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  1. Well, more power to the devs if there planning on overhauling it all but what I fear is that their going to continue what they've been doing. Which is adding more of the same, In one replies in this thread, I mentioned how Scarlet Spear in the Plains was such a missed opportunity. With the third orb and any plans for the cambian drift, their gonna add more of the same. But then again, I could be wrong and they utilize the Open worlds till their full potential. I don't think the movement system is to blame, its more about the gameplay in the Open worlds. Currently, doing bounties i
  2. Read it, wanted to give my thoughts 😀 First, before making any alterations to the gameplay, the narrative of each open world has to be decided and then encoded into the DNA of their respective gameplay, rewards and bounties. Taking POE as an example, Why are the grineer in a Old War battlefield? Are they after the Unum tower? Sentient bones? Mining for resources? Unveiling rivens by destroying VRUUSSSH turrets? Basically, what is the story here? Are we, the tenno, here to defend the people of cetus? or here to wipe out the grineer? or to explore the bones? or maybe a mix of the previous 3
  3. The current open worlds we have seem very superficial, whilst doing bounties, but very mysterious and rich, whilst exploring (doing animal captures/mining for NW) to me atleast. Cause when your doing a bounty, its just, "Ok, I have one defense missions here, go into archwing, zoom to another location, have exterminate mission there, archwing to another local and so on and so forth." I'm not paying attention to literally any part of the terrain, nor monuments, sculptures or whatever. Its honestly the same as just doing regular missions but better AI enemies and no loading screens between missio
  4. Passive: Enemies lifted in the air shall have tentacles hold them for the duration of the lift with a guaranteed electric proc. Tempest Barrage: On tap Hydroid absorbs water particles in the air and bombards enemies with a giant pool of water from above, instead of tiny missiles. Once dropped, enemies caught in the pool are immediately knocked down. Hydroid must aim at the enemy for bombardment, pool can be modded for range and radius, if augment is attached then strength of corrosive dmg. If ability cast is held, Hydroid's position gets fixed (like mesa's) a body of water is generated an
  5. I'm pretty sure he knew about the Heart and think that they're could be a simple explanation for not laying it out for Hunhow. Ballus wanted revenge on the Orokin, for marguilis. While he does resent us over the fact that marguilis sacrificed herself for us but still, he wanted revenge on the Orokin. He would've only divulged information that would've helped the Sentients get rid of the Orokin, true that easiest way to do so would be to completely destroy the heart or atleast release its location, thereby rendering the tenno useless and the Orokin vulnerable. BUT, and a big butt. He knew
  6. I smell betrayal in the air..... I wouldn't put it past the Sentients to conspire with other factions to rid the system of the tenno. Maybe, and this is me really, I mean really really reaching here. But what if Parvos is going to strike a deal with the sentients. He's obviously an opportunist and says at the end of the Deadlock Protocol that if he can't fix the rot that Nef Anyo created then "it maybe time.... for a new philosophy" and then immediately says, "Life's just a bargain, like any other". Also, he clearly wants the tenno under his golden hand. I'm thinking that with the new que
  7. Ok, so basically our giant weakspot is the Heart of Deimos. Being our connection to the void, we lose that and BAM, no more operator, no more cool ninja weapons and no more bullet jumps...... Kinda seems like something I would definitely wanna destroy, if I was a sentient. I'm thinking that maybe we're gonna have a scarlet spear esque event in the cambian drift but at the end we will lose. The sentients will have their murexes charged to shoot.... A LASER BEAM.... Or....... SENTIENT BEAM, at the heart. Players will have to enter their RJs, trying to reach the murex, but a void storm star
  8. I feel as though DE's art & design team have INFINITELY improved over the years or that their is a vast disconnect between the art & design team and the product pitching team
  9. This is the biggest issue for me, everything else, I can manage. Toxic player? Easy as these have been very rare for me and usually very manageable, if not, I just leave the mission and start new, I would rather enjoy the mission than have to listen/stand such a player. Noob, Easy, just explain what you have to do, in the chat, and even if they aren't able to follow and end up failing the mission, So what? they are new to the game. help them out and if they fail, then show them that its alright, since now when we're gonna start again, you'll know what not to do. The new player will t
  10. Never buy expensive rivens, EVEN IF THEY HAVE THE STATS THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Kuva has never been easier to get. Purchase unrolled, unranked rivens and build them on your own. If you reach 10 rolls and you don't have the stats your looking for, Sell it at a rate that is marginally higher than what you paid for it, unless its trash, then roll it tell you get something that is slightly better and you can make a slight profit. The only reason why riven sellers are able to charge such outlandish rates is either because some players are inexperienced or SOME PLAYER IS WILLING TO PAY THAT M
  11. Alright, so cautious shot as a mod exists (90% chance to reduce the stagger effect and self imposed Radial Attacks) Now the existence of this mod, though it may not seem like so, was the reason why self damage was removed. Let me explain: Alright, so pre-self damage patch, not all weapons with a radial attack did self damage (like tombfinger, shedu or whatever, no self damage) But weapons like Ogris, Lenz... very much self damage. Now when the kuva Ogris had been introduced, players would just through on Cautious shot in their Weapon exilius slot and completely mitigate self damage and co
  12. I think players would much rather enjoy promised content and fixing the current game status over introducing an entirely new (not new) gamemode. With regards to having something to do if you get board.... ....Have you maybe thought that the reason why you or any other player is bored is cause they've already done everything in the game? And not because there's a gap in the game modes that would create an entirely new experience for the player? Cause what your proposing is nothing new and with no certainty that players would actuality engage with it.
  13. So, basically a Sanctuary Onslaught but for bosses? Like? I mean, why? Why would we need 8 players for each boss? Honestly you can solo every single one (even the ones on SP)
  14. Would make a pretty cool setup for a new quest for an old baddy. Tenno airdrops from liset - Approaches capture target - Capture target is found head facing the ground - lying dead - Arrow through its wizard and out its head - Lotus transmission, "tenno, investigate the scene, something seems to have gotten to the objective first" - player moves around the room - sees hordes of dead grineer bodies, each with detached limbs and daggers protracting from their heads - Lotus Transmission," its dropped ammunition of some kind.... -- interrupted by lich transmission-- "BY THE TIME I'M DONE TEAR
  15. So every time I'm joining a public squad, this seems to happen.... EVERY SINGLE TIME. I've been checking my net speed (Attest 18 MB/s) have been limiting ping between 150-200, yet.... this has been happening every single time. Can't do anything, can't play the mission... and eventually get kicked from the squad or instantaneously get killed and can't revive.
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