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  1. I'd probably just adjust some of my builds for the galvanized mods and new arcanes, then hibernate till end of 2021 or till new war came out and then get back in
  2. I think that's mostly because the devs are familiar with that kind of gameplay, they probably in development thought that they should focus to their strengths, Look, lore, design, grind etc. they at the time may not have wanted to take the risk of introducing an entirely new type or way of doing missions that may have left players abandoning, so play it safe. But, this has left the Open worlds underutilized and their being 3 of them, why not experiment a bit? Especially, if its successful then might be able to sustain players during content droughts and who knows may even become the reason why some players even play the game.
  3. The current open worlds we have seem very superficial, whilst doing bounties, but very mysterious and rich, whilst exploring (doing animal captures/mining for NW) to me atleast. Cause when your doing a bounty, its just, "Ok, I have one defense missions here, go into archwing, zoom to another location, have exterminate mission there, archwing to another local and so on and so forth." I'm not paying attention to literally any part of the terrain, nor monuments, sculptures or whatever. Its honestly the same as just doing regular missions but better AI enemies and no loading screens between missions. But, when I'm in the orb valis, LOOKING FOR POOP AND CARCASSES, I stopped at one of the hillsides and thought....... "Damn, this looks so much better than any normal mission....." and then I thought, I don't know how many times I've been into the orb valis and out and how many times I've probably been through this hillside and never noticed it.... Then, I started to explore around for a bit, on foot, and started seeing so many different things and started to think, "Man, this world is rich and filled with different stuff (related to the lore of the game)..... but, I have no idea what any of it absolutely means, and none of it has been explained." Basically, it looks like a really nice world so where is the world building? Then I went to the POE and CD and started thinking similar stuff. I thought, "Ok, I know there was an attempt by sentients and these giant things are their left over bones....... but is that it? Do they serve no other purpose than to just BE THERE? I mean, why don't we have a bounty where the grineer are trying to like harvest them or something? Like why are there random spots where we're supposed to control the location? Like why not have a particular spots like mining, fishing or tents, where you need to control the location and if your successful then the vendor in Cetus that gets their supply from there will sell you stuff for lesser standing and if you lose or neglect a particular spot's protection over time then the grineer will take over and that vendor will charge greater standing since their supply has dried up? With the Orb valis I thought, you have multiple corpus bases throughout the map, why not, once a player overtakes and controls a base; that is their base now? They could go to the ticker to equip gunners, miners, fisherman, heck even rentkids to populate that base. The people of Fortuna that in habit these spots could throw up their posters, graffiti Nef anyo's statues, also, they could maybe even hunt pets, fish, mine and guard the bases from Podmens. Give a portion of what they get to the tenno (Apart from standing). After a particular time, lets say 48 hours or so. Corpus shall launch a full on invasion to re-capture that base and kill all the people of fortuna their. Unless the player supports them? Players could share the number of bases captured within their clan and the more number of bases you have captured the more share of stuff you get. Similarly, with the Cambian Drift and other open worlds, they are all very beautiful and rich in lore. Yet, we have maybe 1 tutorial quest for each open world. Why aren't their any more? surrounding the artifacts and mysterious things in these open worlds. Note: After reviewing it, the post seems like a rant on bounties, which is difficult to avoid when criticizing the Open worlds. And while I am criticising its not as simple as, "Bounties bad cause I no like so make change, fast", the thing I wanna say is that Warframe Open worlds are really great but they are not being fully utilized and how I feel they could be more utilized is taking different aspects, artifacts, monuments, places, events, locals etc. that hold meaning for players, and tieing that to the gameplay. Basically, increase the depth of the gameplay and not breadth i.e. DON'T ADD MORE BOUNTIES AND MISSIONS, FINE TUNE THE ONES THAT ARE ALREADY PRESENT AND REMOVE THOSE THAT DON'T CREATE DEPTH.
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