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  1. I think you've got it backward. Armor is what needs to be nerfed. imo it shouldn't even function as enemy DR. The way the game scales eHP values, it's just a broken exponential scaling that is best countered by the 3 statues that ignore or reduce it. Armor should probably function more along the lines of how shields do, providing a separate "helath bar" type of effect that must be eliminated before damaging the actual HP. This would not only make Slash, Heat, and Corrosive feel less "Mandatory", but would also allow other damage types to be reasonably good, even if slightly less effective vs.
  2. I'm going to get right into it. -When a Warframe gets reworked, nerfed, or significantly changed, allow around a 2 week period afterward where players can remove any ability infused into the Warframe and can redeem a resource refund of exactly what they invested to infuse the ability. Also, -When a Helminth ability (Like Marked for Death, Roar, Warcry, etc.) gets reworked, nerfed, or significantly changed, do the same thing. Any instance of that ability being infused can be removed for a full and equal resource refund of exactly what was invested. -Basically, if a Helminth setup
  3. A part of me actually kind of likes the idea of DE putting in the work to establish an actual game balance standard. However.. A clear established standard is not how DE balances their game. And as a result of DE's development style, a lot the community doesn't understand why DE's random nerfs (the main counterbalance they tend to utilize) don't usually accomplish much. Game balance is best accomplished through an established vision from the start. If such a vision ever existed for Warframe, it has long been lost and abandoned. Meanwhile, good nerfs should operate by bringing somethi
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