone hated having his primary and secondary weapions disabled they changed that and decreased duration. i am pretty sure they disliked 4 being basically a somewhat decnet defensive ability with minus range and having to real other reason besides that (2nd reason for stasis --> as it promotes high range cataclysm builds). rift surge (in concept) was this great ability of mini cataclysm which got scrabed and put to this cataclysm bandaid and "1+3 synergy" what ever its ment to be. and for whatever reason they then decided to give limbo a unique dash into the rift (99% its was limbos rework selling point). Now because he could change rifts without duration and without expending energy, while being able to "stasis" enmies inside the rift, they had to give him a negative aspect, or it would have been too strong (i think rework was released with octavia ? and octavia clearly wasnt too strong and still is not too strong ?) so they made banish only work while limbo is in same plane. Which killed his first and 3rd ability by default (because they are not worth useing) pushing him to 4+2... while 4+2 is great with range.. 4+2 with range can be annoying for team. so basically limbo got pushed back to useing 4 on defense target (which is stronger now cause he has 2, to support it) and riftdash, which made it easier to go afk besides ur cataclysm. (disregarded the short amount of time nuke like existest cause transition dmg was max hp based or sth like that, or it was cataclyms collapse dmg, sht had a weird calcuklation which got fixed quickly) --> so while limbo is obviously stronger because his old 2 got shifted to passive rift dash for no costs (having sth for free is always a buff) and then giving him great instant hard cc. nothing really is changed he is now mainly used to go afk, or by new players because rift is as strong with mods as without. and range + duration is op vs grineer and infested which are the only 2 factions that low mr plays against as nullifiers are anti-fun guys. so saying his less used abilitie dont deserve change cause 4+2 are making him strong, aswell as the minimal reduced effectivnes off 2 being asnwered with "i like how 2 is, its balanced and fun"
  9. --> this is kinda complicated. i think i gave a math example for it more or less in my first comment on the thread (1 spoiler) the way its ment to be is that if enemy gets into rift (taking base value 100 and only hp for simplicitiy), he ends up having 90hp (but 90hp is still counted as 100% hp). if the enemy leaves the rift then, it is dealt 10% active value as dmg --> would mean 90hp *0,9 = 81hp (but as it leaves the rift the rift state debuff is gone) --> 90hp*1,1 = 99hp (new max hp value) --> 81+9 = 90/99 hp (thats not that many stats taken away --> needs really alot of rift transitions to be op ! with banish i guess it could be stronger as "banishs" effect is permanent and scales with strength (numbers can always be adjusted as i stated. if its too op, just haf the bonus to 50%) yes he can hide for 60sec and then forcefully leaves the rift having to enter rift again. this atleast gives a forced reaction every min instead of every 4min and 59 sec cause of afk mark. its ment to be quicker and more versitle then the dash. for example it takes 0,5sec which get 80% dmg reduction over animation, but you can still perform all maneuvers only thing you cant do is attack while transitioning. --> no displacement, no self cc (cant do anything while in dash animation) personally i think the concept itself is very cool. it just doesnt work well with riftdash together. you said the tap banish is literally that. the reason why u are banished is mainly because u just happend to be there. Atm banish doenst require line of sight so if u stand behind a door and limbo targets an enemy 5m before the door with banish, he may banish you aswell. range in generall is hard to see, even worse if no line of sight is requirent and works through walls. thats why the tap. only banishes the faction of target. if he is hovering the enemy he banishes only enemies. if he targets an ally (npc, or player) only those get banished. so there is actually alot less "accidentals banishes". And if he is just banishing to annoy you, you simply report him the argument stopping to kill is dumb. (you said the same in previous comment) i disagree with it. For you maybe the only thing mattering is kill and dmg. You go public cause u like the game on easy difficulty and dont care for mission objective which is fine. but aslong as he doesnt completly hinder the mission i think havig few targets not damangable is not as horrible as you make it out to be. --> if u really want to kill those 4 targets limbo banished then noone stops u to move to the portal which has a map marker, enter the rift via it and kill the 4 enemies that annoyed you so much. on that regard what do usay about nxy 1, inaros sand soldiers, nekros shadows, nidus link, titainia 3, garuda blood let, all me the enemies unable for u to kill aswell. you more or less asked for it aswell in ur previous statement. you can enter when u want if there are enemies banished. there probably will be a portal somewhat close aswell. surge is the range where enemies in the rift get charged with the rift surge. its