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  1. i just tried it but sadly for me even when enemies are killed by other things than me, there's still no blood :l
  2. Yes i have gore enabled but i'm not talking about gore here, i'm talking about the complete absence of blood from enemies. Possibly
  3. With the old blood update here the only logical question i could think of was, where's the blood ? Why is there no blood in warframe ??? Why is there gore without blood in warframe ????? Enemies don't bleed, even when literally split in half The gore itself is not bad, so why ruin it by having no blood in the game ?
  4. So i've been playing Nidus for like 3 weeks now and i'm having the most fun i ever had in warframe but i'm not sure what arcanse are the most useful on Nidus, so far i'm using 2 maxed arcane guardians but i'm not sure if i really need that extra armor, cuz his 3rd ability is pretty good on its own and so i'm looking for some alternatives >.<
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