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  1. So it has come to my attention that Primed Reach now maxes out at +3 additive meters. We knew that additive Melee Range mods were coming, but the final number was highly speculated and uncertain to this point. On the last Dev workshop, we were shown a Rank 7 Primed Reach at 2.9 additive meters. That seemed pretty decent, because that mod would probably max out at a good value. However, the final maxed mod from this Update is almost the same amount as the Rank 7 from the Workshop. This means that it has literally been nerfed since then. This is puzzling. If I read correctly, the new highest range Weapon from the Patch notes was 3.2 meters? (Unless one of the Weapons that didn't get buffed already had more range than that). This would mean that the new highest attainable melee range in the game (barring Rivens) is about 6.2 meters. That's a pretty disappointing top end range. I understand that DE didn't want some Melee weapons to be reaching crazy distances anymore. But I feel like this is over-balancing. Range is one of the main things that makes Melee fun and worthwhile. With these changes, shorter weapons remain pretty inferior and non-competitive. I imagine Players will probably continue using the long Weapons now that they are working with less range now in general. It makes sense to use the less-nerfed option. However, if Primed Reach made all weapons have pretty good range, I think people would take breaks from their old favorites to try out new playstyles with other weapons. I imagine most players will ignore weapons below 2.5 meters, as that seems to be the new decent range. I was really hoping that a lot of the shorter weapons would be able to compete better. But if the additive Range mod just doesn't add enough, those weapons stay pretty short. I'm going to recommend that Primed Reach be buffed to at least 4 meters. Perhaps even 4.5. I don't think these numbers are crazy. Remember, the better Primed Reach is, the better short weapons get. This is because as the mod gets better, the difference between short and long weapons gets proportionally smaller. These numbers would make all weapons capable of at least about 5 meters range, with some reaching a bit past that. I think that's a good situation. It seems more reasonable than nerfing Primed Reach back to 3 additive meters arbitrarily from the decent numbers we were shown on the Dev workshop. I would also like to remind everyone that Range is very important to Melee. Because there will be decent Damage options in each melee category, with Range being the stat that really separates the meh from the great. AoE is very important in Warframe.
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