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  1. Do you mean that you would be unable to use the waves on zero restraint? Or that you would have the option not to use the waves? Because I would find the ability fairly unremarkable without the waves. And I wouldn't really want a scenario where I would be unable to use them. Though, I don't use them anyway until DE does something about its damage output in relation to melee combo. Otherwise I think these suggestions are pretty solid. There are even a few things that I hadn't considered, or forgot to mention.
  2. Warframes usually need a little post-launch attention to obtain a good spot in the game. For some reason, these two frames really didn't get enough attention. And we've just moved on to other stuff while they wait on the shelf for adjustments. But if they could just get a similar treatment to what Gauss just got recently, that would probably do it. It didn't take that long to get those adjustments into the game. Let's maybe just get these two done so that we don't have to keep doubling back? Baruuk 3- Desolate Hands: This ability requires recasting constantly. There should probably be more of a delay between arrows targeting enemies. And the arrows should not seek out enemies who are already disarmed (which happens all the time). Perhaps a buff to the base amount of Arrows would also be appropriate. 4- Serene Storm: I would want to recommend that this ability stack melee combo with the AoE effect. However, this is probably futile now that combo is being changed in Melee 3.0. But the damage should be buffed appropriately to compensate for the lack of combo (as DE has already said will happen to normal melee weapons). Baruuk probably should have been able to stack combo from the beginning. And if generic melee weapons get buffed without Exalted Weapons getting the same treatment, then it actually works as somewhat of a nerf to Exalted Weapons. We've been using combo on plenty of Exalted Weapons for a while (see Drifting Contact). This needs to stop where Exalted Weapons don't get to use the good mechanics/mods arbitrarily. Hildryn 1- Balefire: When Hildryn has overshield, this weapon ragdolls enemies into space. It's super annoying. The enemies are actually less CC'd then they would have been in Aegis Storm. Get rid of that ragdoll please. A buff of the Base explosion range (from 3) to about 5 meters I think would also make her more relevant. It seems appropriate as Khora has the same base radius with her 1st ability. 3- Haven: Perhaps if Hildryn could provide healing alongside shields to her squad with this ability, that could justify it? I'd honestly like to hear some other ideas for Haven. It's pretty bad right now. 4- Aegis Storm: Buff the base speed of this please. Perhaps her dodge could also be more powerful in Aegis Storm. The mobility is really the problem. Otherwise, perhaps allow Pillage to be cast while channeling Aegis Storm? Passive: Maybe just add in that she's immune to toxin/slash procs. It just makes sense that enemy damage should have to go through this frame's core mechanical design instead of having some weird bypass exploit. For example, I feel like people would hesitate to bring her to an Arbitration, because there is that chance of getting killed through her shields. If you guys have any other ideas that would not require a full rework, it would be cool to hear them.
  3. I get where you're coming from. But, until DE does something about the game's terrible meta, there's really no point. Most missions are full of numerous weak enemies with almost no AI/mechanical intrigue. Those kind of missions call for Saryn, or the next best AoE frame you can think of. The game is made for her, that's why she's a problem. If the content of the game was open to more frame choices, then that would help put Saryn into perspective. In my opinion, Saryn's supremacy goes to highlight the imbalance of the game content/meta more than the frame. For example, I once heard a very good argument about the Itzal, and why it dominates archwing. It's not because the Itzal is the best archwing. In fact, the Itzal probably isn't the best one. However, the only archwing content in the game that matters (PoE/Vallis mobility) is the content the Itzal is best at. What late game content really matters beside ESO? Arbitration? That mode has its own meta problems where you can't really apply abilities to the environment (because of drones). So you just focus on tanking and high weapon damage (hence, the Chroma/Inaros meta). A lot of the problems with Warframes can be solved by making game content for those frames to thrive in. As opposed to having a terrible AoE nuking meta, like right now. ESO is okay for people who scratch the power fantasy itch via AoE mass murder. And Saryn is good for that. But the game should also have late game content where there are fewer enemies that are tougher and more mechanically complex. And with objectives that are more creative/layered. Maybe then, we can give Saryn a fairer revaluation.