also the range in which allies get their cross plane dmg buff. the transfere range is the range around the the enemy with the riftsurge charge. so if that target is killed the charge will look for unaffected targets in a 10m area. you probably missunderstood the buff part: --> ull get 1/4 of the rift passive even if outside the rift --> 1/4 is still alot better then no buff outside rift. the enemies with rift surge take 15% more dmg. and you as a none limbo player will deal 20% of ur dmg to rift bound enemies while not in the rift. (so you can keep on killing everything and benefit alittle from limbo passive, but well its harder to kill enemies as 1/5 of ur dmg in later stages make it more difficult --> strength buffs dmg amp and the cross rift dmg, banish (and rift in general) reduces max hp armor shield value. so it will be alot quite alot easier for everyone to kill targets ill try to explain what i meant: in ur catalcysm are 10 enemies they all have 50% hp --> they have 1000 max hp (for simplicity/ max value) you cast 3. now enemies cant leave cataclysm. so when the cataclysm collapses all 10 enemies are "vaccumed" to the min range point. 5% of the hp is taken so for 10 enemies with 50% max hp --> 500 active hp, from that 5% so 25hp * 10 --> 250 dmg if enemies have 10000 and all have 100% hp --> its 500*10 --> 5000 bonus dmg added no then i added a duration thing. so when cataclysm duration naturally reaches its end, it always will deal 200% dmg. each enmy killed in the the cataclysm will then amplify the dmg by 5% for each kill aswell. --> the explosion dmg will always be over the intinal cataclysm range, but have 50% value at max range (dmg fall off). Since you have to go min duration for nuke build to work (as main factor for the dmg is if it ended naturally) 1. rift portals (same duration as banish + map marker). 2. rift surge cross plane dmg compartment for allies (only works from normal play to rift plane and only for allies, limbo doent get effect himself) nah thats the problem. its not balanced at all ! its super strong. The downside at first was you urself not bein able to use weapos since prjectiles got frozen up aswell. when they removed it they gutted the duration, so know you have to more or less use it twice for each ability you use, giving enemies a small windo to kill you. --> i gave the option for it back on the augment. sacrificing a mod slot for it doesnt seem bad, as its really strong. PS: personally i think squad play should be a give and take ! You should need to play around or better with allies to maximize their use. Having 4 people drooling themselfs playing as if they are solo but stacking 4x the buffs and debuffs seems not fun and counterintrusive to teamplay. if u dont want to write, talk, or play with peoples you can always play solo. I ll take my limbo into every mission (mind you i generally use 60-70% range). if i accidantally banish someone cause of weird hitboxes, then i tell them i am sorry, and unbanish them if they havent shift yet. And besides some weird people that go into public mission with minmax build that randomly harrass people for not "contributing" to the mission (speeding mission up) or passionate limbo haters i dont tend to get negative feedback. ps ps: longest ps ever
  10. warframe is not about being usefull, especially not in public groups. You play what you want, what you like and how you like (trolling, hindering the game or leeching are bad behavior obviously). Thats the reason why every frame seems to be able to do everything, or better has to be able to do everything. First of all public / arranged and solo are all vastly differnent (you say its a new game each time). But now look at this game, the moment a warframe or player is restricted in some sorts people jump up and scream "more power fantasy". Most older frames are relativly static a bit sluggish compared to all new frames. i mean u are already in the forum... tell me what everyone is asking for ? Highly mobile allround kits. 1 high dmg. 1 buff. 1 debuff. and 4th ability is open to push him into a certain category. 2nd problem is that while everyone loves playing public for more loot, and overall easier gameplay, the moment someone is midly interrupted in his "solo act" they scream for freedom. Warframe is probably the only game were cc is sth bad (in peoples mentality). Since cc is not dmg, and doesnt make stuff faster. The only relevant stat in this game is dmg and kills (isnt statement around warframe "best cc is death"). Few years back before zenurik was a thing, energy was a rare resource (well not really energy pizza and trinity were most haves). Now hop in any missions... zenurik everywhere, 5energy/sec for 30sec --> 150 energy... then energy orbs give additional energy over time aswell.... and the amount of arcane energize since eidolon and next time on event update are also increasing. cc frames often had high energy consumption, where somehwat "static" and others fit more into pure dmg, buff/utility. But over the years all lost their relevlance bit by bit. there is no need to have a dmg buff of anysorts, since most weapons kill it anyway. what does it matter if u killed it in 1hit with 100extra dmg or 100000 extra dmg besides cool numbers ? Heal... it