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  1. Their hard work was well done but poorly implemented. The poor drop rate on ephemera, the ONLY reason to do the fight at all, rips all appreciation from you. Look back at the history of video games, think of all the amazing boss fights, Sephiroth, Ruby Weapon, Abyss Watchers, Archon Priest, Soul or Cinders, come to my mind. This fight, even with the cheese, burned my friends and I out after 5 runs. That is not a good boss. You and DE need to reevaluate what keeps players motivated.
  2. My issues is there's no mechanical difficulty. You toss things at the vents for a few minutes using alt fire while avoiding mildly annoying damage. Then, you go outside and throw things at the orb while [redacted] to keep coolant raknoids from spraying the Orb Mother... or you spin in circles with Catchmoon killing the coolant raknoids and waiting for the pity timer to go off and the orb mother to phase out. It's more of an exercise of your patience than a boss fight. There is no boss, there's a walking turret that shoots you as you perform arbitrary tasks.
  3. The fight was barely tolerable with this cheese in place. These are unfun mechanics (read: NOT DIFFICULT) that consume a ton of time and for most players, who haven't yet received both Ephemera, extremely frustrating. When will DE get a boss fight right? The world may never know.
  4. Host your own games broseph 🙂
  5. Do you remember plains of eidalon? It took months for bounties to be stable. Just be more careful and extract sooner.
  6. THANK YOU for the controller fixes before the weekend
  7. Any word on controller hotfix before the weekend?
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