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  1. My main problem with the new Defy is that it just looks wildly inconsistent. Sometimes you can max it out to 1500 armor, but other times you may only get like 50. And the success of it doesn't depend on the player as much as what the enemy AI does, and how many of them are around for the brief seconds that you absorb damage. Some people may compare this to Nezha and Rhino, but it really is not nearly as good. Rhino gets the full effect of his Iron Skin the entire time it is up. So if he didn't absorb that much damage, you can just redo it and get the full effect for Longer next time. Same with Nezha, but it's a 90% effect. The entire time it's active he will get that 90% effect. And how successful the absorption is affects how Long he gets it. The key is that the strength of the effect stays the same. But the effect itself has a health. And that Health just determines how long before you loose it and have to recast again. Not Wukong. Sometimes he may get the effect of like 1000+ Armor, and sometimes it's just like double-digit armor. They need to find a a way to make this more consistent. Tank characters are tanks because they are consistent. If I'm Tanky sometimes and squishy other times, that's not really very survivable. Why would I use the new Wukong if there are other Tank characters? Because of these new abilities? No. I don't Need a clone. That's just a fun gimmick really. And his new 4? I could just like play any other Tank and grab a good Melee weapon.
  2. I think there are still too many people trying to change Warframe as a game. I understand that the idea of regulating everything to a very strict balance seems "correct." But I really don't think that's Warframe's identity. It's a lot more creative than that. The Devs have never really prioritized absolute balance. And obviously the reason why they can get away with it is because it's a PvE Co-Op game. When they create something new for the game, they just sort of throw it in there as balanced as they can get it and deal with the consequences later. That's why most of the things that get nerfed are just very obvious choices. But the game doesn't really have a strict balance system. (just note the wild variation in math formulas and game mechanics) I bring all of this up to make this point. Warfame will never really fit into the Enemy Level Range that you would have to condense it down to fit the Starchart. At least, not without DE completely Overhauling, Nerfing, and Rebalancing their game. And they are not going to do that. And why should they? They don't have the resources. And why fight the progression and evolution of the game through these years. We should be creating content to fit what the game has become. That's why we need a Difficulty Rework. The Difficulty Slider is just a necessary first step. You're not going to be able to make Late Game content more present throughout the game without optional Difficulty adjustments for the player (which is standard in games generally). DE did say that they will be working on creating different kinds of challenges for different kinds of players. But difficulty has several dimensions. And Enemy Level is one of them. It's also probably the easiest to modify, and the one that will make the most immediate impact. If the enemy levels are optional (as opposed to Veterans always being forced to play content far below their Build Level) that would be a great first step.
  3. Yikes. FYI posting a graph doesn't give your argument credibility. You're still jumping to some conclusions that aren't necessarily evidenced by this data. Let me Illustrate. 4 out of the top 6 most used Warframes at MR25 are press 4 to kill frames (In your opionion). Thus, this means that you must be right about the player base valuing Efficiency over Content Difficulty. See how that doesn't really add up? Warframe usage stats aren't a definitive representation of the Values and Philosophies held by players. Those ideas are far too intangible to boil down to simple math. And none of that addresses this very good point below. Just because something is used less doesn't mean it isn't valuable. What about the intangible value that isn't necessarily represented by usage data? For example, even if players aren't Experienced enough to use the Difficulty Slider, that doesn't mean they aren't playing the game motivated to bring their Arsenal to a level where they can use it. It seems like you only think players are only motivated by getting the content out of the way ASAP. But what about the motivation of wanting to be able to do something? Generally, when people can't do something, that motivates them to power up until they can do it. I'm pretty sure that's how a lot of people got to be powerful Warframe players to begin with. Sometimes having fun and playing harder content for the sake of flexing your build is its own reward. And that's the Late Game content that is lacking right now that DE should create for their loyal Veterans (who are fewer, but still important).
  4. @Pizzarugi @Chaemyerelis So essentially we're back to the classic argument of whether to progress the Content to the Power Level that the game has evolved to, or implement some sort of widespread Nerf mechanic. Then, there is also the outside argument that we should just go around Nerfing every Warframe/Weapon/Item until none of them are too powerful for the Starchart anymore. You know, essentially most of Warframe. Before we even dive into which of these solutions is "better", can we at least ask ourselves what sounds more realistic? Now, let's talk about some of the obstacles to a complete Warframe Rebalancing to fit in DE's current Starchart Power Level. #1. I'm just going to quote this guy #2. The Fan backlash would be immense. The kind of backlash that could cause a lot of people to give up on Warframe entirely. #3. This Nerf mentality is more of the notion of a Vocal Minority than the actual feelings of the player base overall. This may surprise you, but most players don't want a widespread Nerf to Warframe. #4. Even if such a thing was introduced, the likelihood of the game actually playing competitively at Starchart levels is quite poor. The game has not been designed to be played at those levels for quite some time. To regulate it back to that would be a painful process that would probably not work anyway. #5. It goes against the Identity of what Warframe is as a game. Warframe for a long time has been about going onward and upward. It's a Power Fantasy that has thrived on the Godlike Power of its characters and the Build Creativity to see how far it can all go. The problem that we are encountering is that the availability of content to take it further just doesn't exist in game. #6. It would take far too much of DE's time and resources to actually figure out how to Rebalance the game without breaking it. We can barely get them to give us much simpler solutions already. #7. It's just not going to happen. The element of risk is so high that I would put the chance at near 0% that DE is going to implement a widespread Nerf mechanic in 2019. I doubt they are even keen on the idea of widespread Nerfs to begin with. Meanwhile, this Difficulty Slider is something that could actually happen. They have already talked about it. There is even precedent for Level Sliders in Warframe (e.g. The Simulacrum). It's simple to see how implementing that would be easier than a Game Rebalancing. And overall, it's a simple solution that could make a lot of people very happy. I would just like to see some sort of update on this issue.
