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  1. Was there a change to Battery based reload weapons or Pax Charge? My Pax Charge kitgun ammo regeneration delay is longer than before by a very noticable margin. This may be a bug. Please address!
  2. This looks really nice actually. The new jump functionality should help in a variety of areas. This is probably the biggest positive of this whole workshop. However, One big problem with Merulina that I don't believe has been addressed yet is knocking yourself off the Board when using self-stagger explosive weapons. It really shouldn't do that, and I hope the reasons for this are obvious. This is really where the problems with this workshop start. This ability didn't just need a "damage up 50%." That doesn't address the problem. This ability needs scaling. There really isn't any reason why Warframes made in Summer 2021 shouldn't be able to scale into veteran-relevant content, like Steel Path for example. If your damage doesn't scale, people write it off as dealing no damage. Which actually is fair, considering that is essentially what is happening in late game content. I really don't understand why the damage scaling scheme introduced with the Vauban rework has been so grossly underutilized. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is the formula: Photon Strike: Total Explosion Damage = Blast Damage × (1 + Ability Strength) × (1 + Passive Damage Bonus) × Enemy Level Multiplier Flechette Orb: Total Puncture Damage = Puncture Base Damage × (1 + Ability Strength) × (1 + Passive Damage Bonus) × (1 + Overdriver Bonus) × Enemy Level Multiplier Obviously for other Warframes, damage from Vauban's passive would not factor in. But using this formula could potentially be a breakthrough in Warframe damage scaling design. Yet repeatedly, we see Warframes like Yareli created with abilities that are given flat values like the pitiful 500 damage currently dealt by Aquablades. Though I suppose now it will be 750 damage? Do you see why that doesn't really make a difference? Okay, but this ability still slings enemies away from its center at the end instead of grouping them together the way you would want a group-up CC ability to function. And the group up CC is essentially going to be what this is useful for. So that needs to happen for this to really fit usefully into this kit. What would really be nice is if this maybe had an armor strip associated with it. That way maybe the 4 can actually do damage. Is it still not understood that some form of armor mitigation is absolutely necessary to do damage in Warframe? It's either that or fix the still-broken armor scaling in this game. Anyways, in summary these number changes are fine. But this whole workshop is still lacking the essentials. That is, the mechanical and scaling changes that are needed for any of this to matter in late game.
  3. Well this is a simple analysis. You're playing the wrong video game. If this is what you want out of gameplay, there are countless options from other games out there for you. But not Warframe. This is simply not what Warframe is, period. The community would hate these proposed changes if they were even close to being implemented. Which is why we can all be thankful that this is not happening, and posts like this are not taken seriously. And it's unfair to imply that Warframe is bad because cooldowns and similar mechanics are minimally used. A lot of people like Warframe because all of the stuff you wanted is not happening. And that's fine for people to like what they like. It's also fine for you to like games that are more mechanically restrictive than Warframe. What's not fine is to try to fundamentally destroy what people like about Warframe or imply that it's braindead to like the game for what it is. ps there are ways to make the game more interesting and challenging without this type of nerf-heavy minimalist mindset, and some of them have already been used very successfully. Putting Acolytes in SP is one of my favorite simple examples. I think the game should have more spontaneous mini-boss type of encounters in general.
  4. p.s. make Internal Bleeding and Firestorm say Primary while you're at it. it's not that hard to make the modding choices more fair between weapon types
  5. I thought of some QoL suggestions for melee. Melee is still good after the changes of course. But after guns got some love and melee got the opposite, I think it would be good to give melee some QoL after these changes without really impacting the maximum power of the mods changed. Because even though I think the mod changes did not Nerf melee's maximum potential unreasonably, it did highlight some unintuitive mod design. Meanwhile, the new gun designs are excellently designed. So essentially what I mean by this is the all three of the melee mods that were changed (Berserker, Blood Rush, Condition Overload) are all entirely conditional and offer no upfront benefit to the user whatsoever. The galvanized mods however offer partial up front stats to user that are supplemented by lower stacking conditional bonuses. This is excellent design because the upfront benefit makes it more reasonable for these mods to replace the other static non-conditional mods in builds. I think this is how these 3 melee mods should work as well. So let me give you the suggestions that I would use to change these mods without impacting their maximum power (to avoid effectively reversing the nerfs). Blood Rush 120% Critical Chance. 30% Critical Chance Stacks with Combo multiplier. Berserker Fury 20% Attack Speed. 25% Attack Speed on Kill for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 2x. Condition Overload 80% Melee Damage. 80% Melee Damage per status type affecting the target. So as you can see, this doesn't affect the max power of these mods (too greatly at least) but makes them feel better to use by giving some benefit up front, with bonuses that reward playing to make the experience more rewarding (like how the galvanized mods currently work). Blood Rush can take so long to scale up sometimes that giving some up front crit chance I think is totally fair, and decreases some of the damage FOMO of combo counter expiring (would also strongly suggest looking into a combo counter decay system at some point in the future. I think the instant expire has proven to be kind of unintuitive design wherever it has been used). Also anyone can run the math to see that this change would max out at the exact same 480% it does currently in game. Berserker got hit way harder than I think it deserved. And I think that people are honestly starting to dumpster it right now. It's just too inconsistent, and expires too fast, and the conditions of it are just too restrictive. The mod also offers no benefit at base until you are able to kill an enemy, which makes you feel super slow and suddenly haults your DPS every time there is even a 10 second lull in the action. This change would still max at 70%, but 20% up front speed is more reasonable, and makes each subsequent stack actually smaller. Condition Overload is where I have been a bit more generous, but I think it needs it to become relevant in most builds. Keep in mind, this mod has to compete directly with Primed Pressure Point! So recently nerfing to 80% and still offering Zero up front benefit is kind of a non-starter in a lot of cases. You pretty much need status primer guns to make this relevant now. And Melee doesn't have the status stacking potential of guns, lacking Multishot and the Fire Rate of guns. Also CO type effects are one of the most interesting mechanics in game right now. So guns gaining this effect and melee essentially losing it has already made melee much less interesting. With my change, 80% upfront Damage is still pretty low, but should tide the user over until the 1st status, yielding 160% (relatively congruent with Primed pressure point). Then the mod can begin to justify its use beyond that point. I think changes like these are reasonable and positive. And I don't think they undo any nerfs too seriously or anything. And if they did, number changes could obviously be made. After all, I'm just random guy with random suggestions #4627. I just hope maybe these types of suggestions help and are actually listened to.
  6. The main application for the deconstructor/gladiator set was to give some sort of crit scaling to Exalted melee weapons. This is because Blood Rush and other acolyte mods were disabled on this for no reason, other than that back in 2016 DE thought maybe that would be too strong or something. But, for a while now we have swung back the other direction to where most melee normal melee weapons are better that the majority of Exalted Melee (particularly on Valkyr and Wukong) for this exact reason. If you guys are going to take away the Gladiator interaction, then it's past time to lift the arbitrary restriction on Acolyte Mods for Exalted. Because as we learned back when atmospheric Arch Gun was created, it doesn't matter how good your weapon's base stats are if if can't use decent mods that other weapons get. And for weapons that require energy channeling and other mechanics to use, there is no excuse for them to be worse. In fact, they should be better. So there is no reason to shy away from this especially when melee is already getting Blood Rush, CO, and Berserker nerfs this patch.
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