used to be rare or had a clear downsight like energy drain (old channeling lifestrike). since poe and magus elevate every warfrmae can have it --> isnce its operator bound. double 5 for 300 heal. so why would anyone play a warfrmae that heals ? without dmg reduction the heal means S#&$ as you die instantly anyway so no point in having heal. if there is dmg reduction you probably dont need heal as you take near no dmg. The problem is the amount of dmg reduction you can achaive (arcane guardian 900armor, adaption 90% dmg reduction) . Compared to that the hp you have is very low (besides inaros and nidus). So that heals would have more meaning they need to reduce all armor and dmg reduction from base and abilities, and give everyone more health. Same aspect for weapons and dmg. lower all dmg, so that debuffs and buffs are needed to fight enemies. At that point ur position for certain warframes would make sense --> problem solo is near unplayable in high content, also basically all stats would need to get revisted again... so not happening. I can just give you the advice, do a mix of roleplay and fashion frame while not trieng to hold ur team too much down. if u wanna live ur octopus hentai fantasy out. go play hydroid and strip the enemies for additional loot. or play ur charity trinity giving out energy and heals. Is it helpfull, a bit. is it neccessary ? not all. should u expect any sort of appriciation for what you do ? absolutly not. you dont deal dmg, you dont have most dmg, you are by default infirior and useless (avarage waframe players, but probably every player of any game ever) ps: since i main my enternal suffering limbo (stand in rift, reviving person x, beign told i as a limbo player should feel bad about myself, then i go out use abilites, get harassed even more, so i go back in rift, get called a leech --> eternal suffering limbo best limbo ❤️ ) i cant really speak about dmg or usefullness
  11. Still have to disagree. More then anything this invalidats limbo even more. Basically everything you want from limbo you can perform urself then. So it takes limbos theme and uniqness and puts it in the trash can. if 1 passive is shared, all should be shared (for fairness) --> breaks game even more, can be annoyin af (zephyr passive), and takes a huge part of each warframes idintity away I can see the point since riftdash is probably limbos strongest point (cost no energy, has no duration, more or less invunerable, aswell as energy regen). The thing is if everyone gets to use it, its plain op. even if its just a few sec its basically a "free" rolling guard for everyone. So if at all it would need to cost energy to make sense, but then people had to play around energy and the dash anymore, which probably would be seen even more negative. i tried to implement the "free to chose rift/ not rift" through the portal changes (and addition on banish). thats what i put on riftsurge (just less affective) again riftsurge, banish portal banish portal in cataclysm. as you see i gave an answer for all of ur problems. The only thing is that its still resolving around the limbo and how he plays. So in comparison to now (the way limbo is less intrusive is min range and not useing 3+1, not that they are really useable with min range anyway... ) he can automatically by just useing his abilies and play as he wants be less intrsuvie. banish hold always only banishes enemies, banish tap will only banish the faction he targets (and only a radial area around that target) so its basically impossible to "accidentally banish someone" --> if that keeps happening just hit him up with report since its clearly intentional. the changes to riftsurge in general gives it overall more reason to be used in all situation. if the limbo plays in the rift he will gain abit more dmg and all his allies near him will be able to damage the targets that are in the rift. when the riftsurge spreads since targets are killed he can banish them while stayin in the rift (more safety for limbo and less energy use for banish), while his team gains a small amount of energy/sec and flat energy if they kill targets in the rift (so it kinda complements each other aswell). Both changes make it also less harder to actually "troll" by banishing enemies and not killing them --> banish always leaving a portal (with marker) that is my idea while an actually "good" limbo would be alot better support (compared to now) for the team. I think a huge part for "the most absurb limbos" is that they often dont even know how rift or abilities work themselfs (atleast newer players tend to). This would be addressed with the visual update (aswell as changing riftsurge). The next thing is it would help to clarify for everyone who is in rift and who isnt. what works cross plane, and what doesnt. Atm the only way you get to know what works in rift and doesnt is by trial and error, or heading to the warframe.wiki riftplane section and reading throught it. Then atleast most interaction could be seen from the start. (you are in the rift and sth is grey ? gotta change plane. you are in rift and sth on ground has color (for example napalms fire things) means it was cast in rift and can dmg you, if its grey its from enemies outside rift and cant hurt you).
