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  1. Suppose they release a dual stat mod, these mods will have to directly compete with other speed mods (assuming you keep only one mod slot reserved for attack speed). Therefore, if they have similar or greater attack speed than Fury, they'll be adopted. If they have less attack speed (even by 5%), players will never switch. Unless you have daggers or really fast stances (like blind justice), that don't require 30% attack speed. The reason why I wanted status to be added to Primed Fury was A). Its a legendary mod that is being surpassed by 2 rare mods, shouldn't be the case and should be buffed. B). Its already useful in non-combo builds, so adding status to it will be all the more helpful towards those builds. Actually it would be better to set the enhanced version first and then decrease it by increments to Fury. As Primed Fury is the norm players will use (upon receiving it in the daily reward) its important to set its boundaries first. If we decided to buff or make the normal Fury better, by the time you increase its stats, incrementally, to Primed Fury, you'll end up in one of two situations: The increase is too much and game breaking or the increase is too little and makes no difference. In either, you'll have to readjust Primed Fury's stats and thereby adjust the normal Fury's as well. So instead of repeating this process, just buff Primed Fury in the first place.
  2. Yeah, it would... drain increase from quickening (9) to Primed Fury(12): 33.3333% increase. Attack speed increase 37.5% but I was just thinking of making it more viable, where it is right now with status builds.
  3. I wouldn't mind adding you at all. But if you want to give an actual reason as to why adding status to Primed Fury would be bad, please do. I know its going to be difficult for you, as you'll have to think... but please make the effort 🙂 Edit: First time I've heard someone refer to math as half baked thoughts.
  4. Then you should also read my leaked major point to his leaked major point... since you love alluding to leaky pointy things. And then you should also read his later post, that leaked a major point to his leaked major point. It rarely works. If your weapon is already doing high base slash, no need to add Buzz Kill as slash is already priority no.1 in proc'ing. Now, if the weapon is doing massive amounts of impact or puncture, then adding Buzz Kill won't make all that much of a difference, as it will never increase slash to above impact or puncture. Such as, on weapons like the Heliocor, you could throw on every single slash mod and it will still never reach above its impact damage... and, therefore, not proc. So you'll need weapons that have slightly less slash than Impact or puncture. And even then, if their base damage is not all that good,... you'll proc slash, but the damage will be nothing... Now maybe I'm wrong, but viral synergies well with slash damage. And if I'm not mistaken, viral is an elemental. Not only an elemental, but a secondary elemental. As in 2 elemental mods. You want to give me other situations where finishers only, are used in the game? Be my guest. And no, I'm not going to give in to your weird fetishes.
  5. Well... no. Initially we just use to have the following options: Fury, Primed Fury, Berserker and Quickening. The only option for newer players was fury. For more adept players it was either Primed Fury or Berserker. Now, Fury is outdated as Gladiator Vice exists. Primed Fury is very nearly useless. Quickening, with the melee changes, is far more effective in building combos than Primed Fury. Therefore, any builds that use to have Berserker + Primed Fury, are now better off with Quickening + Berserker. Heavy attack builds are also better off with quickening. The only spot reserved for Primed Fury is with fixed status builds. Therefore, it would be more accurate to say that the Fury and Primed Fury mods are outdated. As they are the only ones not really all that great to use. And if you really would want to balance everything to the Fury mods, you'll also have to nerf Gladiator Vice, Quickening and Berserker. Yeah but the reason why people like Berserker is for its convenience with crits. Nerfing this mod will not mean that players will start using Primed Fury more... they'll just shift towards Arcane Strike or use warframe abilities. This is not a solution... all its doing is increasing the drain of Berserker. It won't help solve the problems with the Fury mods right now. Players freaking out is exaggerated at times but is also justified at times. Also, DE is in no condition to be biting any bullets right now. What limitation? another Forma? The whole condition with crits makes it easy sometimes and right of the bat with some weapons.. not all. Also, a far better nerf to Berserker would be to limit its scaling with other mods... like berserker will increase your speed to 75% and no more... doesn't matter how many more attack speed mods you equip (will no longer be multiplicative). Its a 20% difference and if you think its so abysmal (that you can hardly notice the difference) then why are you so quick to have berserker's attack speed nerfed? Gladiator Vice is better than Fury. You can get it from the planes of eidolon. Has a 0.5% drop chance from aerial commanders and is also a reward from lvl 20-40 bounties. Fury on the other hand has around 0.22% chance to drop. And has a high drop rate amongst corpus enemies. Now maybe I'm remembering wrong... but Earth does come before Venus right? For newer players? Any speed mod that gives you fixed attack speed is a universal speed mod... But gladiator vice and quickening also give other stuff... ? And no, I did not propose that Primed Fury gives attack speed based off of status. I said that status chance should be added to the mod anywhere between 120% - 240%.