  4. It was a very short post in the context of these forums. And I see you've used a couple lines here just trying to be clever. I already do use regular Excalibur (as I've said a few times). Because, Umbra has a very unnecessary problem with using transference. People shouldn't feel they have to use the vanilla version because of mistakes made on the new variant. It would be nice to solve it instead. Do you think I'm trying to disguise my intentions? Let me try to be clear. I don't care if Umbra uses Exalted Blade passively. That was just a suggestion. As long as using transference doesn't constantly deactivate Exalted Blade, then I'd be pretty happy. The other problems I brought up were just some other reasons that it might be a good idea to do something about this. Is it wrong to bring up several reasons that something is a good idea? But I'm not trying to conceal my motives. The Exalted Blade problem is the main reason I'm here, yes.
  5. Why? How about a special switch in the Excal Umbra Mod screen to turn off sentience? I don't think that's so difficult. It's unprecedented, sure. But Umbra isn't exactly a normal frame to begin with. And considering they were working on an "Echoes of Umbra" feature, maybe it's not that much of a stretch that we could disable something that we might already be putting on other frames. That would be nice, sure. But it doesn't address the main problem. That is, Umbra will deactivate Exalted Blade every time you use transference. Someone else said it again already: Perhaps if Umbra could actually use Exalted Blade with his passive (instead of deactivating it immediately) that could also help alleviate the problem. Though it's doubtful DE would like that solution. They probably inadvertently created this problem because they didn't want a specter to wield an Exalted weapon. But with how important Operator combat & arcanes are becoming, using Umbra can feel like a downgrade over the generic Excal. And that shouldn't be the case. If Umbra is not allowed to wield the blade, we should at least have the option to revert to the generic functionality. They already did give us the option to turn of the Umbra cosmetic details. I feel like the same should apply here.
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one. Excalibur Umbra is a really cool frame, but the passive where he fights alongside your operator isn't always practical. First, he deactivates your Exalted Blade every time you press 5. If you need to heal with Magus Arcanes or use focus abilities, you have to recast 4 every time. It's counter-intuitive. And it's a problem that a normal Excal doesn't even have. Also Umbra can move off the spot and be in entirely different places than where you left him, and if your operator dies that can put you in some strange/dangerous positions. I'm also not entirely sure how Umbra interacts in stealth missions, but I could see there being some problems there too. I often find myself using the generic Excal more often, which is unfortunate because Umbra has some fashion I quite like. Along with being the only Warframe with 3 Umbral polarities. But the solution is easy enough. Just hotfix in a simple option for us to switch this function on and off.
  7. Is that obvious? That doesn't sound obvious to me. In fact, I think that's going a bit too far. Operator skills are a foundation of the game right now. I don't mind the idea of some sort of special challenge mode where the player is reduced in their stats. And I appreciate the fact that you have specified "certain missions." Because there are some people who would want to see these nerfs applied to the whole game. And I think that's big a mistake. But there also needs to be content where the difficulty of the game comes to meet us right at our current skill set. Without nerfs. The immediate response I usually get to a comment like that is something along the lines of: "that's impossible, we're just too powerful". I don't think that's true. Because the kind of content I'm talking about doesn't need to feel impossible to do. If the content is doable with a higher level of effort or team coordination, that just sounds fun. We don't need to be dying or failing missions constantly for the content to be better. However, I still feel that DE should move away from the current hoard style of the game. There should probably be fewer enemies on screen that are tougher and more interesting. As opposed to a lot of enemies that really don't matter. The latter predisposes the current nuking meta that we are in.
  8. If anyone is wondering why I proposed this the way I did, it's because DE doesn't tend to make "tweaks" unless it's just a very low effort move to make. Anything more than a tweak usually falls into rework territory, and reworks are always a big production to make for them. Even just Warframe reworks take months to get into the agenda. We can talk about which focus schools you think suck. But those are problems for a rework. And that is just not happening this year at all. Even the tweak I recommended would probably never happen, but I thought it would be interesting to discuss it. But even the Focus Schools that most people consider bad actually have some interesting niche case abilities that people might find useful if they didn't feel like they needed to use Zenurik all the time. Energizing Dash is easily the most meta usage node in the whole system. And I want to make this clear, that doesn't mean it needs to be nerfed. Energy Regen is an essential function of running Warframes in this game, and the Energy Orb situation used to be a rather weak RNG based way to do that before focus came out. But if DE just let Energizing Dash be unbound, I think there would be some interesting shifts in usage to where there's a more even spread.