  5. Let me start by saying this. We veteran players have a lot highly tuned-out builds, right? You know that feeling right after you tweak a build to be even better at higher levels and you just want some actual content to use it in? (e.g. content that is not the Simulacrum) I just had that moment with a couple of builds today. I must have run up to around 20 tests in the simulacrum, and it went really well. But after that I wanted to test them in a real mission. Here's the process that my mind went through as soon as I hopped onto my navigation panel. ESO? No, none of these builds would work in ESO because that requires way to much AoE DPS. Arbitration? No, those drones would just make these builds meaningless. Sorties? No, these first 2 missions aren't even a high enough level to really get a feel for it. And the 3rd mission is an Excavation, and that's no good for these builds. And after that Sorties would go on cooldown for the day anyways. Kuva Flood? Oh wait, I already did it so I'm locked out until this arbitrary cooldown ends. And it's not like I need Kuva anyways. I'm illustrating a problem that probably needs no introduction for a lot of people on these forums. The builds that are actually interesting for Veteran players to design don't really have a home. Because the so called "Elite Content" that exists in this game is hyper-specific, isolated, and typically on a cooldown. Meanwhile, the rest of the game has no available difficulty adjustments. How many of you have played a game that had something like this in it? Easy. Medium. Hard. Warframe doesn't really have this, and it's really beginning to show. DE made a statement on the 1st Devstream of the year saying that they were thinking about implementing a Difficulty Slider into the game. With this slider you could essentially scale up the level of a mission, while also scaling up the level of rewards. This was a really good idea. However, we haven't heard anything else about this for months. I'm basically making this post to encourage further discussion about this Difficulty Slider, and their general "Difficulty Rework" that they promised this year. I understand that they are probably still very busy working on Railjack, as usual. But some word about the Difficulty Rework would be appreciated. And the fact that they have neglected to talk about it in favor of previewing some very Disappointing Warframes like Hildryn and Wisp has made for some pretty dull Devstreams. I think that the Difficulty Rework has more relevance and importance to Veteran players than perhaps any of the possibly forgettable content that is released this year. The big core issues of the game should be addressed (And you would think should also be a priority). There are some other big areas of Quality Improvement like Armor Scaling, Melee Balance, Overall Game Rewards, and reworks of abysmal Warframes (Vauban, Wukong, Ember) that I would hope to see addressed this year. And those are just some Quality issues that I can think of off the top of my head. If there are any other glaring QoL issues that you can think of please let me know. I would like to know if anyone else has any big issues in mind that I am just not currently thinking about right now.
  6. 1 - This ability looks fine. The buff it gave out actually seemed pretty good. I was especially glad that the healing had a pretty good rate. But, staying as Mobile as you need to in Warframe is a concern I have seen people voice about this ability. Initial Verdict - I think as long as the Durations are sufficiently long (and if you have the ability to recast reservoirs instead of going back to old ones) I think it will work out alright on mobility. 2 - I was concerned about this ability until I found out that it has more going on than I thought. The fact that you get a Radial Blind and brief invulnerability on Teleport actually puts this in a pretty solid position. However, if teleporting to this is even going to be a part of the ability, it probably needs to travel faster. Otherwise, I don't really see a point in using this for Mobility. Also I think the aggro draw needs to be sufficient. Initial Verdict - The Clone should probably travel 1.5-2x faster than it currently does. The Aggro needs to be at least on par with Saryn's Molt. And of course, the Radial Blind needs to have sufficient Duration and Range to be useful. 3 - This ability is really concerning. If it only pulses damage, I almost can't see a situation where this works out. If it's strong enough to kill at High Levels against armor just by spamming, then people would complain that it's lazy and OP. On the other hand, if it's the usual couple Thousand damage like Stomp, Reckoning, or Avalanche, then it will only be a low level nuke. We're past that in this game for new Warframes. I think I might have heard something about the effect of the pulses depending on the type of reservoir. In that case, it may not only be a basic damage ability. But if it just gives you the same effect as the already existing buffs, that seems a bit redundant. Initial Verdict - This ability may need to be completely replaced similarly to the way that they replaced Revenant and Garuda's old Ultimate abilities. I doubt anyone would mourn that change. This just doesn't really fit at all. Though if it has to stay, it would need to either have very well balanced Damage, or some other useful effect. 4 - This ability is promising, yet also concerning. It looks really cool. It has the potential to be a good DPS ability. But, it also might be really lazy, slow, restrictive, and just bad for Damage. On the Devstream, it appeared really slow, which might be more dangerous to you than useful. It also appears that you can't use your parkour or other actions in this. It's also yet another of those abilities where you just sit there, making it probably pretty lazy. We don't know yet if the damage will scale either. If it's not as good as a normal gun, why use it? Initial Verdict - I think maybe they should rethink this to function more as an exalted weapon. The sun portal animation could just float there similarly to Garuda's Heart, allowing you to use parkour. Then the actual beam could activate on Primary fire, only restricting your movement then. Also, I feel like giving this access to Weapon Mods is the way to go. I know Pablo said something about it just scaling up as you fire, but that still sounds like a risk not worth taking. I say better to go with the tried-and-true weapon mod system. Also, the flares that come off of it should probably be at least on par with the Range of the Ocucor. The flares seemed pretty short on stream. If they don't have good range, this is kind of just a basic beam weapon.
  7. It's pretty good, but he really needs a fix to his Divine Spears as they relate to Ancient Healers. When they are around buffing other enemies, only the healers will take the CC leaving all other enemies unaffected. The CC should apply consistently.
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