  6. Guess so.. but its not like I'm using any of the other daily tribute mods.
  7. Now, I don't believe in the buff everything else instead of just nerfing one thing approach (cause of obvious reasons) but in this case its really either buffing Primed Fury or nerfing Berserker. Now berserker is the most efficient and used mod, you nerf it and players are going to start freaking out. Also, its not like we already can't achieve 75% attack speed and even greater by equipping more mods, arcanes and warframe abilities. So DE can't really say that the mod is game breaking, the only excuse they'll to nerf it, "its just a rare mod and is better than a Primed one and arcanes". The reasons for buffing Primed Fury (add status to it) have some merit. The mod is not better than berserker or quickening in building combo. So any combo build will be better off without Primed Fury. There are very few weapons that can't crit and, therefore, can't work with berserker. So Primed Fury is good for a tiny amount of the melee weapons. Then you have the problem of the normal Fury variant, Gladiator Vice gives you 30% attack speed along with 10% CC per combo multiplier. Thus, the normal Fury has no reason to exist. Which is why, I think, that these mods should be buffed. And adding status makes some sense. We already have 2 speed mods for crits and 1 for combo, why not 1 for status?
  8. Yeah but the finisher animations are a personal preference... you don't need the animation to get the stealth multiplier active. And even then, killing enemies 1 finisher at a time... apart from focus, I don't no why someone would want to do that.
  9. Wouldn't that be hilarious, have to wait 200 days to get a mod that gives you 75% attack speed.
  10. Spoiled strike is a pretty bad mod. You can easily replace it by any dual stat mod (will take up the same mod capacity, won't negate your speed, give you status and elemental) Just Pressure Point = 1 + 1.2 = 2.2 Spoiled Strike + Pressure Point = 1 + 1 + 1.2 = 3.2 Pressure Point + Volcanic Edge = (1 + 1.2) * (1 + 0.6) = 3.52 And if you decide to equip spoiled strike as well, then you'll end up losing DPS due to the negative speed (at which point, it would just be better to equip another dual stat mod). Pressure Point + Volcanic Edge + Spoiled Strike = [(1 + 1.2 + 1) * (1 + 0.6)] * (1 - 0.2) = 4.096 Pressure Point + Volcanic Edge + Voltaic Strike = (1 + 1.2) * (1 + 0.6 + 0.6) = 4.84 So, spoiled strike is easily replaceable by any elemental mod. If you add speed mods, the builds without spoiled strike will always be better, because the builds with spoiled strike will always decrease the overall speed by 20%. the difference in between Fury, Primed Fury and Quickening: (PP. VE & VS) DPS with Fury = 4.84 * 1.3 = 6.292 (PP. VE & VS) DPS with Primed Fury = 4.84 * 1.55 = 7.502 (PP. VE & VS) DPS with Quickening = 4.84 * (1.4 * 1.2) = 8.1312 They have become outdated, The normal Fury is the worst attack speed mod right now. You can easily switch it for Gladiator Vice or even Quickening Its not about my needs or how fancy they may be. The point is... Primed Fury is only viable in one specific kind of build. Where players are forced to equip 60/60 mods to get fixed status. So instead of them having to rely on those mods... why not just add status chance to Primed Fury? Primed Fury matters little.
  11. I agree with this somewhat.... Quickening is better with Berserker, till you hit 12x combo: Berserker + Quickening = 1.75 * (1.4*1.2) = 2.94 Berserker + Primed Fury = 1.75 * 1.55 = 2.7125 But as soon as you hit 12x combo, you might as well disregard the 20% combo count chance Without combo count chance = 1.75 * 1.4 = 2.45... But this is irrelevant, cause by the time you hit 12x combo, the amount of hits required will have significantly decreased (so much so, you can even 1 hit enemies, with proper builds) Yes... but even then, berserker is a better option than Primed Fury.
  12. Pa? Enormous status? 120%... the same as 2 dual stat mods? the same as sustaining a 3x combo with weeping wounds? Free Power creep? what exactly do you think people will replace Primed Fury with 120% status? It not going to take over berserker. It still won't be as good as quickening. All its going to do is make players less reliant on those dual stat mods. Disguise of Righteousness... what kind of medieval phrasing is that. Partial Information is presented... a very strong statistical analysis is presented, and players have also given their own mathematical calculations as to why quickening is better than Primed Fury, right now. Then dispute the maths and stats given... don't just throw false assumptions and think that they'll stick.
  13. Because when the other mods are better, farmable and have a lesser drain i.e. Primed Fury is bad. And that's not my main argument to add some status to it. My main reason for adding status is to make it better for the builds with which its used, and is better than other mods at. Its not that drain is the only factor that's limiting me. Before the melee changes, I had no problem using Primed Fury over Fury. I couldn't care how ever much its drain was. But now, we have a regular mod (quickening) that's performing better than Primed Fury and requires less mod capacity. It would be very inefficient to not utilize it.
  14. Yeah, but that your personal preference, and that's fine That's not a bad alternative... not the berserker scaling off of crits and status (would be useless)... but an attack speed mod that increase speed off of status procs. But the reason why I want to add this change to Primed Fury.. is to make it viable over the options we already have.
  15. Do from quickening to Primed Fury m8... 40% to 55%
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