  12. Updated main artical with the the later ideas and cleaned those comments up (still viewable in spoiler 1,2,3). tried to go over its structure again: Leaving the Limbo introduction (what he does, few builds and so on) viewable, so everyone can have a baseline on what limbo does (atleast what i think he does). Further in the thread i get to what changes could benefit limbo current playstyle, aswell as maybe adding abit off diversity aswell. After that i give my own idea and more or less specific examples of how those could be implemented, i hid those behind spoiler Main point is to get additional idea that push in same direction, or have flaws or adjustments pointed out.
  13. as you can see on that chart. to be played it has to be easy accesable (starters). prime (always more then none prime if option exists, makes sense) +90% more likely if has aoe brainfart map wipes +50% more likely if you can stand still and not die (for 4:59, i think 5min is afk or not ?) 50% less likely if utility/support based the problem with those that tend to do alot of different thing is that they arent really the best in what they are doing. id say the higher the mr, the more likely someone is to minmax x (which automatically kill all those off for him). 2nd problem is. Those that start lack mods/ augments to make those warframes worth it. so they tend to hop on the base strongest (also i am pretty sure new palyers/ low mr like aoe nukes even more then veterans, aswell as they value survivablity more since they dont have 10 ways to refresh energy/ health). so i guess just from what people tend to do at what point (in game, new player/veteran) it makes alot of sense how this graph looks. The only people that play those frames regardless of mr or content are people that like the abilites and its themes (mains). so hydroid is clearly not bad, he is just outclassed by "simpler" warframes. why play hydroid, if you can play rhino ? better cc, gives weapon dmg (even for team), is more tanky. both are slow and have 1 ability help em with it (but rhino has clearly the better augment here). and i personally dont see a point where this "big" catergory of warframes will get more popular. The only 2 ways would be to straight up buff their kit or numbers so they can compete or nerf the warframes they compete with. The thing is the diehard fans of each warframe (that like their theme and the abilities, more then what it actually does) will tend to have the biggest voice (or should atleast). I think thats a reason why most "revisites" didnt really make the specific warframe alot more popular. i think the only one that had this effect was wukongs ?
  14. The Thing is... only when in rift ? Cool would be Shifts allies/own Status Effects in enemies in rift The refreshing Part could also apply so "refresh riftsurge charge" so that After casting it again new and old ones have same duration. 2 small buffs to it (probably still doesnt outclass dmg Amp/riftsurge charge) --> before his 3 gets a 2nd augment his 2 could get One Stasis: "stasis" enemies over 3sec (from 50%slow -> 100% (stasis), when stasis ends they gain Their speed over 3 back (50% slow -> 0%) limbo and allies entering rift while stasis active gain Speed (all anmations faster + movementspeed) over 3 sec (max amount). After leaving rift (same as stasis ending) speed decays over 3sec. Duration Effects Time till max value/ Till full decay (+ duration = takes longer till stasis, but also longer for enemy after stasis has ended ) Strength effects starting value slow and min/max speed up (+3sec stasis duration--> for Ramp up, essentielle 6sec (Bit Decay only Starts After stasis has ended/ is cancled)
  15. I tried to Work around finisher arcanes as both seem quite decent (especially ultimatum) So i tried to open enemies up to finisher with naromon (executing dash) but it didnt work ? I tried it in simulacron and normal Mission with and without others naromon focus Nodes. Only magus arcanes i used were elevate and Cloud (maybe the new cloudeffect Interrupt it) I did have sentinel with me (so maybe his attack overwrote the finisher State?) I additionally tried to stop them with limbo, but it was only ground finisher from banish (order was 1. Stasis 2nd banish) in hindside i should have waited till they recovered from knockdown and then cast stasis. Dashing through enemies Looked like a Short stagger that instantly got recovered (thats Why i tried it with stasis but did it wrong...) So its either magus Cloud, executing dash, or my execution Since i didnt use it before i cant say how it should work/ look.
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