  9. Except that's not really a solution for the Focus situation. And Arcane Energize is highly inconsistent, unlike Energizing Dash. And it's one of the rarest and most expensive Arcanes in the whole game. So it's not really an accessible option for most players. It can't really replace Energizing Dash they way you're implying. I have Energize. I use it to supplement builds as needed. I like it just fine. But, this is off topic. We're talking about Focus right now.
  10. I highly doubt that Naramon would dominate to the extent that Zenurik has. It may be the new most-used school given this scenario, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Because I think there would be significantly more variation than in the Zenurik dominated status quo. Nothing in Naramon is nearly as essential as Energy Regen. Actually, I think the only way we could really achieve a well balanced focus system is with a good rework. And that won't be in the cards for quite some time probably. However, a solution like this could alleviate the immediate problem. That problem is that Energy Regeneration is something that Warframes need in general. And if a function like that is tied to a specific loadout choice, that choice will dominate usage.
  11. Step 1: Make Energizing Dash a Way-Bound node. Done If you could unbind this ability and use it with any School, there would be so much more reason to look into other schools. The fact is Energy Regeneration is so important in this game. That's why it was brought back in the previous focus rework. But much like Vacuum and Blink, player-usage dominating utilities shouldn't be tied down to one thing. But instead, they should be made available to all of the options. Otherwise, Zenurik will continue to dominate usage the same way Carrier and Itzal have in the past (granted, we haven't seen the implementation of Blink quite yet). Though, to truly make Focus Schools fully competitive, another focus rework would be required, but that's an entire different discussion for an entirely different time. We have a lot of other things to figure out on this game before tackling that again. But if Energizing Dash was Way-Bound, I think that's just a good simple move that could pay off immediately (and no, without being OP or game breaking).
  12. Thanks! Is there a way to see what this Ephemera looks like in game?
  13. The more players come to the game, the more money it makes. So New Players = More Money. And therefore, New Players = Priority. It has been clear for some time that this is why the Late Game gets so little attention. And I don't think it's from a place of neglect, but from a business standpoint. DE doesn't have a ton of resources, so they are inclined to direct their time toward the Money. They have to put food on the table just like anyone else. But many (if not all) of the Content Creators are well into the Late Game of Warframe. And many of them are playing more challenging/engaging games like Remnant from the Ashes. I feel like these Difficulty goals in Warframe need to be explored in the reasonable future. Obviously everybody has their own idea of how to achieve Difficulty. These ideas may range from Widespread nerfs across the game, Gamemodes that decrease/disable the player's stats/mods, or making the enemies/objectives optionally harder. I'd easily fall into the last camp. I know that nothing can really change the fact that Empyrean and The New War will probably be the priority until the end of the year (because promises have been made about when they will come). But Overall game difficulty choices were also promised to be explored this year (as well as resulting rewards if I remember correctly). It would be nice to get some Dev workshops or something relatively soon. And I think that it needs to be an active conversation between the Players and the Devs, involving plenty of feedback. It's incredibly important to get this right.
  14. DE has way too much on their hands to bring an old problem back into the game. Consider also that Limbo isn't even a Warframe in particularly dire need. Vauban, Ember, and Titania are still waiting for real reworks. Limbo stands solid in effectiveness as compared to a lot of Warframes. I do still have a few problems with him. But like I said, he's pretty low on the priority list. And the simple argument of being boring (purely as a matter of opinion) isn't enough to move him up the list, or risk old problems. You can argue that the old Stasis was fine (it wasn't), but none of that changes how it was perceived as a big problem. Why would DE take a risk to reintroduce something with such a scorned reputation when they have so many other Warframes on the waiting list? DE doesn't usually bring old power functionality back out of nowhere. Though I do want to express that I understand the sentiment of liking that old playstyle. It would probably be best to bring back some sort of projectile/time interaction in an entirely new Warframe instead. This way it could be completely re-imagined in a way that doesn't annoy your teammates. And also would hopefully provide more incentive for using the mechanic.
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